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Runtz Family Seeds

So you’ve met the classic Runtz but now it is time to meet the rest of the family. Runtz seeds have expanded into exciting new territories with strains like Cherry Runtz, Obama Runtz, White and Black Runtz poised to take over the game!

The Runtz seeds were created in early 2018, making them a unique type of cannabis. This hybrid strain is from Los Angeles, and it wasn’t easy to locate outside Southern California until 2020.

What are Runtz seeds?

If you’ve been around the marijuana scene for a while, you’ve probably heard about Runtz. Also, if you’re new to cannabis, Runtz is a strain you’ll listen to much as time goes on. The Runtz marijuana strain is an uncommon and distinctive strain with several varieties – yet it is not the most widely accessible strain.

Why grow Runtz seeds?

If you’re thinking about growing your own marijuana, you can start immediately by ordering some of the new Runtz strain seeds. Growing the Runtz marijuana strain is probably not the greatest option for inexperienced growers. This plant grows swiftly and may expand in size quickly during the flowering period; therefore, it takes a somewhat skillful hand. The Runtz strain is noted for its exceptionally rich colas and stratospheric resin production, which may reach up to 19%. It is feasible to grow high-quality cannabis using the proper procedures, such as topping and trellis netting.

When it comes to growing, both indoor and outdoor approaches are viable options. Each choice can provide you with really high harvests. The Runtz marijuana strain may produce up to 18 oz per plant outside and 16 oz inside. Using a trellis net for the latter considerably increases your yield. Outside plants often reach a height of 5’9 ft, but inside plants are only approximately 4’5 ft tall. Blooming takes around 70 days, and harvesting takes about 80 days after flowering begins. The excellent news is that Runtz seeds for sale can grow in various environments. If you want the biggest yield possible, you should grow it outside. It does, however, thrive inside.

What are the best Runtz Strains?

White Runtz

White Runtz seeds are presently one of the most popular cannabis strains in California. Breeders generated these Feminized seeds by mixing the well-known and exceptional Zkittlez with the resinous Gelato. The result was hybrid seeds with a distinct terpene profile and delicious scents. White Runtz seeds are quite popular in the cannabis industry. These hybrids with a slight Indica dominance are ideal. White Runtz seeds offer a virtually flawless 50/50 Indica-Sativa genetic makeup. White Runtz seeds are quite simple to produce, making them challenging for inexperienced growers. To minimize mold infection, growers must maintain the seeds clipped during the vegetative cycle. Additionally, White Runtz Feminized seeds are often adaptable and may be grown indoors and outdoors.

Cherry Runtz

The Cherry Runtz strain is widely thought to have originated in Los Angeles. Cherry Runtz is a well-known and award-winning cannabis hybrid strain. Cherry Runtz is made from the best original Cherry Pie and Runtz (a unique type of cannabis strain). Additionally, Cherry Runtz strains produce phenotypes that have characteristics from both parents’ strains. Cherry Runtz marijuana strains are well-known for generating nugs with dense resin coats. When cultivated inside and outdoors, this cannabis strain may reach medium heights of 60-80 cm. Also, Cherry Runtz has an indoor flowering time of 7-9 weeks.

Space Runtz

The Space Runtz strain’s roots may be traced to the laboratory that created the TGA subcool seeds. They combined Cotton Candy with Space Candy to produce a one-of-a-kind cannabis strain. Pre-germinated procedures like soaking may be beneficial if you’re cultivating Space Runtz and want faster development and larger harvests. By using a low-stress training method, Space Runtz Feminized seeds may be prevented from becoming hermaphrodites. The Space Runtz strain’s branches and stems can withstand wind, making these plants hardy. They are resistant to the impacts of severe weather and high humidity.

Additionally, they are extremely resistant to typical garden pests. Organic soil can help you obtain better outcomes whether you’re growing inside or outside. However, make sure it receives enough fresh air and sunlight. After germination, Space Runtz seeds often blossom 9-10 weeks later.

Obama Runtz

Obama Runtz seeds are among the finest available. As the Obama Runtz strain rises, it’s a good idea to get in on the ground floor and acquire some Obama Runtz now to start cultivating. The Obama Runtz cannabis strain is rapidly gaining popularity, and it is swiftly becoming one of the most in-demand strains on the current cannabis market. Obama Runtz seeds are claimed to be an east coast cultivar that first surfaced in mid-2020 and is a cross between OG Kush and Afghani. This strain contains lengthy, grape-shaped green nugs that are neon green. Its dense orange hairs and covering of transparent clean trichomes that drip with sticky resin will appeal to you.

Purple Runtz

Purple Runtz, sometimes known as “Purple Runts,” is a cannabis hybrid formed by crossing Gelato #33 with Zkittlez. Purple Runtz is a lovely cannabis strain that can be grown inside or outdoors, depending on your tastes. Furthermore, no matter what cannabis cultivation method you utilize, producing Purple Runtz is simple. Purple Runtz has dense grape-shaped neon green nugs with solid orange hairs, bright purple overtones, and a frosty, thick layer of small, purple-tinted white crystal trichomes. Purple Runtz seeds grow well indoors. On average, Purple Runtz seeds should be ready to harvest in 7-9 weeks. Many gardeners, however, prefer to grow this unusual plant in a controlled environment where they can regulate the factors that favor its quick flowering time.

What Makes our Runtz seeds special?


Stability in Runtz marijuana strain is defined as high levels of regularity and predictability in stable strains. Individual plant traits vary just slightly. Stable Runtz seeds are easier to forecast regarding future features, even when they are simply seeds. Genetic stability enables favorable cannabis features in strains to be stable over generations. The desired characteristics can become dominant, increasing the likelihood of their continuous presence. Growers can breed out unwanted features in strain genotypes over time.

Superb Mother Plants

A mother plant is a plant from which young cannabis clones are created. Cultivators carefully select cannabis mother plants because they have particularly advantageous characteristics, such as the ability to produce large yields, disease resistance, the ability to thrive in a specific growing environment (such as indoors or in a greenhouse), or the quality, quantity, and effect of the flowers they produce. Cannabis mother plants are often robust, vigorous plants kept in a vegetative condition to generate cuttings that grow and develop swiftly.


The success of Feminized cannabis seeds is dependent on their stability and dependability. Every feminized seed is hand-selected to assure success, generating stable and uniform plants that do not exhibit a range of features but are loyal to their genetic background, producing top-quality cannabis buds with the attributes you prefer. Premium cultivars’ feminized seeds are shipped in super-stealth packaging and are guaranteed to arrive in excellent, pristine condition, ready for germination, with a delivery guarantee.

HpLVD Free

Runtz seeds for sale are HpLVD-free. While HpLVd is a relatively recent illness, it has been and is still being investigated in Hops and Cannabis to minimize its transmission. According to current studies, the disease is disseminated mostly by contaminated propagation material. In unsanitary cultivation locations, instruments like pruning shears or gloves can spread viroid infection through direct contact with plant wounds. Researchers also observe that there is not a significant transfer rate in seed production. According to a certain study, HpLVd can be spread by seed at a rate of around 8%.

What Training Techniques to use with Runtz Seeds


Topping a cannabis plant is a common method for increasing the number of top colas or the large buds that develop at the top of the pot plant. Topping a cannabis plant is cutting off the main stalk at the top, just below the main crown cola, before it grows. The goal of topping a cannabis plant is to improve its pot yield rather than decrease it. This is because, in general, cutting the main stalk at the top before blooming begins should increase the number of nodes where branches and buds develop, thereby dividing the main stalk in two.


Trellising cannabis plants is the most effective method for producing huge harvests of high-quality flowers. Trellising allows you to train the plants in the appropriate direction while preventing them from growing into one other and forcing them to grow outward. Whether you are growing a few cannabis plants at home or launching a commercial enterprise, most growers aim to create as much bud as possible. Growers achieve this common aim by using the most successful genetics, careful use of nutrients and watering practices, and meticulous pruning and topping of plants. Trellising is a great strategy for ensuring that all bud sites receive light, resulting in an equal canopy and giving your plants structure.


Low-stress training, or LST, is a must-know technique for gardeners aiming to boost yields while making the most of limited growing Space. This is one of two forms of plant training available, and it is a preferable strategy for beginning gardeners or those who want to alter how their plants grow. Whether you’re growing inside or outdoors, you may use this method for your next grow and marvel as you control the growth of your plants while improving yields per plant.

How do you buy Runtz Seeds?

Acquiring Runtz seeds for sale might be difficult since you can’t be sure the merchant is providing high-yielding seeds. Premium Cultivars, an online seller of autoflowering and Feminized seeds, is the finest site to get Runtz marijuana. Depending on your budget, you may buy Runtz seeds in packs of 6, 12, 24, or bulk. Premium Cultivars will mail these strain seeds to any state that allows cannabis seed sales. Orders of Runts seeds worth more than $100 qualify for free delivery. Furthermore, all prospective clients are urged to visit the website, search for Runts seeds, make online purchases, and pay with a credit card.

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