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How to SCROG

Written by Ed Rushford Nov 23 2021

How to SCROG

What is the SCROG method?

SCROG stands for Screen of Green. Scrogging is a technique that cannabis growers make use of to increase the quality and quantity of yields. This strategy works by spreading out cannabis plant branches using nets or ropes.


There are many reasons to consider Screen of Green over the Sea of Green growing technique. Discover the differences and benefits of SOG vs SCROG. The following are some of the benefits growers gain from the SCROG cannabis technique, which works by creating an evenly distributed canopy.

Screen of Green
  • There is equal light distribution: Since there is no branch on top of another creating a shadow, every leaf will receive adequate light essential for photosynthesis. Consequently, your cannabis plants will produce more buds.
  • Increased airflow: SCROG cannabis method spreads out braches, thus reducing stuffiness in cannabis plants. As a result, you will experience decreased mold and pest infestations.
  • Increased structural support: Sometimes, your plants may produce heavy buds for the branches to support. Spreading the stems out on a sheet through the Scrog technique will help reduce the weight; thus, your branches will be less likely to snap.
  • Better plant access: Spreading branches makes it easier for a grower to work in plants and access every plant part.

What do you need to start Scrogging?

Cannabis growers understand the importance of researching Scrogging before attempting the technique on their cultivation. There are specific things you need in your grow room to make Scroggings successful. For example:

The screen

This feature is the most unique to Scrogging. Although a screen is a vital part of Scrogging, how you use it will determine the success of your cannabis. Tying a rope on your cannabis branches several times will create a blanket of leaves and buds of the same height.


Do not assume that any scissors will work for your cannabis plants. Choose a sharp pair of scissors to use for the technique. Ensure that you clean the scissors and sterilize them before using them to prevent any complications.

Large pots

This equipment will help to maximize your yields. Moreover, most cannabis growers attempting the SCROG method have limited space and thus do not have a lot of plants to grow.  Large pots provide more room for growth.

How to build a Screen of Green

Plants positioned in a SCROG net

The key to a thriving Screen of Green setup is strictly following all the necessary SCROG tutorial steps of the process. The most common Scrogging cannabis steps include:

Position the plants

Once you have acquired your large pots, place your cannabis plants inside and adequately cover them with your medium. You should ensure to use plants at least one month old and have developed a significant root system. Afterward, it is essential to flush your medium so that you remove any added nutrients. Using pH 6.0 water when flushing is ideal for promoting the uptake of the most critical nutrients. It is vital to keep your soil moist but not wet. Pay close attention to the water you introduce into your pot. Overwatering will reduce the availability of specific nutrients and make your plants prone to mold and pests.

Install the screen

Cut a screen depending on the size of your grow space and hang it at least 15 inches above your cannabis plants. However, make sure there is plenty of room above the plants, at least 25 inches above, to make room for lights.

Cut the top cola of each plant

This technique will promote the growth of new branches. Therefore cut the top colas when your plants are around 10 inches tall. However, wait until the new branches reach the screen before you begin manipulation.

Prune lower branches

Some branches will not make it to the top of the screen. These branches will not grow as healthy as the ones on top because the canopy will create a shade that will prevent light from reaching them. Pruning these lower branches will prevent them from taking ul necessary nutrients that could nourish healthier top branches.

Trigger flowering stage

This stage is the best time to attempt SCROG. After the vegetative stage, trigger flowering so that you gain more from this technique.

Tie branches horizontally to the screen

Tying the branches horizontally to the screen as your branches continue to grow by at least four inches through the net. This step will create a blanket of cannabis plants that are of a single height.

When to start Scrogging

The right timing will determine SCROG cannabis success. The key is to analyze the growing space you have. Having limited vertical space will require training your plants to grow horizontally to maximize yield. The right time to start training is just before your plants hit the screen.

Finishing SCROG training

Various factors determine your plants’ readiness to stop SCROG training. Once you notice that your plant vegetative stage is at its maximum, it may be time to shift to the flowering stage.

Screen of Green yields

Light is the primary determinant of how much yield you receive. Moreover, SCROG ensures that all plants are of the same height and that no branches are under shade. Therefore, each branch will have access to enough light that will boost growth. The more attention you put into your SCROG outdoors system, the more yields you will receive. This indoor technique will maximize gains up to 20%.

Scrogging FAQs

Does SCROG give better yields?

Yes. All you need to do is create an environment that favors growth. Ensure that your plants have access to enough nutrients to prevent deficiencies. Also, ensure you maintain temperatures below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out our selection of high-yield seeds for even better results when scrogging.

How many plants should you SCROG?

The number of plants you should SCROG will depend on the amount of growing room you have at your disposal.

How high should you place the screen?

The screen should be at least 15 inches above your cannabis plants.

Can you SCROG in hydroponics?

Yes. You can SCROG cannabis in all media, even hydroponics.

Where should you position lights?

Lights should be at least 25 inches above your plants.

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