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Category: Plant Science

Plant Science

This category looks at the scientific elements of the cannabis plant and processes which require a little more technique and thought like cannabis tissue culture. This includes the processes of the plant and the biological functions of the different parts of a cannabis plant.

For example, what creates hermaphrodite cannabis plants and how do you prevent this from happening?

Every cannabis grower should comprehend the signals sent out by their cannabis leaves. You will enjoy robust plants and excellent yields if you can quickly diagnose and manage your plant’s health issues.

Functions of cannabis leaves

Like most other plants, Leaves are essential components of a cannabis plant’s life support system. The green chlorophyll pigment allows leaves to function as solar panels. As you may be aware, this sunlight-gathering function is critical to cannabis photosynthesis. The underside of the leaves is covered in microscopic stomata, which open and close like a door. Carbon dioxide enters the system, while oxygen and water exit. Foliar feeding is when the leaves absorb nutrients and feed the cannabis plant.

Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis

Cannabis is classified into three types; Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. The majority of cannabis you will find these days is a cross between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid varieties. As a result, what you will typically find in your grow room are cannabis leaves that exhibit a variety of characteristics.

Types of cannabis leaves

Sugar and fan leaves

Aside from the leaf types associated with Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis cannabis, we can also distinguish leaves based on where they are found on the plant. Fan leaves are the largest leaves on the cannabis plant, with the typical fingered shape. Sugar leaves are another type of leaf that is small and nestled within flowers. Cotyledons are the embryonic cannabis leaves that appear first when cannabis seeds develop.

Sugar leaves

Sugar leaves, as opposed to fan leaves, are small leaves found throughout the buds of cannabis colas that are generally trimmed off the flower after harvest. They are known as “sugar leaves” because of the many trichomes found on them, which gives the impression that the leaves are covered in sugar.

Fan leaves

Cannabis leaves are crucial aspects of a cannabis plant, and there are different types. Fan leaves are the huge, pointed leaves that emerge along the length of the plant. These leaves are necessary for photosynthesis in living plants, but they are permanently eliminated from the finished, harvested product.

Different functions and parts of cannabis plants

Whether you want to know about cannabis stomata, stalks, roots, cannabis immune systems and more parts of a cannabis plant, this is the place to do it. On top of learning cannabis plant anatomy, we will also look at how each different plant part functions and how it serves the cannabis plant as a whole.

The science behind general plants is complex and cannabis plants are no different. Learn about different parts of cannabis plants and the different plant functions here.

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We want to help you get your hands on the seeds you want, take 20% off your next purchase when you enter your email below!