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Sour Diesel Autoflower

  • High THC
  • Sativa strain
  • Relieves stress

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Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene


Energetic, Happy, Uplifted


Anxiety, Depression, Stress


Diesel, Earthy, Pungent

Strain Type





> 78 in


1 – 3

Flowering Time

7 – 8 weeks

Harvest Month

All Year

THC Percentage


CBD Percentage


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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Sour diesel auto origin

The sour diesel auto, fondly known as the Sour D, has an ambiguous origin and history. Numerous people believe it is a hybrid between Super Skunk and Chem Dawg 91.

Sour Diesel was born in sunny California in the 1990s. Aside from that, little is known. However, it is this uncertainty that contributes to the strain’s popularity in the recreational marijuana market. It is commonly regarded as one of the best hybrids around because of its genetics.

Sour diesel auto fragrance and flavour

Even though Sour D has a harsh odor that reminds one of diesel fuel, it is still delicious. You will also detect undertones of herbal scents and sour lemons in the atmosphere.

This cannabis’ flavor is a little on the bitter side. It has tropical fruit flavors that are delicious. Expect to taste sourness and earthiness, with a tinge of diesel gas, on your palate. Nevertheless, it has a pleasant flavor and a relaxing aftertaste.

Effects of sour diesel auto marijuana

If you are seeking for a daytime high that raises your energy and enhances your mood, Sour Diesel must be on your shortlist. The pleasure you will feel is superior to any mood-enhancing prescription medicine available. Its sativa-dominant features are most noticeable here as its energizing properties will keep you rolling all day.

The sour diesel auto cannabis is sure to stimulate your psychedelic senses. The high is virtually instantaneous and lasts for long. After using it, some users have reported experiencing the strain’s exhilaration for up to five hours.

Contrary to many other sativas, the sour diesel auto marijuana does not make you feel paranoid. Rather, you become extroverted, outgoing, and friendly. You might have significant spells of dry mouth and cottonmouth while consuming this weed. To avoid dehydration, try drinking plenty of liquids before, during, and after a session. You can also have dry, red eyes. Most smokers just use eye drops to relieve their discomfort.

In exceedingly uncommon circumstances, tokers have reported feeling a little bit paranoid. Nonetheless, this is usually because of inhaling too much of this powerful flower at once. Other uncommon negative impacts include anxiety and dizzy spells, which are more common in people who already have those disorders.

Germinating sour diesel auto seeds

Beginning your weed-growing journey with Sour Diesel auto seeds is like learning to ride a bicycle with stabilizers. Whether you are a rookie or a pro, this tiny strain is simple to cultivate.

Although they are forgiving of rookie blunders, getting them off to a good start is crucial. These steps will make germinating your Sour Diesel auto cannabis seeds a breeze:

  1. Collect filtered water, forceps, your Sour Diesel auto seeds, paper towels, and two plates.
  2. Using filtered or bottled water, wet your paper towels.
  3. Any surplus moisture should be discarded.
  4. Put one of the moist paper towels on the plate.
  5. Gently place your cannabis seeds on the damp towel with your forceps. They should be roughly an inch apart.
  6. Moisten the seeds by adding water and cover with the second paper towel, ensuring that no water has accumulated.
  7. Store your damp sour diesel auto seeds in a darkened room, such as a drawer or cabinet for 2-5 days.
  8. Regularly monitor to ensure that your seeds remain moist-not completely dry!
  9. After you notice the gorgeous white taproot coming out, transfer your seedlings.

Growing Sour Diesel Auto seeds

Even the newest growers may get away with great yields with these sour diesel auto marijuana seeds because they are beginner-friendly and hardy. Furthermore, this variety is resistant to disease and pests, and it thrives almost anywhere. Whether you put them outdoors, indoors, in a grow tent, or even in a greenhouse, they will do well.

With reduced flowering cycles, you could now reap your Sour Diesel auto in a short while- a maximum of 8 to 9 weeks. What’s more, this variety allows for numerous harvests because it is not season-dependent.

For most producers, sour diesel auto marijuana seeds are a wonderful experience because the seed-to-harvest time is only about 10 weeks. Some individuals, though, prefer to keep it for a little longer to allow the strength and flavor to build deeper.

The Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (ScrOG) approaches will assist you in maximizing the condensed plants’ potential, but ensure there is plenty of water and adequate nourishment.

It is anybody’s game to cultivate Sour Diesel auto seeds. It thrives in both cool and warm climes, outdoor and indoor, so long as sufficient illumination is provided. Besides, you will not have to sacrifice top-notch harvests in exchange for a reduced flowering time.

Sour Diesel has a reputation for being a no-nonsense variety, and the auto-flowering strain just compounds to that reputation. All year long, you can enjoy growing great herbs. These cannabis seeds grow into compact, bushy plants, making them ideal for cultivating inside. You could get up to 14 ounces of lovely buds per meter square.

Sour diesel auto seeds

Picture your preferred easy-to-cultivate cannabis seeds flowering without the need for a light cycle adjustment. Autoflowering marijuana seeds do this. This phenotype was created by combining two renowned strains with a ruderalis phenotype, resulting in a hybrid that has the perfect blend.

Sour D’s origins could be traced back to the 1990s. Although it is legendary, the cannabis world claims this old-school strain was produced by a guy dubbed Asshole Joe. Currently, this epic strain is the parent of Sour Bubba and Sour Tsunami.

Numerous weed gardeners love the sour diesel cannabis strain due to its short flowering time. The bud form of Sour Diesel Auto is lengthy and extended. The calyx is tilted outwards, facing a silver trichome blanket. Its thick, sturdy nugs have a moderate internodal width, rendering it ideal for individuals with limited space.

The cerebral wave in this variety will help you to focus and be inventive. It is a terrific option for socializing or working on projects.

Sour diesel auto FAQs

How long does sour diesel auto take to germinate?

Like most other autoflowering seeds, germination of sour diesel auto spans roughly 1–5 days. Before beginning the germination process, some experienced gardeners soak their seeds in clean water. The soaking process softens the bean’s outer shell to speeded germination. Be careful to just soak your sour diesel cannabis seeds for not more than 24 hours; else, they might rot.

What is the sour diesel auto flower time?

Unlike its photoperiod equivalent, Sour Diesel auto does not necessitate an adjustment in the light cycle to complete the flowering cycle. The flowering time is about 8-9 weeks or 58-63 days. Without the typical undisturbed darkness, your plants will grow spectacular buds.

How long does it take sour diesel auto to grow?

For the impatient gardener, Sour Diesel auto seeds are ideal. It takes roughly 10 weeks from seed to harvest, or 70 days after germination. The shortened life cycle is ideal for locations with short summers. In some states, you could strive for repeated harvests.

Does sour diesel auto grow better in hydro or soil?

Sour Diesel auto seeds make it simple to cultivate cannabis. After the taproot emerges, your plants will flourish in almost any environment. For beginners, though, growing in soil is the best option because there are less factors to manage. Whether you use top-quality perlite or soil, coco coir, or a combination, you will love the experience.

How tall does sour diesel auto grow?

The average height of a sour diesel marijuana strain is 75-100 cm. It may not be one of the biggest plants, but its small size makes it suitable for growing indoors.

Where is the best place to buy sour diesel auto in the USA?

You are likely to find some sour diesel marijuana seeds at a dispensary in your neighborhood, but you do not always receive what you spend it for. At Premium Cultivars, you are guaranteed the best Sour diesel auto in the United States.

Are there any other names for sour diesel auto?

Yes, Sour Diesel Auto is also known by various names and nicknames. These include East Coast Sour Diesel, as well as Sour Deez and Sour D.

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