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Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower seeds are modern marvels. These autoflower seeds are some of the easiest weed seeds to grow and grow they most certainly do! Many people are suspicious of autoflowers, surely there’s a drawback? Absolutely not, autoflower weed seeds are the real deal!
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What are Autoflowering seeds?

You may be wondering, “What is autoflower seeds.” Well, autoflowering cannabis seeds produce plants that flower on their own, making them convenient to cultivate and more user-friendly. Unlike photoperiod strains, which necessitate a change in the light cycle to stimulate flowering, autoflower plants quickly rise from seed to harvest with no assistance. cannabis ruderalis genetics are present in autoflower cannabis seeds, a subtype native to Russia and the surrounding regions. These plants bloom automatically but have a much shorter life cycle, are more resistant to pests and diseases, and are small and stealthy in size.

Our autoflower seeds have been Feminized to ensure that only female plants grow. Unlike feminized photoperiod strains, feminized autoflower seeds do not require a change in the light cycle to flower.

Why choose Autoflower cannabis seeds?

There are other reasons to use autoflowering seeds aside from the fact that they are simpler to grow. High yield autoflower seeds USA grow quickly, resulting in more harvests. It is very straightforward to have two harvests in a single year when cultivated outdoors. Indoors, you can generate even more because you can keep summer-like temperatures all year. You can produce more each year than with a single annual harvest of non-autoflowers. Another advantage of using the best autoflowering seeds is their tenacity. These cannabis seeds mature into robust plants! Your plants will be resilient to frost, mold, and pests, making them difficult to sabotage.

Additionally, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow more rapidly than regular cannabis seeds. When grown indoors, these cannabis seeds can mature from germination to maturity in less than ten weeks. However, some of the best autoflowering seeds grow more rapidly than others, and autoflowering seeds aren’t the only option for fast growth. If the quickest ganja strains are your primary concern, always look into all of your options. Don’t just pick the first autoflower cannabis seeds you see; there could be a faster strain.

How to grow autoflower seeds

Cultivating feminized autoflower cannabis seeds is much easier than growing photoperiods indoors. After using the best way to germinate autoflower seeds, directly place them in an 18/6 light method and leave them there until harvest. Some producers leave them in the sun every day, while others experiment with different techniques. Despite the lack of evidence, we advise an 18/6 or 20/4 light cycle for the grow duration. Autoflower cannabis seeds require less water and nutrients than photoperiod plants, so start low and work your way up. The ruderalis make them very productive, and overfeeding can easily harm them.

What are super autoflower seeds?

Super autoflower seeds are regular Indica or Sativa with the benefit of autoflowering and mold or pest resistance. They were developed through numerous breeding cycles to eliminate dwarf traits and produce typically high yield autoflower seeds USA.

Best way to germinate Autoflower seeds

The suitable germination of your autoflower cannabis seeds is critical to their healthy development. You can traditionally use soil or try a container with a growing medium. The paper towel method is likely the best way to germinate autoflower seeds. You can either use the final pot or seedling trays for germinating autoflower seeds.

Since high yield autoflower seeds USA have a very short vegetative phase, they are more susceptible during the seedling stage than photoperiods. Because of this, any harm to autoflower seeds USA roots will not have time to heal properly, and they may become quite stunted. It may be worthwhile germinating autoflower seeds in the final pot. Moreover, it is crucial for novice and experienced cultivators to understand how to germinate autoflower seeds; the procedure is cheap and straightforward.

Do autoflowering seeds grow better in soil or hydro?

Autoflower seeds USA can be grown in soil, soilless mix, or hydroponically. Soil is still the most widely used growing medium. Autoflower seeds California grow exceptionally well in soil. Providing optimal conditions will aid in the growth of strong and healthy plants. The nutrients required by the plant will already be present in pre-mixed soil. It will also include ingredients that will make the soil light and airy. These are thought to be the best soil for autoflower seeds Canada. When picking potting soil for your plants, choose a light and airy substrate low in nutrients. Seek for potting soil with the following mix proportion:

  • Three parts peat moss
  • Three parts compost
  • Perlite (two parts)
  • 1-part vermiculite

Autoflower seeds Canada grows well in small growing containers as well. Fill an 11-liter fabric pot halfway with your soil mix. It is recommended planting autoflower seeds directly in soil into their final pot or transplant 1–2 week-old seedlings from a germination tray.

What are the best nutrients for autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflower cannabis seeds need fewer nutrients than photoperiod plants. Due to their tiny size, they have a lower demand for minerals and elements that aid in producing energy, proteins, and other plant physiology elements. Autoflower seeds California require nutrients to grow and generate leaves, stems, buds, and even seeds. Without nutrients, your autoflower seeds Canada plants will die; however, with insufficient nutrients, they will struggle to develop with small leaves and almost no yield. Conversely, too many nutrients will stress your plant by causing nutrient burn, and a rare form of this nutrient overdose can even kill the plant.

What are the best lights for autoflower cannabis seeds?

Best autoflowering seeds do not require a precise light cycle to begin flowering. They don’t require any light at all. That’s not to say you should cultivate these autoflower seeds in the dark, but it does mean they’ll produce cannabis even under less-than-ideal conditions. Light is a trigger for beginning a new growth cycle in traditional photoperiod plants. When a cannabis plant begins to receive less light, it interprets this as the start of fall. A lack of light signals the plant to begin flowering. Since autoflower seeds Canada lack this trigger, they are simple to grow.

What are the best training techniques for autos?

Training techniques reduce the plant’s profile and allow more light to reach all of the lower branches. These techniques have been successfully used to increase yields while maximizing grow space or reducing the number of feminized autoflower seeds plants required for the same yield.

Low Stress Training

As the name implies, for the best autoflowering seeds, LST is a training technique that causes minimal stress to your plants. It entails gently bending your plant’s main stem and tying it down with wire, string, or pipe cleaners. This technique, over time, teaches your autoflower seeds to grow outwards rather than upwards, allowing for better light exposure to all bud sites. LST is, without a doubt, one of the best auto training techniques. It can be done on very young plants and helps open up the canopy, resulting in bigger, better flowers.

High Stress Training

High stress training is a technique for influencing the structure, vigor, and canopy of cannabis plants. The hands-on methods used are highly stressful to the autoflowering cannabis seeds, but they will structurally produce the most robust plants with an increase in growth hormone. You should only use low and high stress training during 18/6 or before plants show preflowers when grown outdoors. Autoflowers are time-sensitive plants that do not use the light cycle to determine their flowering stage, so they cannot be vegged for as long as growers desire. This is why you can’t high stress train autoflowers because the plant may need 1-2days to recover from these occurrences, and if it only lives for 80 days, four days is 5% of its growth, and the yield reduction will be even more significant.


Topping is the process of removing a plant’s top shoot, causing it to develop two main branches that will become two main colas. While cutting straight through a plant’s main stem can be intimidating for inexperienced growers, topping can be highly effective at increasing yields. It’s worth remembering, however, that topping is a high-stress method. If you’re going to use it on autoflower seeds California, you’ll want to do so very early on, only if you’re sure your plant is in great shape. When growing autoflowering plants, it is generally advised to avoid topping.


SOG and ScrOG are two methods for creating a flat, even canopy. ScrOG encompasses using a more extreme version of LST to teach only a few plants to grow laterally on a mesh screen. In contrast, SOG involves growing multiple small autoflower seeds. ScrOG can be done with autos as well, but it’s a little more hands-on and needs at least a basic comprehension of LST. After you’ve installed a screen about 20cm from the tops of your pots, space your plants about 30cm apart. Direct their branches and stems as they grow to form a flat, even canopy above the screen, maximizing the potential of your grow light.

Should you grow autoflower cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors?

Planting autoflower seeds directly in soil either indoors or outdoors is a question that many novice producers face when they begin their first crops. However, it is not a simple question to answer because every grow room is different, every outdoor climate has its advantages and disadvantages, and every grower has some limitations or advantages.

Below are tips for each of you, depending on your growing conditions. Still, the main point is that Autoflower cannabis seeds can be grown indoors and outdoors, and both environments can yield tremendous amounts and grow beautiful, healthy plants. Moreover, both can also yield just a couple of grams and stunted growth.

Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors

Indoor cultivation of autoflowering cannabis seeds is entirely possible. The best light cycle for autoflowering cannabis is 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. This light schedule is also known as 20/4.


  • Growers have more influence over variables like light and water when growing autoflower cannabis seeds indoors.
  • Stealth – because you can completely conceal your actions from prying eyes, it is much easier to keep your autoflowering cannabis seeds grow operation secret.
  • The ability to maximize your plants’ potential by creating the ideal conditions for growing amazing plants with massive buds.


It is costly. Autoflowering cannabis seeds aren’t responsive to light when it comes to flowering; hence cultivators can pick to keep the lights on (18–24 hours).

Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors

Since autoflowering cannabis seeds are generally robust and hardy plants, growing them outside can be straightforward.


  • Autoflowers are simple to grow on the outside at almost any time of year.
  • More resilient to cold and temperature changes.
  • Every time, a dependable and timely crop is produced.


Harsh weather conditions such as frost slow development and reduces autoflowering cannabis seeds yields.

Where to grow Autoflower seeds

Autoflower seeds for sale can thrive even in adverse conditions. Plant these seeds in the ground or a window ledge pot; either way, your plant will thrive. The autoflowering pot plant is capable of surviving in almost any environment.

Autoflower grow stages

Seedling stage

The pot plant is most susceptible during the seedling phase. It would be best if you protected cannabis seedlings from insects and pests that would eat and destroy them. Plastic domes can be very beneficial. To allow for proper ventilation, you should cut holes into the dome. The soil around the seedling should always be kept moist. Also, they need a lot of sunlight, so using light at this stage can be beneficial. The seedling container should not be too large. This can easily lead to overwatering and suffocation of the plant’s oxygen supply. Essentially water around the base of the stem if the seedling is already in a large container. Also, when the top layer of soil is dry, re-water.

Vegetative stage

The best autoflowering seeds will enter the vegetative growth stage after germinating autoflower seeds, and seedlings have sprouted. In terms of plant care, this stage is quite simple. There are, however, some fundamentals that can aid ensure success. The temperature in the growing area should always be between 72 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 78 degrees Fahrenheit is usually considered ideal. The humidity level should be between 45-65%. Proper air circulation via vents or fans can aid in the maintenance of appropriate heat and humidity. Since autoflower seeds for sale do not require light cycles to flower, lights should be left on the plants 24 hours a day, although some growers use a 20/4 cycle.

Water the plants only when they are completely dry. On top, the soil should have a crusty texture. The most common cause of nutrient deficiencies in the cannabis plant is overwatering. You can also lift plants slightly to determine their level of dryness. Raise a stem. If the plant feels exceptionally light, it could be dry.

Flowering stage of autoflowers

When the cheap autoflowers seeds reach the flowering stage, it is possible to sex them. Begin your search for pollen sacs that identify male autoflower seeds. A calyx and a pistil will be present in females. The autoflowering feminized seeds for sale cannabis will begin to develop buds during the flowering stage. They do, however, require special care. Part of that care includes feeding the plants the proper nutrients. Autoflower seeds for sale require less nitrogen during the flowering stage than during the vegetative stage. Instead, they will need a medium to high phosphorous and a high amount of potassium. At this stage, a bloom fertilizer can be especially beneficial.

Harvesting autos

Most autoflowering seeds feminized are ready to harvest between 50-70 days after germination. But don’t just mark your calendar; determining the best time to harvest requires more thought. Inspect the trichomes on your autoflower seeds for sale to see if your buds are ready to harvest. Trichomes are tiny “knobs” on the buds that produce resin high in cannabinoids and terpenes. Trichomes resemble tiny mushrooms with a small head when viewed through a loupe. The trichomes on your autoflowering feminized seeds for sale will change color from clear to milky to amber-brown as buds develop and mature. You can look at them with a loupe or a small handheld microscope. This is how to “read” your trichomes to get the most out of your harvest.

  1. All trichomes are clear: Your autoflower cannabis is still a few weeks away from harvest.
  2. Most trichomes are milky white, nearing its peak; it may still take a week or two.
  3. It’s time to harvest the trichomes, primarily white with 15–20% amber-brown. Buds harvested now are thought to best express the characteristics of a particular strain.

Drying and curing


When the tried-to-solve process is complete, you must begin drying your harvest. The drying process should be done gradually throughout 2-3weeks. During this process, your autoflowering feminized seeds for sale will lose between 60 and 80% of their mass, and you can tell when they are ready by weighing them with precise weight scales or attempting to bend one of the streams. If it bends, they are not ready for curing, but if it snaps, they are.


The curing phase is the final step after harvesting. During the curing process, the buds are sealed inside an airtight container, allowing moisture to escape from the center of the bud and spread evenly throughout it. This airtight container should be opened a few times per day for the first couple of days and then gradually reduce the open rate until the buds are completely ready for use. This method can take two weeks to several months, depending on the strain, bud density, and amount, but it is usually completed in a couple of weeks.

What are the average autoflower yields?

You should expect a yield from autoflowers. Autoflowers are plants that have been naturally bred to survive. Ideally, you should provide the best conditions for your seeds, but if that is not possible, don’t worry. Your plant will continue to grow. You do not have to worry if you are willing to produce what is the legal limit in most states. Under ideal conditions, autoflowering seeds feminized typically yield 4-7oz.

How to boost autoflower yields

Light and nutrients are the two most important factors in increasing yield. Consider this as a rule of thumb: the more intense the light, the larger and stronger the plant. This means that you could easily increase the amount of light your plants receive to boost production in an indoor setup. You could also buy nutrients from the best autoflower seed bank to keep your plants healthy and flourishing. You can, however, anticipate a decent return even if you do nothing.

Furthermore, even minor changes can have a significant impact on yield. A small pot on a window ledge, for example, has less space for its root system and receives less light than one grown outdoors. Conversely, a larger pot with better lighting would produce more. Simply, something as simple as the size of your containers matters more than grower error when it comes to autoflowering feminized seeds for sale. That is why most people succeed, even if they have no prior grow experience!

Autoflowering seeds grow tips

Autoflowering seeds are tough and adapted to growing in harsh conditions. The more favorable conditions you can create, the greater your yield. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to start by focusing on creating a positive environment. Consider the temperature first—autoflower cannabis seeds prefer temperatures ranging from 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The closer it is to 86 degrees, the better; however, some autoflowering seeds feminized may prefer it slightly colder. In general, cheap autoflower seeds USA thrive in warm air with low humidity, which helps to reduce the possibility of mold. Before planting your seeds, ensure you establish this environment for optimal outcomes.

Furthermore, this will not be an issue if you grow autoflowering seeds feminized indoors. You can easily control the environment and make it more comfortable for your plant. You can even lower the temperature at night without damaging the plant or reducing yield. Establishing a suitable environment will pay off as the plant grows quickly from seed to harvest. Despite their hardiness, autoflower cannabis seeds still require specific temperatures and humidity levels to produce the best results. Aim for the following parameters:

  1. The temperature is 21°C.
  2. During veg, the humidity level is 50–60%.
  3. During flowering, the humidity is 40%.

Top 5 Autoflower cannabis seeds

Here are top picked autoflower cannabis seeds:

Bruce Banner Autoflower

Bruce Banner is an Indica-dominant cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. These autoflower seeds for sale grow tight, round buds smothered in sticky resin. Bruce Banner is an easy-to-grow strain suitable for both novice and skilled growers. You can anticipate your first harvest in just ten weeks, from planting to flowering. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor cultivation, and it has a high fungal resistance to combat humidity. In excellent, warm conditions, the plant can reach a height of 150 cm. Expect a maximum height of 100 cm indoors, which can also be kept compact and discreet.

Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower

Gorilla Glue #4 has received numerous accolades worldwide. The resulting resin is so thick and sticky that it earned “Gorilla Glue.”

These easy-to-grow autoflower seeds can be grown both outdoors and indoors. They have a high mold resistance profile, making them an excellent no-frills plant. They also do not need a lot of light to bud. While growing quickly and easily, you can anticipate a yield of up to 200 grams per plant. They can grow up to 100 cm indoors and 150 cm outdoors. Indoor cultivation is advised for the most managed and consistent yields.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

The Super Autoflowering Girl Scout Cookies seeds are Californian seeds that are simple to grow. Expect a long-lasting high with relaxing and ecstatic impacts. The Girl Scout Cookies easy-to-grow strain is made even easier to cultivate by autoflowering seeds. It grows well both indoors and outdoors and thrives in a hydroponic environment. As its California origins suggest, outdoor environments must be warm and sunny for the best growth. Indoors, you can anticipate up to 130 cm and 190 cm outdoors.

Do-Si-Dos Autoflower

Do-Si-Dos auto provides nearly everything that most cannabis growers require. Because of her short life cycle, you can achieve an impressive yield in weeks. Grow more cheap autoflower seeds USA right before trimming to ensure a continuous harvest and that your stash jars never run dry. This strain is suitable for both newbie and advanced gardeners and offers an easy and quick harvest on demand. Indoor plants can reach a maximum height of 120cm, but techniques like low-stress training can keep her at around 80cm. Expect yields of 350–400g/m2 after only 9–10 weeks, ready to harvest.

Outdoor plants can reach a slightly higher height of around 140cm. Growers can also use LST to tame these specimens and keep them hidden. Sow companion plants near your plants early in the season to keep pests at bay and your plants obscure. Expect to harvest 100–150g per plant.

Durban Poison Autoflower

Durban Poison is a Sativa dominant autoflower that can be harvested 10-11 weeks after germination. She grows quickly and tall, with plenty of side growth. Durban Poison’s vegetative growth is slower than other autos, allowing her to grow a little taller. This variety will also perform well outdoors; she is a high-performance new automatic that incorporates some of our best genetics.

Durban Poison Auto seeds are an excellent choice if you want cannabis seeds that are easy to propagate and produce high yields. These cheap autoflower seeds USA are a large beasty plant with densely resinous buds.

The best place to buy Autoflowering seeds

Plants grow from healthy seeds. That is why it is critical, to begin with, high-quality seeds. This is particularly true for autoflower cannabis seeds. They won’t have much time to recover from any seed-related issues, and as a result, the quality of your harvest will suffer. As a result, you should always buy cannabis seeds from the best autoflower seed bank. Online seedbanks are ideal because they offer the greatest variety, discretion, and expert knowledge. You should consider shipping regardless of where you buy autoflower seeds. Even the best autoflower seed bank isn’t worth much if they can’t deliver your seeds on time. You must find a company that you can rely on to deliver super autoflower seeds to your location.

Super autoflower seeds are ideal for first-time growers or those with hectic schedules. They do not require the same attention or care as regular seeds and can be grown in various environments. Buy autoflower seeds at Premium Cultivars. We hope this article answers the question, “what are autoflowering seeds?”

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