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Amsterdam Seeds

Amsterdam seeds represent the classic coffee shop favorites and Amsterdam born genetics. Buy Amsterdam marijuana seeds here!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam marijuana seeds have consistently excellent quality, and Premium Cultivars is delighted to provide an outstanding selection of these cannabis seeds at the greatest pricing available anywhere online!

What are Amsterdam marijuana seeds?

Amsterdam seeds symbolize over three decades of breeding and growing knowledge founded on the green roots of the global cannabis capital. Premium Cultivars continues to create the greatest Amsterdam cannabis seeds by combining the best Amsterdam classics with the most recent high-rolling strains worldwide. We have a delicious collection of Amsterdam marijuana seeds ready for you, ranging from Amnesia Haze fan favorites and legends like Super Silver Haze or Lemon Haze that will wow you with their growing excellence.

Why grow Amsterdam cannabis seeds?

Amsterdam marijuana seeds have quickly become a solid favorite, earning a devoted following within months of their launch in most Amsterdam seed shops. Amsterdam seeds USA grow highly compact, and generate light buds with excellent qualities. Experts advocate a slightly longer growth time due to their Sativa-dominant impacts, often countered by their comparatively short blooming phase.

What are the best Amsterdam marijuana seeds to grow indoors and outdoors?

Amsterdam is behind some of the most sought-after strain seeds presently available. Here are common Amsterdam seeds to USA for indoor and outdoor cultivation:

Amnesia Haze

The genetics of Amnesia Haze strain can be traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place Sativa Cup 2012, 1st place 2004) has since become popularized in any Amsterdam seed bank. Even though it is Sativa-leaning, Amnesia Haze strain seeds portray Indica and Sativa properties as they develop. They produce slim-fingered foliage with long intermodal gaps and grow less than 4 feet tall. Also, the dense, conical, tapering buds are coated in resin. As the plant grows, the colas turn icy white, giving it a snow-capped look.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze strain seeds are a combination between Northern Lights Indica, Haze Sativa and Skunk#1. All these parent strains used have contributed to powerful Super Silver Haze seeds. These strain seeds usually have a Sativa to Indica ratio of about 90:10. Initially, Super Silver Haze strain was bred by Green House Seeds in the Netherlands. Super Silver Haze strain seeds are known to yield much well indoors because of the control setting. Although you may still grow it outside, the quality of the cannabis seeds will be somewhat low. Super Silver Haze seeds do well in warm tropical areas with adequate humidity and sunlight. The average flowering period for Super Silver Haze is between 8-10 weeks.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze was created by crossing Super Silver Haze with Lemon Skunk. Super Lemon Haze strain seeds are simple to cultivate and have various beneficial properties. Also, they are insect, mildew, mold, and disease resistant. As a result, both novice and professional cannabis producers will have fewer difficulties growing these Super Lemon Haze cannabis plants. Super Lemon Haze strain seeds thrive in a Mediterranean environment with long summers filled with bright sunny days. With the right climate, you may expect an outdoor harvest of up to 30 ounces per plant in late October or early November. Conversely, indoor yields are around 24 ounces per square meter.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush seeds are named after the 500-mile-long mountain range that divides Afghanistan and Pakistan. This pure Indica strain boasts thick coats of trichome crystals that protect the plant from the harsh climate of its original area. Hindu Kush strain is a hybrid between the Hindu Kush Master and Lowryder. The Hindu Kush marijuana strain is simple to cultivate since it is a resilient strain ideal for new growers. Because the Hindu Kush is resistant to mold, mildew, and other pests and diseases, it requires minimal maintenance once established. The Hindu Kush strain is best cultivated inside for high-quality harvests, although it may be produced outside.

What Makes our Amsterdam cannabis seeds special?


Amsterdam seeds are considered stable when every seed from the parent plant generates genetically comparable plants. When a strain is less stable, there is a greater variation from plant to plant, even though the parents are the same. When you provide the right environment and a little TLC, our genetically stable and high-quality marijuana seeds promise large harvests.

Superb Mother Plants

A mother plant is a crop that produces young marijuana clones. Cultivators carefully choose marijuana mother plants because they have notably favorable properties such as the capacity to yield large harvests, disease resistance, the ability to thrive in a specific growing environment (like indoors or in a greenhouse), or the quality, quantity, and effect of the flowers they generate. Cannabis mother plants are frequently sturdy, aggressive plants kept in a vegetative state to produce cuttings that grow and mature quickly.


The stability and reliability of Feminized cannabis seeds are critical to their success. Every feminized seed is hand-selected to ensure success, resulting in stable and uniform plants that do not display various characteristics but remain true to their genetic background, generating top cannabis buds with your chosen features. Our Feminized seeds are supplied in super-stealth packaging and are assured to arrive in great, primal condition, ready for germination, with a delivery assurance.

HpLVD Free

Our Amsterdam marijuana seeds are HpLVD-free. The Hop Latent Viroid, or HpLVd, is a single-stranded virus that replicates itself through the metabolism of its host crop. This Viroid is present in “Hops” worldwide and may infect the cannabis plant related to hops. Also, Viroid is a pathogen that causes illnesses in cannabis plants. It is usually known as “Dudding disease” because infected plants may initially be asymptomatic (display no signs). Furthermore, this pathogen may remain latent in cannabis plants long before exhibiting indicators.

What Training Techniques to use with Amsterdam marijuana seeds


Defoliation is the elimination of excess leaves from your marijuana plants. Plucking leaves off bushy branches allows more light to reach the buds while relieving some weight. It provides more oxygen to critical areas, resulting in a superior harvest. Some growers are cautious about defoliating cannabis foliage since the leaves carry a large portion of the plant’s nutrients. Reduced yields might be caused by not knowing how to defoliate cannabis plants, eliminating too much leaf, or doing the process when it is unnecessary.

Moreover, defoliating cannabis may cause more damage in outdoor environments since the leaves help plants recover from pests and droughts. You have more control over the indoor settings, and the leaves may become an annoyance by taking up extra space and limiting light.


Low-stress training (LST) method involves tying and bending specific plant parts at specified times to urge the canopy to develop symmetrically. LST has the benefit of producing a round top with robust side branches. Furthermore, when the plant grows sideways, the axillary branches that used to develop upward and toward the light no longer do so. The final result is how often the plant has been held down to grow new vertical shoots. This method is also very important when using a screen, and it’s a fantastic way to make those previously small nugs into massive colas.


Growers use mainlining to generate a high number of huge, consistent colas. Bending and adjusting cannabis stem lengths are necessary steps in the process. You will need to direct the facility to construct something known as a manifold. To make a manifold, the primary marijuana stem is separated into a Y form. As a result, a center for consistent energy flow from the roots to each cannabis blossom will be created. Also, nutrients and resources can be directed to specific branches for optimal plant development. Manifolds make cannabis mainlining easier. Not to mention that the entire procedure may be inexpensive and simple for persons with varied levels of competence.


Cannabis plants require special care and harvesting. You are recommended to use gloves and trim your plants at the proper time. Cut the top of the cannabis crop to allow more light to reach the leaves. This technique entails removing dead, yellow leaves and tiny buds from the plant. Over-trimming your cannabis may inhibit its growth. Many cannabis producers believe harvesting is the final step in the process; however, this is not true.

Understanding how to clip buds requires knowing when to begin pruning them. Plants should also not be cut after they blossom. The plants are developing quickly, and any large trimming might shock them, causing them to grow slowly. You may remove dead leaves or short, ineffective branches, but extensive trimming is not recommended during flowering.

How do you buy Amsterdam cannabis seeds?

The preferred place to purchase Amsterdam seeds is from a reputable online seed bank, such as Premium Cultivars. Also, we often provide various high-yielding marijuana strains at reasonable prices. Amsterdam seeds are sold in packs of 3, 6, 12, 24, and bulk in the USA. Also, Amsterdam marijuana seeds are available in every state, where clients may purchase them. Amsterdam seed purchases of $100 or more qualify for free delivery. All prospective customers are encouraged to visit the website, browse Amsterdam seeds USA, make online purchases, and pay with a credit card.

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Here's 20% OFF On Us!

We want to help you get your hands on the seeds you want, take 20% off your next purchase when you enter your email below!