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Northern Lights Autoflower

  • High yield
  • Indica strain
  • Earthy flavor

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Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Anxiety, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Pine, Sweet

Strain Type





< 30 in


3 – 6

Flowering Time

7 – 8 weeks

Harvest Month

All Year

THC Percentage


CBD Percentage


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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Origin of Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds

Northern Lights Auto seeds are well-known as one of the world’s famous cannabis seeds in the market. These Indica-dominant seeds were initially bred in the US in the 1970s. These Autoflower seeds were created by crossing Afghani and the distinctive Thai cannabis. In the 1980s, Northern Lights seeds made their way into the Netherlands, where they became famous. Later, these cannabis seeds made their way to the rest of the world to conquer the cannabis market. The resulting cannabis combines the best characteristics of legendary parents’ genetics in an easy-to-grow auto-flowering package. Additionally, most users associate these cannabis seeds with Aurora borealis in Northern Norway. The lights show up at night when the sky is clear and are visible.

Overview of Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds

Northern Lights seeds have become one of the pillars of modern cannabis, and their influence has gone worldwide. These Autoflower seeds offer a pleasant, sweet flavour and a relaxing physical effect with cerebral stimulus. Northern Lights is classic cannabis with an autoflowering twist, making it an excellent medical problem-solver as well.

Northern Lights Auto seeds produce a large harvest and are possibly one of the highest-yielding auto flower seeds on the market. Northern Lights seeds are flexible cannabis that is equally suited to discreet indoor gardeners and high-volume outdoor farmers. These Autoflower seeds begin generating an abundance of flowers after a brief vegetative phase, and they complete their life cycle in 10–12 weeks after planting the seed. Northern Lights Auto is cannabis that is 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. These Autoflower short, bushy, and produces a lot of buds, like much indica-dominant cannabis. The buds are usually large and resin-coated near the conclusion of the flowering phase.

Effects of Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds

Northern Lights seeds, as their name suggests, are a fantastic cannabis variety. These Autoflower seeds provide a cerebral, incredibly euphoric high, and you will see stars before the indica aspect of this monster comes in. A rich chemical pungency dominates the entire performance, which leaves customers feeling engaged and uplifted, relaxed, lucid, and creative. Some users report that Northern Lights Auto seeds help relieve sleep difficulties and insomnia.

Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds fragrance and flavor

When it comes to smell and flavor, Northern Lights seeds are typically Indica. The earthy, dank aroma of these Autoflower seeds is pure indica in personality, as are the pleasant herbal undertones when consumed. With a hint of herb and fruit, the scent is rich and earthy. As the buds approach harvest, the aroma intensifies, and producers may expect the intensity of the scent to peak after curing. Northern Lights Automatic has a robust and powerful flavor with a citrus and herb undertone.

Germinating Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds

Every cannabis plant begins as a seed with the potential to produce massive harvests and a large number of buds. The germination stage is crucial for your garden’s future growth if you want it to get off to a good start. A seed takes a lot of moisture to absorb, grow, and eventually break free from its shell. The paper towel method for seed germination is one of the simplest and most successful ways to get your cannabis seeds to sprout. To achieve a total germination rate, Premium Cultivars recommends growers follow these critical steps;

  1. Ensure that you have all the equipment needed, such as purified or distilled water, Northern Lights seeds, paper towels, and a plate.
  2. First, you need to dip the paper towels in water and wring afterward to get rid of excess water.
  3. Place one of the paper towels on the center of the paper and keep the other aside for use later.
  4. Carefully place the Northern Lights Auto seeds on the moist paper towel leaving about an inch between each seed. Check if the roots are dry and add water making sure they are not damp.
  5. Cover the Northern Lights seeds with the second paper towel. Lift the towels and check underneath if there is any still water. If so, drain it.
  6. Place the plate in a warm, dry place, preferably a cupboard or draw. You should ensure that the place is away from direct sunlight.
  7. Leave the setup for 2-3 days while regularly checking to ensure that the seeds do not dry up by adding water.
  8. After 3-10you will start to notice radicals protruding below the seeds, when the seeds have sprouted, transfer them for cultivation in a soil or hydroponics setup.

Growing Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds

Northern Lights Auto seeds are simple to grow, so even inexperienced growers can enjoy the experience of growing them. These Autoflower seeds are also among the fastest-growing and highest-yielding cannabis you will ever come across. Northern Lights seeds have minimal requirements and are a pest, disease, and mold resistant. Northern Lights shrink to a small size, making them easier to hide from prying eyes. Northern Lights may grow to a height of 120cm in just 7-9 weeks, which is astounding for an autoflower. These Autoflower seeds are available to harvest between September and October after the blossoming phase. These cannabis seedlings thrive in warm and humid environments. Northern Lights seeds can produce impressive yields due to their large size for an autoflower and thick buds. When you buy Premium Cultivars’ Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds, you’ll discover that they are one of the easiest plants to grow.

Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds FAQs

How long does Northern Lights Auto take to germinate?

When Northern Lights Auto seeds are germinated in the right conditions, it takes about 3-10 days for the radical to pop out.

What are the Northern Lights Auto flower times?

Northern Lights Auto takes 7-9 weeks to blossom.

How long does it take Northern Lights Auto to grow?

Because of their short flowering period, Northern Lights seeds grow very fast and are ready for harvest between 10-12weeks.

Does Northern Lights Auto grow better in hydro or soil?

Most growers prefer cultivating Northern Lights Auto seeds hydroponically because of the controlled conditions for successful growth.

How tall does Northern Lights Auto grow?

Northern Lights seeds can reach an impressive height of 120cm tall.

Where is the best place to buy Northern Lights Auto in the USA?

If you want to purchase Northern Lights seeds, you need to visit Premium Cultivars’ website online. Then you have to check the availability of these seeds and then pick the quantity you need.

Are there any other names for Northern Lights Auto?

Northern Lights Auto seeds can also be called ‘NL.’

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