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How to grow weed

Want to learn more about growing marijuana? Look no further!
Cannabis strains
Premium Cultivars sells a lot of seeds, which means it can be difficult to choose the best strain. Here you will find profiles of our cannabis strains and top 10 lists.
Grow techniques
Becoming a better cannabis cultivator can take time, however, one sure way to improve is by using different grow techniques, learn everything about plant training, and more here.
Growing Basics
Are you just starting out on your growing journey? Learn all the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation here.
Growing environment
It’s not enough to just have your seeds, you need grow medium, lights, fans, and more while also monitoring temperature and humidity. Learn how to maintain a conducive grow environment here.
Growing indoors
For most people, indoor growing is the most practical way to grow weed. Learn about grow rooms, tents, lighting, and everything else here.
Growing outdoors
While not everyone has the luxury to grow outdoors, those who do have a great opportunity to achieve wondrous results. Learn all the best tips and tricks for outdoor cannabis here.
Plant probleMs
Throughout the grow cycle, cannabis plants can experience many different issues such as deficiencies, diseases, and even pests. Fear not, here you will find everything you need to solve plant problems.
Plant science
The science behind general plants is complex and cannabis plants are no different. Learn about different parts of weed plants and the different plant functions here.
Stages of growth
From germination to seedling to vegetative to flowering and beyond into harvesting – learn everything about the different growth stages of a cannabis plant here.
Water and nutrients
Learn how to feed marijuana plants as well as gaining knowledge about water and nutrient requirements and what can happen if your plants don’t get enough.
Cannabis culture

More cannabis articles

Keep reading amazing texts about cannabis and how to improve as a grower!

bud rot

How to Prevent and Treat Bud Rot

Bud rot can be a real problem for cannabis in the flowering period. Don’t let this deadly disease affect your yields, find out how to solve and prevent rotting buds here.

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Cannabis Strain reviews

Want to know everything about an specific strain before you grow it?