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Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Indoor marijuana seeds offer the best options for those with any form of indoor grow space. These plants grow well in tight spaces with little vertical or lateral room but are more than capable of growing upwards and outwards if allowed to.

Indoor cannabis plant production has recently taken the cultivation landscape by storm. You may obtain some very good results when employing an indoor cannabis garden, as a trend that has been widely adopted by a significant following of the marijuana community! The utilization and cultivation of indoor marijuana seeds are critical to the success of your indoor crops. Certain marijuana strains can develop faster and provide larger yields when grown indoors. While cannabis plants generally can adapt to any temperature, particular strains are considerably more comfortable when they have a regulated environment to mature.

What are Indoor seeds?

Cannabis has been grown outdoors since the ancient Egyptian and Chinese dynasties. Cannabis producers were driven to discover stealthier methods and nicer conditions for cultivating cannabis due to legal and societal repercussions and brutal climates. As a result, harvesters worldwide began growing indoor marijuana from seed. Indoor cannabis seeds, as opposed to outdoor seeds, perform better when grown indoors. They may be more susceptible to bad weather and prefer to remain in a controlled setting.

Why grow Indoor seeds?

Indoor producers do not have to worry about outside elements harming their cannabis plants, such as climate and weather conditions. Instead, people may grow marijuana indoors and enjoy fresh marijuana all year. Indoor seeds are available in various strains, depending on whether you like a serene hybrid, a robust Indica, or Sativa. Growers of different skill levels will discover their ideal strain. Indoor marijuana cultivation has various advantages. Control is a huge advantage. The gardener has total control over the environment when growing indoors. Also, they control the plants’ water, air, light, nutrients, and temperature. This reduces the likelihood of pests and infections significantly. Additionally, cultivating best seeds for indoor grow enhances the chance of a healthy crop, improving quality and production.

What are the best marijuana seeds to grow indoors?

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an Indica marijuana strain produced by combining Afghani with Thai. Northern Lights marijuana is most well-known on the West Coast and in Colorado, although it’s popular almost wherever else marijuana is available. Growing Northern Lights seeds is normally simple, even for inexperienced growers. Furthermore, they have a short flowering period of 45 to 50 days. The Northern Lights plant, like most other Indica-dominant variations, is naturally small in size, which is wonderful news for gardeners with limited garden area.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is the result of a cross between many well-selected cultivars, and it is practically a genetic salad bowl. Its convoluted ancestry is made up of several landraces from all over the world. The native Sativa cultivars include Jamaica, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia varieties. The majority of the Indica genetic pool is made up of Afghani and South Asian Indica cultivars. When these two are mixed with a Hawaiian hybrid, the blooming period is reduced. Amnesia Haze has a complex genetic profile that makes it appealing in many ways. It first took place in three competitions, including the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup. In the same competition, the plant was voted Best Sativa in 2012.

Jack Herer

In the mid-1990s, Dutch pharmacies began selling Jack Herer cannabis as a recognized legendary strain. Many growers have attempted to cultivate Jack Herer cannabis in sunny or Mediterranean climates, and indoor gardeners may expect to wait 50 to 70 days for the strain to bloom. Jack Herer cannabis was created by crossing a Haze hybrid with Northern Lights #5 and a Shiva Skunk strain with the goal of producing a high amount of resin. The difficulty of cultivating Jack Herer seeds is moderate. The Jack Herer seeds may be grown indoors or outdoors as long as they are exposed to an average of 12 hours of light daily.

White Widow

White Widow may be dated back to the 1990s in the Netherlands. It was produced as a cross there, making it one of the earliest cannabis imports into Europe. Both South American Sativa and South Indian Indica have been suggested as probable origins of this strain’s Sativa, while some believe it is a genetically different Brazilian Sativa variation. The origins of White Widow are unknown, but its worldwide appeal is indisputable. When cultivating White Widow seeds, you should expect them to bloom in 8 to 10 weeks. Although it thrives both indoors and outside, it likes a warmer atmosphere of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you grow these plants inside, remember that they thrive whether cultivated hydroponically or in soil. When cultivated outside, the harvest is normally around early October.


Chemdawg’s predecessors are supposed to include OG Kush and Sour Diesel. As a result of the strain’s success, breeders have created a plethora of varieties to fulfill a wide spectrum of customer desires. Whatever the origins, the result is an Indica-dominant strain with exceptional quality. Because of the strain’s low mold resistance and extended blooming time, which ranges from 63 to 70 days, growing Chemdawg takes expert-level knowledge (9 weeks to 10 weeks). If cultivated indoors, it may reach heights of 70 to 125 cm. When planted outdoors, the Chemdawg plant grows to a height of 150 to 250 cm.

What makes our indoor seeds special?


Genetically stable cannabis strains have a high degree of homogeneity and predictability, with little trait fluctuation across plants. In other words, genetic stability relates to the degree to which the phenotypes presented in plants grown from your indoor cannabis seeds can be predicted.

Superb Mother Plant

Growing and nurturing cannabis mother plants is an excellent approach to preserving your preferred cannabis genetics for future generations. If you wish to recreate a favorite phenotype, mother plants might be a great source of high-quality cuttings. Growing healthy mother plants provides various advantages to gardeners. A cannabis mother plant may be a good source of clones throughout the year. You may continue the cycle by taking cuttings immediately after harvesting your last set of clones.


Most premium indoor cannabis seeds are feminized. Male cannabis plants cannot be grown in a limited place because they can pollinate the entire crop. Best feminized seeds for indoor growth will exclusively yield female cannabis plants; however, unlike autoflowering strains, they require a photoperiod to begin flowering. Feminized plants eliminate the likelihood of a male plant pollinating your whole crop. Many feminized seeds can grow well indoors.

HpLVD Free

Our indoor cannabis seeds are HpLVD-free. HpLVd will not harm the plant or create visible indications of infection (such as curling or yellowing leaves); nevertheless, plants will exhibit subtle symptoms known as “dudding.” HpLVd-infected plants grow shorter, with smaller leaves and closer node spacing during the vegetative stage. HpLVd-infected flowering plants have smaller, looser buds with fewer trichomes.

What Training Technique to use with Indoor Seeds

Sirius limbo

The Sirius limbo training method involves hoisting the plant into the air and holding it there with a network of ropes and pulleys. After that, the plant can develop without being disturbed for a certain period, generally three to four weeks. During this time, the plant will stretch and rise upwards, developing a more powerful root system. After drying, the plant is ready for harvesting and utilization after being trained to its maximum capacity.

Super cropping

You would want to adopt the super cropping cannabis approach for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is to control the plant’s development throughout the stretch phase. Super cropping can assist you in keeping the plant at a consistent distance from the light if you’ve trained it to produce several colas. The super cropping cannabis approach can also influence plant development in low-light environments. Furthermore, super cropping can be helpful in generating structures known as manifolds and mainlines during vegetative growth.


Topping is the process of removing the growing tip of your plants. As a result, the developing tip splits into two primary kolas rather than one. With additional toppings, you can make two heads into four, four heads into eight, and so on. Not only does topping your plant produces many primary kolas. It also encourages the development of all lower branches and plants. Simply topping your plant once will result in a considerably bushier form. By using many toppings, you are effectively inverting the plant’s natural Christmas tree form. It resembles an upside-down Christmas tree, with most of the growth occurring at the top of the plant, closest to the light source. Topping is very crucial in plant height management. Plants will not reach their full height if topped but will instead fill out more sideways.

How do you buy Indoor Seeds?

Most cannabis lovers wonder where to buy indoor marijuana seeds. The preferable alternative for indoor seeds is to get them from a reliable online seed bank, such as Premium Cultivars. They normally provide a large range of high-yielding marijuana strains at cheap costs, and their products are always guaranteed. Indoor seeds are available in packs of three, six, twelve, twenty-four, and bulk purchases. Indoor marijuana seeds are also offered in any state where purchasing cannabis seeds is permitted. Purchases of $100 or more in indoor seeds qualify for free delivery. All potential clients are invited to visit the website, look through the Indoor seeds, make online purchases, and pay with a credit card.

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Here's 20% OFF On Us!

We want to help you get your hands on the seeds you want, take 20% off your next purchase when you enter your email below!