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Growing Outdoors

Growing Outdoor

This category sheds more light on growing cannabis outdoors and provides you with essential information, including protecting your outdoor plants and how to make higher yields.

Cannabis outdoor grow calendar

A grow cannabis calendar is essential for any newbie in outdoor gardening. While outdoor growing produces higher yields, most environmental factors are beyond your control. For this reason, you should understand general trends to make the most out of your farming. For example, knowing the suitable time of the year to plant cannabis in the Northern United States can help you cultivate when the temperature is right.

Although there is not a one-size-fits-all schedule, the purpose of an outdoor cannabis calendar is to give you more influence.

Protecting your outdoor grow

Cultivating cannabis outdoors produces higher yields since it allows the plants to grow and thrive in their natural habitat. However, outdoor growing also has its challenges, so a farmer should know how to protect outdoor plants—for example, one risk of growing cannabis outdoors has to be terrible climatic conditions. Human beings have little to no control of environmental factors, which poses a challenge for outdoor cultivation.

Your plants will also be exposed to pests that can harm your plant for outdoor growing. For these reasons, you should know how to protect your outdoor plants to avoid losses. There are different ways to safeguard your cannabis, including sheltering them in a greenhouse and putting up traps.

Needed sunlight for a cannabis plant

Cannabis plants require sunlight for them to thrive and produce quality buds. Sunlight facilitates essential processes such as photosynthesis, an ultimate source of life for all plants. Since the sun is the primary light source for outdoor cultivation, you need to know your cannabis plants’ amount of light. If you can’t grow in an open area for some reason, you may want to know how much sunlight a cannabis plant needs. This also ties into the best temperature for the flowering stage outdoors and more.

Getting higher yields outdoor

Every farmer desires an abundant yield, but this may not occur naturally. Before cultivating, you want to ensure you know the laws of your state, including whether it is legal to avoid being on the wrong side with the authorities. Seasons and the plant’s natural growth cycle are other essential variables to consider. Sometimes getting higher yields may require you to understand what techniques to use to get the biggest yields outdoors to avoid making any significant mistakes. Knowledge about planting, topping, and defoliation can help you obtain a bountiful harvest.

First signs of the flowering stage outdoors

The flowering stage is the most crucial part of growth for cannabis. The time during which a cannabis plant flowers varies depending on the region where it is grown. However, most plants in different states start flowering around mid-July to early August. Selecting the right strain to grow outdoors is crucial since not all cannabis thrives in the open air. Knowing when flowering starts outdoors is important.

Growing cannabis outdoors

Outdoor growing produces larger harvests, saving on time and money. The benefits of growing cannabis outdoors are numerous, and to enjoy the same, you first need to know how to start growing cannabis outdoors. For starters, you need to find a location and gather all the necessary and helpful information, including an outdoor cannabis growing calendar for the year.

While not everyone has the luxury to grow outdoors, those who do have a great opportunity to achieve wondrous results. Learn all the best tips and tricks for outdoor cannabis here.