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The buds I got from these seeds are beyond compare. I will definitely be ordering from this seed bank again.

Jayden Ingram, Customer
The buds I got from these seeds are beyond compare. I will definitely be ordering from this seed bank again.

Jayden Ingram, Customer


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What is the Easy Growing Autoflower Mix Pack?

Premium Cultivars has just simplified your life with the Autoflower Mix Pack, which includes a varied selection of the best autoflowering strains. The Autoflower Mix Pack comprises Purple Lemonade Auto, Gorilla Glue #4 Auto, and White Widow Auto cannabis seeds. Get your hands on the greatest autos and fill the garden with various properties. With a selection of autoflowers that will not disappoint in terms of yields and speed, this Mix Pack is a wonderful method for growers of all abilities to explore top-notch strains while staying easy to cultivate and accessible to newbies.

You don’t need to set up distinct light cycles or separate grow rooms; these cannabis strains may be grown separately or together; regardless of your arrangement, you’re sure to enjoy some top-notch harvests. With the Autoflower Mix Pack, you can add surprises to your next grow cycle and make growing more enjoyable. Also, the Autoflower Mix Pack offers variety and value by including three cannabis strains and two sizes, with three seeds of each strain (9 total seeds) and six seeds of each cannabis strain (18 seeds in total). There’s something here for everyone!

Why should I buy the Autoflower Mix Pack?

Purple Lemonade Auto, Gorilla Glue #4 Auto, and White Widow Auto cannabis seeds are all included in the Autoflower Mix Pack. These three cannabis seeds for sale have one thing in common: they generate small and easy-to-grow crops. If you’re a beginner to producing cannabis yet want the best strains, this Mix Pack is for you! The Autoflower Mix Pack contains feminized seeds from strains that are acceptable to the majority of gardeners. The Autoflower Mix Pack cannabis seed includes:

  • 3 cannabis strains x 3 seeds each = $149 ($16.50 for each cannabis seed)
  • 3 cannabis strains x 6 seeds each = $249 ($13.83 for each cannabis seed).

What strains are included in the Autoflower Mix Pack?

The Autoflower Mix Pack has the following three cannabis seeds:

Purple Lemonade Auto

Purple Lemonade Auto seeds are Indica-dominant hybrids (70% Indica genetics and 30% Sativa genetics) created by crossing Purple and Citrus Cali genetics. Most gardeners grow this cannabis strain in a controlled environment where they may manipulate the elements that encourage its quick flowering. Purple Lemonade Auto strain seeds are usually available to harvest outside between late September and late October. This Auto strain produces lovely purple flowers with light green sugar leaves and rich orange pistils dispersed throughout. Additionally, this variety produces rose pink trichomes that give the blooms a wonderful pinkish color when harvested.

Purple Lemonade Auto plants may reach a height of 80-130 cm (approximately 3ft) and yield up to 550 gr/m2 inside and 300 g/plant outdoors. This strain produces thick side branches with numerous bud sites and long fan leaves, creating a striking contrast between the brilliant green stem, dark purple bud development, and deeper green and purple sugar leaves generating around the cannabis buds. A lovely strain with excellent internodal spacing and an ideal choice for farmers looking for colorful autoflowering strains.

Gorilla Glue #4 Auto

Gorilla Glue #4 Auto seeds come from a combination between the original Indica-dominant GG #4 and a ruderalis strain. Unlike photoperiod plants, they blossom automatically and do not respond to light schedule changes. Anticipate the same chunky, resin-oozing, cannabinoid-rich nugs that made the original Gorilla Glue strain famous, but much faster. Depending on the season, you may get more than two harvests each year with GG #4 Auto seeds. The GG#4 Auto strain seeds retain the award-winning attributes of their predecessor while generating more compact plants.

Their size makes them ideal for an indoor setting, but they’ll flourish outside as long as the weather cooperates. With these autoflowering seeds, you may easily generate bountiful yield after rich yield all year. GG #4 has a well-deserved reputation, having won several Cannabis Cups and other prizes, and these cannabis seeds are no exception. Gorilla Glue #4 Autoflower seeds are feminized, fast-growing, and forgiving, making them an ideal pick for both novices and experienced growers.

White Widow Auto

The White Widow Auto is a new hybrid of a famous Dutch strain, White Widow, which is considered a great classic strain by most smokers and breeders. Also, the White Widow Auto is a highly steady and stable plant that grows well in any technique. Depending on circumstances, it produces roughly 190-240g/plant, which is fairly impressive for an autoflowering strain. Indoor gardeners will have the same luck, with up to 450g/m2 yields. These autoflowering cannabis strains are the greatest hope for a profitable harvest for many outdoor gardeners in northern regions. Experts advocate growing this hybrid strain outside till late in the year since it can tolerate colder and wetter areas and will produce well throughout the hot summer months.

Can I grow multiple cannabis strains at the same time?

Yes, multiple strains can be produced effectively in the same location to offer you a wide range of cannabis buds. It is quite possible to properly produce many strains of cannabis in the same tent or area by making the necessary preparations: obtaining the suitable cannabis seeds and utilizing more effective growing techniques. Furthermore, you can cultivate numerous strains together if you’re mindful of the necessities of each cannabis and attend to them during the development phase. Here are three main benefits of producing numerous strains at the same time:

  1. You harvest a variety of cannabis strains: This is the primary benefit. Since they are grown together, you’ll have a range of cannabis strains to choose from when it comes time to have your buds. You can select the ideal strain for your current needs, whether you like Sativa or Indica genetics.
  2. Enhances your gardening skills: Each cannabis strain has unique needs. If you produce one variety, you will become an expert in that strain and may miss out on crucial information about other strains. You may develop your knowledge and talents by producing a range of cannabis genotypes, increasing your chances of future successful harvests.
  3. It increases the likelihood of a successful harvest: If you pick a single strain, you must stick with it. It might be unproductive, mold-prone, or you dislike the effects or flavor. In any case, producing many strains simultaneously minimizes the probability that you’ll be unsatisfied with all of them.

Training techniques to help you grow the Autoflower Mix Pack

Outdoor cannabis farmers may allow their plants to develop naturally. However, indoor cannabis gardeners may need to use cannabis plant training for various reasons, like keeping a tall plant at a more manageable height. Alternatively, they may choose to do so to maximize their production. Here are three cannabis plant training strategies that can aid you in getting the most out of your Autoflower Mix Pack:


Supercropping is more difficult to learn, but if you want to cultivate Sativa, it’s a useful skill to perform. The secret to supercropping your cannabis plants is selecting still green stems rather than ones made primarily of wood. Then, grasp the stem firmly and twist it between your fingers to free the interior cannabis tissue. Also, bend the cannabis stem once the interior has been sufficiently damaged to make it bendable.

The primary concept here is to make a flat, rectangular form. Supercropping is an excellent method for reducing plant height and promoting even growth. Although the goal of cannabis supercropping is to bend the stem without hurting the crop’s outer skin, don’t be surprised if you end up cutting it. Leave it secured with duct tape and your cannabis plant will most likely heal itself nicely.


Cannabis defoliation is another “handle with caution” growing training technique. The basic concept is straightforward: you remove the fan leaves to maximize light exposure for the emerging buds. The objective is to do this at the correct time and to the proper extent: you only defoliate immediately before the flowering phase. And once or twice during the flowering stretch phase, when the plant is growing at its fastest. During this time, remove the fan leaves, preventing the cannabis buds from obtaining the full advantage of the grow lights. You then leave it till harvest period.

Moreover, only eliminate extra fan leaves before harvest if it is a must. The fan leaves can then be removed as part of the pruning procedure just before harvest. Defoliation is the only HST plant training approach that can be performed safely with autoflowers. This strategy can enhance airflow and light penetration, resulting in larger, healthier plants. However, it is critical not to over-defoliate and pluck no more than 10% of the leaves at a time, beginning with any that are dead or appear unhealthy.


Fimming is a high-stress training (HST) method for increasing a cannabis plant’s production. The key difference between it and topping is how much of the plant is removed. Topping involves removing the whole top of the central stem above the fourth node, resulting in two apex stems sprouting instead of one. Similarly, while cannabis fimming, you chop the top of the primary stem but only take 75%, leaving the other 25% as a little stem’s tuft.

The name ‘FIM’ is an anacronym for ‘f*ck I missed,’ which refers to how it resembles an improperly topped cannabis plant. The tuft of the remaining stem expands into four new shoots instead of one, resulting in many bud sites. Begin fimming when the cannabis plant has 4-6 nodes in the early vegetative phase. At this point, your plants will be strong enough to withstand some stress while still having plenty of time to recover and develop before blossoming.

Other things to consider when growing the Autoflower Mix Pack

Cultivators may cultivate the Autoflower Mix Pack either inside or outdoors. Growers can regulate variables like temperature and humidity, a big advantage of indoor cannabis growth. Thus, you may avoid some of the issues connected with outdoor setting, like bad weather. Another significant advantage of growing cannabis indoors is the capacity to grow all year. You can enjoy numerous cannabis harvests yearly since you do not have to wait for a growing season. With 3-4 harvests per year, you can significantly outperform the restricted profits associated with outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis has been grown outdoors for tens of thousands of years and has adapted flawlessly to its ideal climate. Although cannabis plants are prone to pests and disease when grown outdoors, they receive assistance from natural sources. Ants, ladybugs, and wasps are all predators of mites and other pests that may wreak havoc on an outdoor crop. Certain cannabis strains may develop to gigantic sizes, thus inappropriate for indoor cultivation due to space requirements. Crops cultivated outside have a longer gestation period and entirely depend on their natural life cycle. As a result, you may only be able to harvest your crop once every year.

All seeds in the Autoflower Mix Pack are HpLVD Free

The Autoflower Mix Pack has HpLVD-free cannabis seeds. Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVD) is a crop pathogen that leads to plant stunting or dudding, sometimes known as “Dudding disease.” Since viroids do not create symptoms, they can live unnoticed for years and propagate to new plants when grown alongside ill ones. If you notice the indicators and suspect your cannabis plants are infected with HpLVD, the initial step is conducting a screening test. It will either confirm or debunk your suspicions.

If the viroids test positive, eliminate any impacted cannabis and plants in contact with the ill plant and, if necessary, screen them for viroid contamination. Also, after you’ve determined that all of your crops are infected with HpLVD, you can go on to tissue culture. This is a technique of cultivating disease-free crops that requires certain chemicals to kill the virus while also improving your Autoflower Mix Pack cannabis seeds yield.

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  2. The plants grew fast, strong and healthy. I’m so glad I found this seed bank!

  3. The buds I got from these seeds are beyond compare. I will definitely be ordering from this seed bank again.

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