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1. The Essential Guide to Supercropping Cannabis

Super cropping is a useful cannabis training technique to have in your arsenal. Find out all about this high-stress training technique below.

Understanding supercropping cannabis

Growers must learn about training methods when cultivating cannabis. These training methods promote proper plant growth and increase yield potential. Growers can use numerous training techniques on various strains, but none are more impactful than supercropping cannabis. Super cropping cannabis is a common and well-known high-stress training method. This process is popular because it yields high returns when done correctly. Cannabis supercropping can cause the crop to produce large colas. While it may appear perplexing, super crop cannabis rewards your plants by stimulating more strenuous vegetative growth and effective bud growth. Female plants typically produce cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes in response to predators and other types of stress.

As a result of super cropping causing stress, the plant’s natural defense mechanisms are activated causing it to take up more nutrients and fuel growth.

The goal of super cropping cannabis

There are a few possible reasons to use the super cropping cannabis technique. One of the most key causes is to manage the plant’s growth during the stretch period. If you have trained the plant to generate multiple colas, super cropping can help you keep the plant at a consistent distance from the light. The supercropping cannabis technique can also modify plant growth in specific areas with low lighting. Furthermore, during vegetative growth, super cropping can be effective in forming structures known as manifolds and mainline.

Cannabis Stalk
A cannabis stalk outdoors

Additionally, super cropping cannabis can help growers who have individual stalks that are taller than the canopy. These specific stalks are the too-high colas that necessitate the grower to raise or focus the light on them, resulting in the canopy not receiving adequate light for effective growth. Furthermore, the taller stalks can shade the lower portion of the canopy, affecting its growth. Moreover, the stalks can grow too tall compared to the available space. Super cropping cannabis can limit the height of the canopy by reducing the height of the towering colas. Nevertheless, supercropping cannabis increases the likelihood of more growth points such as stalks and buds.

How to super crop cannabis

Super cropping scares a lot of new growers, and for a good reason: it requires expertise and skill to undertake this technique, and a simple mistake can severely stunt a plant’s growth. Fortunately, with the correct information, you can reap the benefits of this technique in your next grow. Here are the required supercropping tools;

  • Cultivators’ fingers.
  • Branches can be tied down and held in place with string or zip ties.
  • Farm stakes or dowels.
  • Patience on your supercropping tools and the process.
  • Duct tape.

Choose branches

You should be super cropping branches that are developed but not old or woody. Any noticeably taller branches than others are a great starting point, as super cropping will reduce their height to create a more even canopy.

Bend the branches

The goal is to damage the plant’s inner tissue while avoiding damage to the plant’s outer skin.’ This makes the supercropping split stem pliable so it can easily be bent in the direction you would like to grow. Recall to be gentle; rolling the branch between your fingers for several seconds can make it more adaptable before gently bending it in the desired way.

Remove the tape

As you work your way up the branch, leave a few centimeters between crops. It is not recommended super cropping anything more than two or three nodes from the tip. Once your cannabis plant branch has been cropped and is leaning in the desired direction, use string or zip ties to secure it at each crop site.

Supercropping vs. LST

LST is a fundamental technique, whereas super cropping is more advanced. Many people believe it is dependent on the plant on whether to use supercropping vs. LST. Some plants, such as Sativa, are excellent for LST. Others are excellent for topping and supercropping. You should become acquainted with the strains you are cultivating, what is supercropping vs. LST, and what works best for those strains.

Topping cannabis and pruning are ideal for novices, but you may want to consider super cropping your plants as you progress. Knowing what is super cropping is crucial for cultivators in determining their outcomes.


Can you combine super cropping, mainlining, and LST?

Use super cropping in conjunction with other techniques such as mainlining and LST to increase yields further. Developed growers can make the most of their resources and space by incorporating these techniques to produce magnificent results from remarkable, albeit strange-looking, cannabis plants. Mainlining cannabis is a technique in which cannabis seedling is “manifolded” to form larger buds during the plant’s flowering period. While the plant is still young and adaptable, the main stem is split in two. Conversely, Low-Stress Training entails bending the resulting stems to grow parallel to the ground, enhancing light penetration while monitoring vegetative growth.

Is supercropping main stem possible?

Super cropping main stem is allowed as long as the plant is still growing. After being folded and bent down, the supercropping split stem will naturally curve back around, facing the light. Twisting the primary super cropping main stems after the plant has stopped growing vertically prevents it from turning around, leaving it in the dark — the wrong environment for your plants. To produce the desired outcomes, supercropping main stem will cause the natural stressing of cannabis plants.

When should you super crop cannabis?

Part of what makes super cropping before and after difficult is that you must have your timing dialed in in addition to being surgical with your fingers. There are times when you should and times when you should not super crop. It is advised to begin super cropping before and after the vegetative stage, once your plant has many branches but before they become so hardened that they cannot be bent.

Can you super crop cannabis autoflowers?

Yes, it is possible to have supercropping autoflowers. And, to be sure, most auto gardeners partake in supercropping autoflowers frequently. It is preferable to use the super crop cannabis technique if the crop’s central bloom grows significantly faster or taller than the other plant parts.

Is it possible supercropping during flowering phase?

You are not allowed supercropping during the flowering cannabis phase because you’ll do more harm than good. You want your plants to spend all their energy-producing buds during flowering, not repairing damaged tissue. Furthermore, as your plants grow older and thus more hardened, you are more likely to supercropping during flowering phase. If you snap a branch during flowering, it has a lower chance of healing before harvesting. This results in a lower yield.

Super cropping is procedure that can maximize the yield of a cannabis plant in adequate space. This technique applies to the cannabis plant, but it also applies to supercropping in flowers if you are looking for it.

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