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Cannabis Affiliate Program

Affiliate Cannabis for the cannabis industry


The Premium Cultivars Affiliate Program is the simplest and most lucrative affiliate marketing system you’re ever going to find in the cannisphere. What’s more, it’s open to everyone! So if you want to earn some extra income as a side-hustle or take the leap into affiliate marketing and be your own boss, you’ve come to the right place!

Earn a generous commission by sharing our brand online, across your pages and in your content to reap HUGE rewards and be a part of our ever-growing green community. All you need to do is spread the word about Premium Cultivars and earn a whopping 20% of everything bought from us by a customer you referred. So, let’s say a customer buys a 12-pack of seeds from us using your referral link, that means that you pocket over $30 without lifting a finger!



  1. Sign up here to become a Premium Cultivars Affiliate
  2. Add your UNIQUE AFFILIATE LINK to any online platform where you have a presence
  3. Promote and spread the word about the awesome cannabis seeds for sale from Premium Cultivars
  4. Providing someone makes a purchase within 60-days of clicking your personal link, you get 20% of whatever they order

And, there you go, it just takes 4 simple steps to start making money by doing… well, by doing nothing really, it’s free money!

If You’ve Been Part Of Any Affiliate Program In The Past, You’ll Know How Good A Deal This Is, 20% Of Every Sale You Send Our Way Is Amazing. When You Consider The Value Of Cannabis Seeds And The Fact That Many Customers Buy In Relatively Large Quantities That 20% Could Be A Significant Profit For You!

Send Sales Our Way & We Give You 20%!


How much can I make with this cannabis seed affiliate scheme?

As you can see in the charts below, over a 12 month period, 100 sales per month (average customer order of $129) you can make $30,960!

A more moderate marketer selling 50 a month could still take home as much as $15,480. 

How much can I make a month selling cannabis seeds?

If you make 50 sales and the average order value is $129, you will earn $1,290 per month. 

However, if you make 100 sales and the average order value is $129, you will earn $2,580 per month

How much can I make with more expensive orders?

A customer order could vary from $99 up to hundreds $$ (or even thousands $$$) of dollars, your 20% commission can also vary!

This means if you make 50 sales per month and those orders are around $450 each, you will take home $4,500 per month! 


The short of it is; a lot of people are earning huge amounts of passive income from affiliate marketing programs. Combine this with the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry and subsequently the community and you’re really on to a winner.

When we say ‘passive income’ we really do mean passive, just add your affiliate link to whatever online platforms you use, promote our online store, and as soon as a customer you send buys from us, we send 20% of whatever they buy straight to you.


You Bet! We Don’t Think There Is A Simpler Gig Out There! Naturally The More You Promote Our Brand, The More Chance You Have Of Making More Money – That’s Just Simple Science. 

By Becoming An Affiliate You Are Becoming An Ambassador For The Premium Cultivars Brand, Helping Us Spread The Word And In Return, We Offer You A Percentage Of The Profits, Because You Deserve It!


That Sound Good? Join Our Cannabis Affiliate Program Today!


Join One of The Fastest Growing Cannabis Affiliate Programs Today!

With federal legalization in the United States potentially fast approaching, more and more individuals are interested in cultivating their own cannabis – rightly so! Everyone should develop their own, whether to save money, make money, avoid bad dealings, remain anonymous, medicate freely, or for any other purpose. A significant global movement is underway to legalize cannabis. It’s already legal in many countries, both medicinally and recreationally. Laws worldwide, especially in the United States, are growing increasingly lenient. Because of these legal reforms, growing your own cannabis is now significantly less dangerous, which means opportunities abound.

Additionally, growing your own personal hoard has therefore become a lot easier. It’s also fun to watch it grow, and the joy of your first harvest may be overpowering! What’s more, you may also make money while you are doing it. Whatever route you take, there are several ways to monetize your enthusiasm for the marvels and benefits of cannabis. For cannabis enthusiasts, this is a fantastic opportunity to make money online by simply talking about their favorite strains and offering connections to online seed banks. Every sale made through those links will result in a commission for you. The best part is that you can do all of this at home for free. All you need to have is a personal computer with internet connectivity.

Affiliate marketing is one of several cannabis-related business ideas to pursue, and it requires little investment. This is where you advertise the products and services of other companies in exchange for a commission. Merchants give resources (such as affiliate links, data feeds, and discounts) to marketers to help them advertise their products. Marketers are paid commissions for successful client recommendations, typically a percentage of each transaction. The simplest method to begin a hemp affiliate program as an affiliate is to discover merchants with products that interest your target audience and add links to your website.

What Are Cannabis Affiliate Programs?

Cannabis Affiliate Programs are one of the finest ways to make money in the cannabis market, and they genuinely promise that you may profit from your pastime! If you have a cannabis-related website or social media following, reputable affiliate networks can help you transform your hobby into a full-time business that pays well! If you operate a cannabis blog or have a large social media following in the sector, it’s time to consider cannabis affiliate marketing programs to take your project to the next level. Unfortunately, discovering good cannabis affiliate programs involves much study. It is possible to add money to your bank account by joining cannabis affiliate programs. Furthermore, the businesses will receive a program for their marketing. In addition, customers who enroll in the best plan will receive some discounts.

Tens of billions of dollars are currently being invested in the cannabis sector. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that several methods exist to profit from cannabis. One option is to associate with cannabis-related businesses. If you wish to start cannabis affiliate marketing programs, it’s a good idea to focus on a specific specialization.

What Makes Premium Cultivars’ Affiliate Program Better Than Other Cannabis Affiliate Programs?

The Premium Cultivars Affiliate Program is the easiest and most profitable affiliate marketing scheme you’ll ever find in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, it is accessible to the public! So, if you want to earn some additional money as a side hustle or dive into affiliate marketing and become your own boss, you’ve come to the perfect spot! Earn a hefty commission by sharing the company’s brand on your sites and in your content to reap huge rewards and become a part of our ever-growing green community. Simply spreading the word about Premium Cultivars will earn you a staggering 20% of everything purchased from Premium Cultivars by a client you recommended. So, if a customer buys a 12-pack of seeds from the company using your referral link, you will have earned more than $30 without lifting a finger!

Additionally, Premium Cultivars was founded on a passion for cannabis cultivation. The company believes cannabis should be as accessible as possible to people who want or need it, including supplying consumers with the seeds they need to produce their own cannabis. Growing cannabis from seeds is not only economical but also incredibly satisfying. To genuinely provide the greatest goods to our clients, the seed bank has collaborated with some of the world’s top breeders to guarantee that all our seeds are of the highest quality and grown from the most stable mother plants. Premium Cultivars is an American seed bank that sells seeds in the United States and Europe. Premium Cultivars sells feminized and autoflowering seeds of the world’s top cannabis strains; it has all of the classics and some more current, but no less fantastic, cannabis strains.

You are encouraged to join the Premium Cultivars cannabis affiliate marketing programs since it is easy even though:

Earn Big Commission When Others Buy Seeds

Most individuals wonder how cannabis affiliate marketing works. Below is a model of a leafly affiliate program. Here is all you have to do to be part of Premium Cultivars cannabis seed affiliate program:

  1. Sign up as a Premium Cultivars Affiliate. 
  2. Add your special affiliate link to any online platform where you have a presence.
  3. Promote and share the news about Premium Cultivars’ fantastic cannabis seeds for sale.
  4. If someone purchases within 60 days of visiting your personal link, you will receive 20% of anything they order. There you have it; it just takes four easy steps to start generating money by doing. Well, nothing really, it’s free money!

Most individuals usually wonder how much they can earn through cannabis affiliate programs. Well, there is no denying that the cannabis industry is massive. So, if you join a cannabis seed affiliate program, your monthly profits might range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, factors like the size of your audience, your marketing abilities, commission rates, EPC, how much profit you reinvest in growing your firm, and your location all play a role. Premium Cultivars Affiliate is an excellent location to learn how to grow your business and increase traffic, as this is what will decide how much money you make. Some of the factors that you should consider before joining a cannabis affiliate program are;

Cookies period: Since there is no certainty that a visitor will purchase something or take quick action through your cannabis-related affiliate links. So you want to give yourself the highest possibility of earning a commission if they do. The longer the cookie term of the affiliate program, the higher your chances of conversion if the user decides to buy later.

Minimum payment requirement: You always want to be paid as quickly as possible. So, if the cannabis affiliate programs you join have a high minimum payout threshold, it might take a long time before you are paid. As a result, the lower the minimum payment barrier, the higher your chances of receiving money.

Support for affiliate marketing: The finest cannabis affiliate programs assign personal account managers to assist you and advise you on how to make the most of their affiliate program. So, if you want to improve your commission potential, you should join an affiliate program with a strong affiliate manager.

Methods of commission payment: Check to see if you’ll be able to be paid easily wherever you are, with minimal or no transaction fees. While there are other payment processors available, the top affiliate programs use PayPal as a payment method. However, alternative payment processors, such as Skrill, Payoneer, Wire, and Bank Transfer exist.

Send Sales Our Way & We Give You 20%

Because of the increased popularity of cannabis, there are several ways to promote it. It contributes to the development and expansion of your cannabis business. As a result, you may make a lot of money with the apps. There is a need to figure out how to participate to benefit. Cannabis affiliate programs use a variety of ways to get customers to sign up. However, it is critical to collect knowledge about them to reap the benefits of cannabis-related software. So, let’s start with the guide.

1. Sign up for the CANNABIS affiliate programs

To start with, you will have to register for this software. Following that, it is finished with creating a cannabis affiliate program account and validating a free profile to take advantage of the cannabis affiliate marketing programs. There are numerous cannabis affiliate programs offered so that you may select the best one.

2. Receive your unique Affiliate ID

Following the creation of the account, you will receive an email asking to verify the account. It provides you with your affiliate marketer ID. You may talk about it on your own website, via email, or through a social media marketing program. As a result, you may be provided with cannabis-related access applications.

3. Evaluate the data

You may now see the statistics of your website visitors to the plan. It will assist you in developing new sales chances related to this program. Making additional money is also possible for individuals who look at the data from the cannabis affiliate programs.

Most cannabis enthusiasts feel that everyone should, and will, start cultivating their own stash shortly. What better method to inspire the entire globe to embrace the spirit of growth? All the while, everyone earns a great side income! Naturally, Premium Cultivars Affiliate, a full-fledged Cannabis Affiliate Program, provides you with everything you need to operate as a genuine affiliate if you want. Premium Cultivars is a multi-purpose portal that allows users to buy seeds online while also accessing a vast library of cannabis knowledge, such as strain reviews, grow forums and instructions, and local resources for diverse communities worldwide. The Premium Cultivars leafly affiliate program pays a 20% commission on all successful sales made through your link.

Why should you promote Premium Cultivars?

 Better conversions translate to more money for you because:

Why Should I Get Involved With Cannabis Affiliate Programs?

Many individuals earn a lot of passive income via cannabis affiliate programs. Pair this with the rapid increase of the cannabis market and, as a result, the community, and you’ve got a real winner on your hands. When people say “passive income,” they mean it. Simply add your affiliate link to any online platforms you use, advertise the online store, and as soon as a customer you send buys from the company, you are sent 20% of whatever they buy. Premium Cultivars don’t believe there is a more straightforward job available! Naturally, the more you promote the company’s brand, the more likely you will make more money — it’s as simple as that. By becoming an affiliate, you become an ambassador for the Premium Cultivars brand, assisting the seed bank in spreading the word, and in return, they provide you a percentage of profits since you earned it!

Additionally, becoming an affiliate in the cannabis business is an excellent opportunity to earn money while doing something you enjoy – spreading the word about the incredible ways cannabis can heal people. You’ll undoubtedly meet specialists and learn new things about your hobby along the road. Being educated isn’t the sole advantage. Cannabis cannabidiol affiliate websites may generate a lot of passive money for you, and all you have to do is write about something you already enjoy! Furthermore, the leafly affiliate program is particularly well-suited to the cannabis business. Why? Since Google AdSense will not place advertisements on any website promoting cannabis usage. This implies that canna-businesses cannot access their primary source of internet earnings.

Affiliate marketing is the ideal way for cannabis websites to assist one another, allowing the cannabis sector to prosper. Most cannabis lovers wonder, “should I pay to participate in affiliate programs?” This is a frequent question that many individuals ask when they start out. It depends on the response. Most affiliate schemes are free to join, while some include substantial training programs that cost money. The cannabis seeds industry is a rich one. Have you considered how to market this niche? Creating a specialty website is one of the finest methods to advertise cannabis seeds affiliate programs. Niche blogs generate free targeted traffic. You can sell anything if you have traffic. The objective is to create valuable and educational content for your target audience. You may accomplish this by studying what your target audience is looking for.

Are Cannabis Affiliate Programs Really That Simple?

The cannabis business is rapidly expanding, with new markets opening up at a breakneck pace. Joining a hemp affiliate program is well worth the time and effort. It’s a terrific approach to generating passive revenue without having to design your product. To make it easy for those who want to join the cannabis seed affiliate programs, seed banks provide the following;

Some of the qualities of a cannabis affiliate are;

Additionally, most individuals wonder how cannabis affiliate marketing programs make the most money. Well, finding a cannabis affiliate program to join is only the beginning. The critical question is; how can you profit the most from these cannabis affiliate programs? This is how;

The cannabis business will only continue to grow in the future. CBD oil, edibles, tinctures, and other forms of cannabis are increasingly being used for therapeutic purposes. Some individuals choose to produce their own cannabis plants so they may be sure of what they’re getting. Creating a specialty affiliate website is the simplest method to begin earning money.420 Affiliates may make money online by promoting cannabis and cannabis-related shops. Cannabis affiliate networks may be profitable if you have a lot of traffic or prominent social media profiles.

Finding the proper hemp affiliate program that matches your interests is critical, but so is the value you bring to the table. This is the intersection of your attitude, personality, and marketing abilities. You must figure out how to be relevant and exciting in front of your target audience. Moreover, understanding what constitutes a great affiliate program is essential for identifying and marketing the best! Understanding the foundations of commission structures, cookie life, and sales funnels can allow you to earn more while doing less.