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Why Beginners Should Grow Autoflower Seeds

Why beginners should grow autoflower seeds

Are you an aspiring cannabis home grower? Is your quest to grow cannabis for the first time feeling like a monumental challenge? It is natural, especially because you may have already consumed considerable content on the internet. You have much to consider before even placing those seeds in the soil. Picking the best strains, navigating soil biology, watering and lighting schedules, pH, nutrients, and training techniques, among other cannabis growing basics considerations, can be overwhelming.

Growing cannabis can prove to be a long learning curve. Nonetheless, a few measures can make it easier and more rewarding. A valuable measure that’s often overlooked is opting for autoflower cannabis seeds. It may sound like another fancy fad, but it is a proven measure that can help beginners easily grow cannabis at home and enjoy notable yields. Now, let’s dive into what autoflower seeds are and why beginners should grow them.

What are auto-flowering cannabis seeds?

Auto-flowering cannabis traces its roots to a lesser-known cannabis subspecies known as Cannabis ruderalis.  Cannabis ruderalis is native to Central Asia and Eastern Europe. These regions expose the plants to harsher growing conditions, mainly lengthy and colder winter seasons. The subspecies evolved to withstand the weather and complete its life cycle before the harsh winter onset.

Unlike the photoperiod plants, the auto-flowering species grows much faster and flowers even without much light. The plants switch from the vegetative to the flowering phase based on age. This is done without relying on the external environment, such as water, as photoperiods do. The internal genetic timer and capability to grow in the harshest of conditions aren’t the only reasons the auto-flowering cannabis is favorable for beginners. Let’s dive into more reasons beginners should grow autoflower seeds.

Easy to grow

Who wants to jump through hoops struggling to grow cannabis? Experienced growers may relish the challenge, but can a beginner afford it? There’s no point in investing in expensive top-shelf cannabis seeds, yet you can’t manage the complex growing process. Creating an optimum growing environment can be hectic. You must consider lighting, ventilation, nutrients, pests, and diseases. A slight misstep and you could ruin the whole batch. That’s why beginners consider a less intimidating option, which auto-flowering seeds provide.

Auto-flowering cannabis does not demand much from the grower and can produce desirable yields even when neglected. Simply put, growers enjoy a valuable stepping stone as they dive into growing their own cannabis. They get the much-needed window to learn from the easy process and be well-equipped to handle more complex growing requirements down the line.

Faster harvests

Does your grow take forever to be ready for harvesting, and are you often watching the plants with frustrations? Auto-flowering cannabis starts making buds within weeks. Within 2-4 weeks, you’ll notice buds popping up, which is quite satisfying. The best part is that since they don’t rely on the external environment, you won’t struggle to get the lighting right for the flowering. They auto-flower in time, meaning beginners won’t have to worry about altering light periods for indoor-grown plants or getting the time right when planting outdoors.

Autoflower harvests

Besides auto-flowering within weeks, they mature fast. Unlike photoperiods that take up to five months, auto-flowering cannabis matures within three months or less after germination. Such a fast growth cycle means beginners will see results sooner. Such rewarding speed encourages and can motivate them to keep growing their own cannabis for an extended period.

Multiple harvests

The short life cycle does not just mean faster harvests. It also means you can cultivate multiple plants in a single season. You can stagger the planting season and enjoy multiple harvests, which means a continuous stream of cannabis yields. Moreover, it allows beginners to experiment because they won’t be worried about lacking the product between grows. You can experiment with different strains and growing techniques and, with multiple harvests, maintain enough cannabis supply while gaining more growing experience.

Compact plants

Whether you are growing cannabis indoors or outside, the size matters. If the plant grows taller than the fence or occupies a considerable indoor space, you can’t grow as many as you would like. This is not to mention the difficulty managing the plant, such as facilitating proper aeration, training, and pruning, among other measures.

Unlike photoperiod plants, auto-flowering cannabis tends to be compact. This means they are ideal for growers dealing with space constraints or those who aren’t well-versed in cannabis growing. You’ll have an easier time managing a plant that doesn’t grow past your knees, not to mention that you’ll enjoy privacy. The smaller size makes them discreet, meaning you can plant them outside or indoors without them sticking out. The stealth growth is a significant check for beginners looking to keep nosy neighbors off their backs.

Higher mistakes tolerance

Even the most detail-oriented beginners are prone to mistakes. This is more so considering all the content you’ve probably consumed and the constant fear that you’ll mess up. Autoflowering seeds are resilient to common mistakes such as light leaks, nutrient imbalance, overwatering, and temperature fluctuations.

Among the major worries for cannabis growers is the lighting, more so the perceived impact of light leaks. You could, for instance, forget to maintain the right schedule or accidentally expose the plants to more than needed lights, such as by leaving the closet door open. If you are growing outdoors, the plants can be impacted by lights such as from a nearby window, street lights, or security spotlights. Besides picking the light planting period to ensure the photoperiod plant gets enough light, you have to consider such environmental concerns, which can take a toll on your cannabis growing endeavors.

Checking cannabis autoflowers

Besides lighting, you also must pay attention to nutrient balance, watering, and temperature control. Without proper care, you could be frustrated by stunted growth or exposure to pests and diseases. It means you could barely get any yields or lose your batch altogether.

Autoflowering cannabis still needs care, but not as much as the photoperiods. They can tolerate considerable mistakes and grow without suffering significant damage. This way, you’ll enjoy more yields with minimal effort, providing a learning opportunity beginners need to thrive in their future quests.

Grows outdoors in most climates

Growing cannabis outdoors has notable advantages. For starters, it is more economical since it doesn’t demand an extensive setting. The yield also delivers complex aroma, flavor, and cannabinoid profiles. Nonetheless, growing outdoors can be challenging. First, you have to pick the right timing to ensure the photoperiod plants get enough light to flower. You also have to consider regional weather to ensure that other climatic conditions don’t impact their growth.

Such restrictions impact how often you can plant and harvest cannabis. It can cause considerable constraint that you still have to buy cannabis to supplement your yield. Auto-flowering plants eliminate this hiccup. The plants can tolerate harsh climates and don’t rely on external light to flower and start making buds.

Moreover, their fast life cycle means you don’t have to worry much about climatic fluctuations. If your region experiences a warm and sunny climate for at least three months at a time, you are good to grow auto-flowering cannabis outdoors. Such flexibility means you’ll enjoy multiple harvests around the year, ensuring your yields are well replenished.

The power of feminized auto-flowering cannabis

One concern many cannabis growers struggle to manage is male plants. You must be vigilant and eliminate the male plants whenever you spot them. If you don’t, chances of pollination are high, which means more male plants. This results in yields that don’t offer desired cannabinoid-rich buds. That’s why seed sellers can’t highlight enough that their seeds are 100% feminized.

Autoflowering feminized seeds guarantees that you’ll get female plants. It means you don’t have to be on the lookout for male plants or worry about pollination. Each plant will yield buds with high potency, providing the kick you desire as you grow your own cannabis.

Minimal training and pruning

Familiarizing yourself with cannabis training techniques like low-stress training (LST), fimming, and topping can be overwhelming yet essential. Such methods help improve cannabis yields and potency. Moreover, you have to manage other aspects like pruning. This can raise more questions and concerns. For instance, did you pick the right pruning time? Did you over or under-prune? Are your plants optimally trained?

Autoflowering cannabis doesn’t necessitate such pruning and training. You’ll have minimal work to do, considering their compact size and resilience. This means cultivation complexity is significantly reduced for beginners, facilitating a smooth and high-yield process.

Superior genetics

Traditionally, the ruderalis strain doesn’t offer much THC. That’s why auto-flowering seeds weren’t a big hit in the past. Home growers want a notable potency, which modern autoflowering seeds deliver. Forward-thinking marijuana breeders desired the auto-flowering mature, short life cycle, and climate tolerance showcased by the ruderalis subspecies. They crossed this strain with others, creating potent auto-flowering seeds available today.

Superior genetics can’t be emphasized enough for cannabis growers, whether beginners or experienced. It is the foundation stone that determines how well your grow will yield, even with the best care. That’s why beginners should grow auto-flower seeds, considering their superior genetics and ease of cultivation.

Recommendable auto-flowering strains

Have you heard enough to jump on the bandwagon? You are on the right course, but what auto-flowering cannabis seeds do you start with? Let’s look at some of the top selections to get you going.

Planet of the Grapes Auto – this strain by Ethos Genetics is among the most beginner-friendly auto-flowering cannabis seeds. It delivers more yields, potent buds, and a great aroma. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that this strain takes longer and often grows bigger. The cultivation ease and yields are worth the wait, though.

Dark Devil Auto – the sweet Seeds product is among the favorites among beginners looking for sweet-smelling buds. The sticky and vibrant purple buds are a joy to look at, too. The strain is easy to grow and provides potent yields.

Creme de la Chem Auto – if you are a beginner looking for a sweet scent, then this Mephisto Genetics sain is the go-to. Its sweet vanilla cream, excellent potency, and amazing scent make for a great yield. Like other auto-flowering seeds, the strain’s ease of cultivation guarantees more yields for beginners.

Cinderella Jack Auto – this is among the most potent auto-flowering cannabis strains. The Dutch Passion strain boasts beautiful and potent buds that are easy to grow in the toughest of climates.

Alaskan Purple Auto – the strain offers a strong and relaxing effect. The Seedsman’s strain is also among the easiest-to-grow options that deliver quick harvest time.

THC Bomb Auto – this strain by Bomb Seeds shows great versatility. It does well under diverse lights, is easy to grow, and yields highly potent buds. You can almost forget about the auto-flowering cannabis plant and still enjoy plenty of potent yields, making it a great option for busy beginners.

Forum Stomper Auto – This is another beginner-friendly strain by Mephisto Genetics that has excellent potency. It is ideal for consumers looking for a good kick and high yields.

Selecting the right cannabis strain takes more than looking at the fancy name and packaging. Digging a little deeper to establish their genetics helps. It ensures you pick a strain with the desired potency, growing ease, scent, and aroma. Above are only seven of the hundreds of auto-flowering cannabis available in today’s competitive market.

Growing cannabis at home continues to gain traction as more consumers realize the incredible recreational and medicinal benefits it offers. Whether you are a small-time beginner or looking to establish a huge cannabis grow area, it is evident that you need high-quality seeds to realize great yields.

As a beginner, you need a cannabis strain that won’t cause nightmares. You need a strain you can easily grow, learn, and improve your skills to take on more complex strains. Auto-flowering seeds should be your go-to, considering their less complicated growing and fast life cycle. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t assume the process will be a walk in the park. The seeds still require proper care, from watering, nutrient management, and pest and disease control to deliver optimal yield.

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