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Kush Seeds

When it comes to marijuana strains, the Kush strain is undoubtedly one of the originals that have been in existence for years and are a popular choice among regular users. These originate in the Middle East and come in various cultivars, each with its own particular quality. Although they are not widely available, the greatest marijuana seed banks store the highest quality Kush seeds that meet customers’ expectations.

What are Kush seeds?

Kush seeds for sale are among the most well-known in the world. Every year, they win several honors. This award-winning strain is not to be dismissed. Bubba Kush, OG Kush, and Purple Kush are a few of its derivative strains. For years, Kush seeds have dominated the Indica-dominant hybrid. Kush seeds USAare generally those having landrace strains from the Hindu Kush mountain range, which extends between Pakistan and Afghanistan. That means it is pure and has never been crossed with any other strains anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, Kush seeds for sale grow spontaneously. Every known Kush strain on the planet may be traced back to the Hindu Kush. Because of their tough beginnings, Kush strains are used to growing in difficult environments worldwide. That implies your plants are more resistant to harder growth circumstances in colder climates. Most Kush strains will blossom in about 9-10 weeks.

Why grow Kush seeds?

Growers looking for a stable strain frequently choose strains with Kush genes. They have a consistent result and, being descendants of the Hindu Kush Landrace, are inherently tolerant to cooler conditions, lowering water use. Kush strains are quite short yet produce a large yield, so farmers choose them. However, keep in mind that these characteristics differ from strain to strain. Several aspects are involved, ranging from how it is developed to its distinct genetic look (phenotype).

Back-crossing Kush strains are popular among active breeders since it frequently results in a more stable strain. The Kush genes, like any other Landrace strain, have a high tolerance to common elements present in their origin. This allows the strain to thrive in colder locations, under harsh weather, and with little water intake. As a result, the plant must endure dehydrated terrains. Aside from these benefits, gardeners choose Kush seeds for sale for their high yields and controllable heights, making them perfect for indoor cultivation.

What are the best Kush Strains?

OG Kush

OG Kush is the most well-known and famous strain on the list. The OG Kush has all of the qualities of a Kush Indica strain. It gets right to the heart of every cannabis consumer and grower. The OG Kush was created by combining Chemdawg with the Hindu Kush. The OG Kush strain seeds can grow both indoors and outdoors; however, those who prefer to cultivate it outside should expect a larger yield. The plant has a bright lime green hue and blooms in 7 to 9 weeks.

Bubba Kush

Although the historical roots of Bubba Kush are uncertain, one of its parent plants is assumed to be OG Kush, with the remainder of the family line unknown. Because this is a hybrid, it has both Indica and Sativa properties. It is, nevertheless, largely Indica-dominant because of its 80% Indica and 20% Sativa composition. The Bubba Kush cannabis strain is one of the easiest cannabis cultivars to cultivate. Because of its rapid maturity, easy maintenance, and reasonably good yields, it is excellent for beginners. If produced properly, Bubba Kush may offer extremely high yields. Additionally, growing Bubba Kush indoors is the greatest choice.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush cannabis seeds are named after the 500-mile-long mountain range that separates Afghanistan and Pakistan. This pure Indica strain is inherently powerful, with thick coatings of trichome crystals that protect the plant from the severe environment of its native location. Hindu Kush cannabis is a hybrid between the Hindu Kush Master and Lowryder. Hindu Kush cannabis bud is easy to grow since it is a resilient strain that is perfect for inexperienced growers. Since the Hindu Kush is resistant to mold, mildew, and other pests and diseases, this strain requires little maintenance once it develops. The Hindu Kush strain is best grown inside for high-quality harvests, although it may be grown outside.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush seeds are said to have originated in the Oakland, California region. These strain seeds are the product of a hybrid between the Hindu Kush and the Purple Afghani. Purple Kush seeds are anything from ordinary while being 100% Indica. Cultivators may cultivate purple Kush seeds both indoors and outdoors if the proper conditions are met. Because of the Indica feature, these seeds are resistant to pests and illnesses. Purple Kush seeds require more care to develop effectively, such as pruning when grown to ensure a fit and regular air supply.

Kush Mints

Kush Mints strain has a long and illustrious history. Kush Mint cannabis is a well-balanced hybrid strain that was generated by combining the legendary Bubba Kush with Animal Mints. The Kush Mints strain isn’t the most difficult to grow, but its yields might be profitable come harvest time. Gardeners can develop this strain both inside and outdoors; however, growing it indoors or in hydroponics settings is more likely to result in larger harvests and healthier plants.

What Makes our Kush seeds special?


The stability of Kush seeds occurs when every seed from the parent plant produces genetically similar plants. When a strain is less stable, there is more variance from plant to plant, even if they are descended from the same parents.

Superb Mother Plants

You may harvest many crops of top-shelf buds every year if you have a healthy mother and a good cloning technique in place. This method entails precisely timing your cloning and harvesting operations so that your new clones are ready to blossom as soon as your old ones are harvested. Cloning mother plants at the right moment might mean harvesting one day and having extra plants prepared to go the next.


Feminized seeds generate female plants that have been cultivated in such a manner that male chromosomes are removed, removing the potential for male plants sprouting. Growers that start their gardens with Kush feminized seeds have various advantages. Feminized seeds simplify the growth process by eliminating the guesswork of germinating ordinary seeds, saving space and time.

HpLVD Free

Kush seeds USA are free of HPLVD. Hop latent viroid (HpLVd) is a single-stranded circular infectious RNA. In hops, the viroid produces no symptoms. “Dudding” refers to signs found in cannabis and hemp plants. If you see the symptoms and suspect your plants are infected with HpLVD, the first step is to do a screening test. It will confirm or disprove your suspicions. If the viroids test positive, remove any affected plants and plants in contact with the ill plant and, if possible, screen them for viroid infection. If you find all your plants infected with HpLVD, you can proceed to tissue culture. It requires using certain chemicals that eliminate the virus while raising your output rate.

What Training Techniques to use with Kush Seeds


Fluxing your cannabis plant helps it to concentrate its energy on each branch rather than just one. As a result, the plant canopy is even, with equal quantities of light reaching each cannabis branch. Fluxing improves light penetration and airflow from the canopy’s top to bottom. This improves overall plant health and limits disease emergence.


Mainlining is a cannabis cultivation method that has recently gained popularity, particularly among contemporary indoor farmers. The mainlining technique is now regarded as one of the most effective ways to break apical dominance and increase yields. Mainlining cannabis is as simple as growing a new plant from a single node. It blends low-stress training (LST) and topping concepts.


Low-stress training (or LST) is a method of gradually bending the stems of your cannabis plant to create an equal canopy. This is accomplished by connecting the branches. This disrupts the apical dominance of your plant and exposes all bud sites to equal light levels. You may significantly enhance your cannabis yields by employing LST without changing your setup or purchasing expensive equipment and technology. Moreover, LST helps your plant thrive without stress, which might stunt its growth.


Schwazzing cannabis plants involves massive defoliation of cannabis leaves during the plant’s blooming cycle, and  is done in two cycles. This significant defoliation allowed the plant to have a deep light penetration and center into the plant’s growth to assist get the most yields. Schwazzing is quite helpful in helping the plant in increasing yields in the indoor space. As a result of the schwazzing procedure, more and larger buds may be produced.

How do you buy Kush Seeds?

When you’re ready to cultivate cannabis, you’ll have to acquire high-yield seeds. First, locate a trustworthy seed bank. Buy Kush seeds from Premium Cultivars, an online seed bank that offers the greatest autoflower and feminized seeds at the most reasonable prices. Kush seeds are available in packs of 3, 6, 12, 24, and bulk purchases. Kush seeds USA are also supplied in any state where cannabis seed sales are permitted. Kush seeds orders of $100 or more qualify for free delivery. All prospective clients are highly encouraged to visit the website, look over the Kush seeds, and purchase with a credit card.

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