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Ed Rushford

Ed Rushford Ed Rushford’s impact on cannabis growing is undeniable. Though he tends to focus primarily on 2 areas, plant training techniques and dealing with disease, pests, and other problems, he has offered many insights into how cannabis plants live and grow. That’s not to say that Ed is unfamiliar with the complete life cycle of marijuana, from seed to harvest, but he uses his widespread knowledge to hone in on the minutia and niche areas of growing weed. 

Ed’s goal is to spread knowledge and allow for everyone to become better growers. While Ed has a particular penchant for the SCROG, Schwazzing and Mainlining techniques in his own garden, he has basically mastered every growing technique which has allowed him to choose the ones he personally favors. 

When it comes to pests and diseases, Ed draws on his own experiences as a novice grower way back in the day and builds upon his own learning curves to provide comprehensive guidance on dealing with plant problems in a pinch.

Who is Ed Rushford?

Ed Rushford is a prominent writer, hailing from Gary, Indiana. At 61 years old, he has spent a significant amount of his life writing about cannabis cultivation, with a particular focus on growing techniques, plant science, and plant problems. Along with his interest in biology, he is also an advocate for drug policy reform. Ed’s favorite book is An American Dream by Norman Mailer, his favorite film is Vertigo, and his favorite band is The Beatles, with their White Album being his top pick.

Early Life and Education

Ed attended Harvard University, where he pursued his passion for biology. It was during his time at Harvard that Ed became interested in cannabis cultivation. With his scientific background, he saw the potential for using his knowledge of biology to help improve the growing techniques and yield of cannabis plants. Ed quickly became a well-respected expert in the field, and his work has been widely published and cited.

Career in Cannabis

As a writer, Ed’s main focus is on educating readers about the intricacies of cannabis cultivation. He has written extensively on topics such as plant nutrition, pest management, and soil health. Ed’s writing style is engaging and accessible, making even the most complex topics easy for readers to understand.

One of the areas that Ed is particularly passionate about is plant science. He believes that understanding the biology of cannabis plants is key to achieving the best possible yield and potency. His articles often delve into the scientific principles behind plant growth, which allows growers to make more informed decisions about how to care for their plants.

Overall, Ed Rushford is a respected expert in the field of cannabis cultivation and a passionate advocate for drug policy reform. His writing is informative, engaging, and accessible, making him an invaluable resource for growers and enthusiasts alike.

Ed Rushford’s Other Interests

Ed is also an advocate for drug policy reform. He believes that the current laws around cannabis are outdated and harmful, and he has written extensively on the topic. Ed believes that legalizing cannabis would not only benefit growers and consumers but would also have positive effects on society as a whole.

In his personal life, Ed is an avid reader and movie buff. An American Dream by Norman Mailer is one of his all-time favorite books, and he has read it multiple times. Ed is particularly drawn to the novel’s exploration of the darker side of the American dream. His favorite film is Vertigo, which he admires for its complex characters and psychological themes.

Music is another one of Ed’s passions, and The Beatles are his favorite band. Their White Album holds a special place in his heart, and he loves the album’s eclectic mix of styles and genres. Ed is also a talented musician himself and enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time.

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We want to help you get your hands on the seeds you want, take 20% off your next purchase when you enter your email below!