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The Cereal Milk strain is here! Grow Cereal Milk seeds from Premium Cultivars and see why everyone is talking about this exotic new cannabis strain.





Cereal Milk Feminized Strain information


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Strain Type





30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

9 – 10 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


Premium Cultivars

21 reviews for Cereal Milk Feminized

  1. Aidan Taylor

    Excellent for many harvests each season, compact spaces, and new growers.

  2. Hayden Young

    Excellent , arrived on time. Additionally, every seed has sprouted. I appreciate Premium Cultivars hard work.

  3. Archie Jackson

    All seeds germinated as well and came considerably sooner than I expected. I was quite pleased with the flowers I got from these plants.

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The History of Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

The Cereal Milk strain is one of the newest hybrid cannabis on the market. Also, the Cereal Milk strain originated in California. Cereal Milk cannabis is a hybrid between Y Life, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, and Snowman, a Sativa-dominant Cookies phenotype.

How to Germinate Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

Although various techniques for sprouting cannabis strain seeds, not all produce the optimum germination rates. The environment must be conducive for Cereal Milk strain germination to be effective. Also, check the viability of the developing strain seeds before beginning the germination process. Furthermore, the paper towel method is simple because most essential items are available at home. To guarantee the successful germination of Cereal Milk strain seeds, you must follow the following measures:

  1. The first phase is ensuring that you have all the critical germination ingredients. Paper towels, Cereal Milk strain seeds, water, plates, and anything that might serve as a germination chamber, such as a drawer or cupboard, are required. You should also have enough water to guarantee germination.
  2. Put a paper towel on top of a dish. Next, position your Cereal strain seeds on a paper towel, leaving about an inch of space between each seed.
  3. After you have positioned the Cereal Milk strain seeds on the paper towel, surge them with water and wrap them with another towel.
  4. You should sprinkle more water on top until the paper towels are moist but not wet. Note that; excessive water consumption is more dangerous than good.
  5. Place another plate on top of your Cereal Milk strain seeds.
  6. Position the dishes in a dark, warm closet or drawer.
  7. Inspect your Cereal Milk cannabis seeds frequently, offering water as required since your seeds shouldn’t dry up or they will die.
  8. After three days, your Cereal Milk strain seeds should start to develop taproots.
  9. After proper germination, your Cereal Milk strain seeds are ready to be transferred to a growth medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Feminized cannabis seeds have rapidly superseded regular seeds as the favored kind in many regions. This is because these cannabis seeds have advantages over standard or traditional seeds. Moreover, picking between Feminized and regular seeds is a difficult task. Understanding the difference between Feminized and regular seeds is essential for selecting the best option for your garden. Stick to ordinary seeds if you’re an experienced cannabis grower. A Feminized seed produces more plants and is easier to work with. For beginners, stick to the Feminized strain seeds. Furthermore, a Feminized seed will yield larger, healthier, and stronger cannabis.

The primary advantage of feminized seeds is the fact that they are guaranteed to grow into female plants. When it comes to cannabis plants, they can either be male or female, with regular seeds it’s 50/50 but this is not the case with feminized seeds that will definitely grow into female plants. Male plants are essentially useless for most growers given that they do not blossom the same as females and do not bare buds. This means essentially you can’t harvest male plants. The only use for male plants is for breeding them with female plants to produce seeds.

Considering this, feminized Cereal Milk seeds are the way to go for growers looking to truly reap the rewards this strain can provide.

Growing Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

Cereal Milk strain is a limited-production strain with difficult-to-find seeds. If you get your hands on some Cereal Milk strain seeds, you may expect to have quite tall plants that reach 60-80 inches in a greenhouse and more than 90 inches in the open air.

Should I Grow Cereal Milk Strain Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

You can cultivate Cereal Milk strain indoors or outside.

Growing Cereal Milk Strain Seeds Indoors

Since Cereal Milk is a novel strain, few people have tried it. However, the strains take roughly 8 to 10 weeks to produce flowers.

Growing Cereal Milk Strain Seeds Outdoors

Cereal Milk may be temperamental outside, so if you get your hands on them, use them with caution.

How Much Do Cereal Milk Strain Seeds Yield?

How to Get Better Yields from your Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

An indoor yield between Cherry Pie and Cookies of 12 and 14 oz. per square meter is predicted. Additionally, expect over twelve oz. per plant outside if the output follows in the footsteps of its predecessors.

The Best Grow Medium for Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

Cookies and Cherry Pie are proven winners that thrive in soil and hydroponics, so Cereal Milk strain should also.

The Best Climate for Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

Outdoor cultivation of Cereal Milk strain seeds is perfectly fine, but keep an eye on the weather and temperature and only try if it appears that September will be warm.

Problems to Look Out For When Growing Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

It should not be susceptible to mold or mildew, although it is necessary for the health of these Cereal Milk strains. Heat stress is the most severe issue of Cereal Milk’s predecessors. The proper setup can adjust the temperature and minimize extra plant stress.

How Difficult is it to Grow Cereal Milk Strain Seeds?

Are Cereal Milk Strain Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Since Cereal Milk strain is relatively new, it is not recommended for novice growers.

The Best Grow Techniques for Cereal Milk Strain Seeds

Screen of Green

The Screen of Green approach, often known as SCROG, is a tactic for boosting cannabis yield per square foot. By instructing the plant’s branches to grow horizontally rather than vertically, the SCROG approach increases the number of flower nodes exposed to the light source. Also, SCROG is used in indoor growing operations to increase cannabis plant output. It should not be confused with Sea of Green or SOG. To increase the quality of the production, other SCROG strategies could be applied in outdoor growth operations.


Pruning is one of the most productive tactics for managing and guiding the growth of a cannabis plant. Pruning cannabis can help you control plant growth, induce lateral branching, delay blooming, and increase yield. It may seem strange to snip pieces of your Cereal Milk as it develops. Removing excessive growth may redirect the plant’s energy and resources toward creating high-quality flowers. While pruning is a pretty easy technique, it develops and becomes easier with practice.

Sea of Green

Because you don’t have to “top” the plants while growing with Sea Of Green, you’ll get bud sites quickly. The earlier the Cereal Milk buds grow, the more harvests you can get out of a year. SOG is a critical technique for cannabis firms or anybody whose goals rely on consistent harvests of huge yields to accelerate crop cycles. The benefit of cannabis cultivation using a SOG is that you may achieve significant returns as soon as possible. This strategy requires more Cereal Milk strain plants per square foot and a rapid vegetative stage.

Are there Similar Seeds to Cereal Milk Strain Seeds for Sale Online?

Comparable cannabis strains to Cereal Milk are LA Kush Cake, Pink Lemonade, Death Bubba, and High Octane.    

Where can I Buy Cereal Milk Strain Seeds?

 If you’re looking for a Cereal Milk strain, Premium Cultivars offers it online. Go to the website, check to see if what you need is available, and then place your order.

Premium Cultivars ships to numerous locations. We ship quickly using discreet packaging to ensure the cannabis seeds reach you safely and securely. Shipping is free provided you spend over $100 on seeds and we regularly offer discounts such as percentage off promotions, BOGO offers as well as introductory offers and numerous promo codes which you will receive if you subscribe to our email list.

You won’t find Cereal Milk seeds anywhere else to buy online. These feminized seeds are exclusive to Premium Cultivars – rest assured we have gone to great lengths to perfect our genetics and craft the perfect version of this exotic strain in seed form.

How do I Buy Cereal Milk Strain Seeds?

Premium Cultivars, a well-known cannabis seed bank, offers buyers high-yielding and fast flowering cannabis seeds. Cereal Milk strain seeds are available in packs of 6, 12, or 24. Also, Premium Cultivars sells these strain seeds in any state where the sale of cannabis seeds is permitted. Delivery is free on Cereal Milk strain orders of $100 or more. All prospective customers are encouraged to visit the website, browse the seeds, make online purchases, and pay using various payment options. You can buy with any commonly accepted debit or credit card.

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Product Reviews

21 reviews for Cereal Milk Feminized

  1. Aidan Taylor

    Excellent for many harvests each season, compact spaces, and new growers.

  2. Hayden Young

    Excellent , arrived on time. Additionally, every seed has sprouted. I appreciate Premium Cultivars hard work.

  3. Archie Jackson

    All seeds germinated as well and came considerably sooner than I expected. I was quite pleased with the flowers I got from these plants.

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