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The Best Weed Strains of 2023

best weed strains 2023

Cannabis cultivation is an art and a science, and selecting the right strain for your grow operation can make a big difference in the quality and quantity of your harvest. The quality of the 2023 cannabis seed strains enhances the world’s genetic quality further, raising the bar. Read ahead to discover nine cannabis strains to try in 2023. From exotic to fast-flowering and beginner-friendly cannabis seeds, there’s something for everyone on this list.


The Mochi strain was originally created by Sherbinskis, a San Francisco-based breeder under renowned Cookie Fam Genetics, by combining Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Mochi strains’ exceptionally strong GSC lineage generates a plant with Indica-dominant traits. It is modest in size, with short, bushy leaves and a dense cluster of big buds. These colorful jade and magenta nugs emerge from a beautiful blend of red and orange pistils and are finished with glittering trichomes.

mochi strain

Mochi strain production will be high whether grown inside or outdoors. It is inherently resilient and will grow in the correct circumstances, providing you with plentiful numbers of buds come harvest. It will also produce short plants that bush out more than they extend, similar to an ordinary Indica. Mochi seeds thrive in warm, sunny settings, which may be readily replicated for indoor cultivation. Pruning overgrowth and training techniques will assist each Mochi plant in generating the highest quality bloom and can even increase yield.


The Sherblato cannabis strain has a long history that includes some of the cannabis industry’s biggest names. Sherblato is a hybrid strain created by combining Sherbert and Gelato. The Sherblato strain is one of the simplest to grow. Sherblato can be grown inside, outdoors, and in a greenhouse, but it will require training and topping. It develops to a medium height and produces good harvests. Also, maintain airflow between its branches by pruning it regularly. Growing the plants laterally will reduce space while also improving light exposure and ventilation. The plant may reach a height of 5-7 feet, with dark, moss-green leaves and little, popcorn-shaped buds.

sherblato strain

Sherblato is most likely attracted to a Mediterranean environment with higher temperatures and moderate humidity. The Sherblato may also thrive in warm, sunny settings, although cooler areas can still generate strong harvests throughout summer. It is critical to place your cannabis plants in pots so that they may be easily relocated during significant temperature decreases. The buds are forest green with light orange pistils and touches of violet and amethyst, and they are coated in a layer of crystalline trichomes that virtually mirror the purple colors. You are urged to reduce the temperature during the early flowering period to bring out the purple hues even more. Generally, the better you are at supplying perfect circumstances, the higher your yields.


Gruntz is an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid from an unknown breeder that is a cross of Zkittlez and Gelato. Gruntz has classic Indica growth traits, with short, thick bushes that might benefit significantly from the SCROG approach. The Gruntz cannabis strain yields brilliant green, exquisitely carved nuggets that dazzle as light bounces off the trichomes that coat every curve and shape of these colossal blooms. The Gruntz strain also grows to a medium height of 60-80 inches indoors (outside gardeners might expect higher results).

gruntz strain

In addition, outdoor growers need to live in a sunny and warm Mediterranean-type climate, as the Gruntz strain prefers warm nights and hot days. It enjoys warm, humid situations with good ventilation and airflow. Despite its medium-height, stocky cannabis plants, Gruntz produces a significant number of blooms, making it a good yielder. Outdoor plant yields can range between 14 and 18 oz per plant, while indoor yields range between 1.3 and 1.48 oz per square foot. This strain’s typical flowering duration is similar to that of its parent strain, with a 7-9 week (49-63 day) blooming time and a mid-October harvest for outdoor growers.


The Pancakes strain is a hybrid originally developed by Cookies and Seed Junkie Genetics. It is a little Indica-dominant hybrid strain (60% Indica/40% Sativa) produced by crossing the potent London Pound Cake and Kush Mints. This hybrid strain leans more towards the Indica side, with thick buds densely covered in fuzzy-amber trichomes and bushy areas of orange pistils. The slender forest-green leaves are covered beneath yet noticeable in some spots. Pancakes is an excellent strain for both rookie and experienced growers looking for high yields without the hassle. Despite its ease of development, it yields thick and resinous buds that are likely to impress even the most seasoned growers.

pancakes strain

The Pancakes strain’s modest size makes it an ideal alternative for individuals with limited room. Despite its small stature, it may generate significant yields, with indoor yields reaching up to 500g/m2 and outdoor yields reaching up to 600g/plant. Another advantage of cultivating Pancakes cannabis seeds is their fast flowering time. These cannabis strain seeds flower in 8-9 weeks, which is rather quick when compared to many other strains. This implies that growers may have a rather short turnaround, both indoors and out. As it is a bushy plant, you are required to prune and train it often to ensure all parts obtain enough light, airflow, and nutrients. The great news is that it is resistant to pests and diseases.

Pure Michigan

Pure Michigan is an exotic weed strain that is an Indica dominant hybrid (70% Indica/30% Sativa) produced by crossing the strong Oreoz F2. Bred by ThugPug Genetics and 3rd Coast Genetics, Pure Michigan produces small plants with wide leaves due to its Indica background. Pure Michigan thrives in various conditions due to its sturdy characteristics. Its small size makes it a popular choice for gardeners who have little space to plant cannabis. Pure Michigan typically blooms between 56 and 63 days inside and by early October outdoors. Pure Michigan begins as a deep green color, and the plants develop orange and purple hues during late blooming.

pure michigan strain

Pure Michigan has an exceptionally Indica growth pattern. The plants are modest in height but exceedingly bushy due to vigorous lateral growth and tight branching. While its canopy needs constant defoliation to allow appropriate light penetration, its form lends itself to covert growth activities. This strain develops thick and compact colas filled with sugar leaves in terms of floral structure. Conversely, Pure Michigan will yield bigger but more airy blossoms under certain growth circumstances. Despite being larger, they are less thick and appear less striking after pruning and drying.

Bacio Gelato

Bacio Gelato is an evenly balanced hybrid cannabis strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) developed by combining Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint. Bacio Gelato buds contain compact, thick, spade-shaped olive green nugs with dark purple overtones, vibrant orange hairs, and white crystal trichomes with a coating of purple. Bacio Gelato strain is ideal for beginners because of its ease of cultivation. The plant may be cultivated both inside and outdoors, and it blooms in 45-50 days. It can develop to a height of 30 inches. The flowering stage is 56-60 days for indoor and light-deprived greenhouses. Indoor growers should also keep the daytime temperature between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

bacio gelato strain

Outdoor harvests may be anticipated in most Northern temperate climates from early to mid-October. Bacio Gelato produces bushy-shaped plants, maintained by strong side branching, and has large, Indica-like leaves. Thick, homogenous bud sites form in the top layer, eventually forming a thick coating of resin by the end of blooming. Bacio Gelato can accommodate any climatic or environmental circumstances. A fertilizer-rich diet with low nitrogen levels will adequately fulfill its metabolic needs. Manicuring the top layers’ fan leaves during the first, third, and sixth weeks of blooming will increase deeper light penetration and the formation of bud sites all over the plant. In addition, the secondary and third levels require minimal pruning.

Slapz Strain

The Slapz strain is an appealing hybrid strain created by crossing the wonderful Runtz and Grease Monkey strains, with a 60% Indica/40% Sativa ratio. Slapz buds contain thick, rounded, dark olive green nugs with deep blue overtones, thin amber hair, and a layer of tiny, blue-tinted white crystal trichomes. This strain is remarkably resilient and easy to grow. As long as the producerwer is prepared for some large plants, even a moderate Slapz strain can provide plenty of beautiful buds. Slapz flowers between 56 and 63 days inside and late September and early October outdoors. In optimum conditions, it is known to generate high yields.

slapz strain

The Slapz strain grows as thin and strong as its Cookies predecessors. If you intend to cultivate Slapz cannabis seeds indoors, SCROG and SOG are also fantastic choices. Its lateral branching isn’t very noticeable, but it responds well to apical pruning and thrives in a variety of conditions and substrates, from rock wool to pure hydroponic systems. Additionally, it is a high-yielding plant, with Slapz yields reaching up to 700g per m/2 inside or 1200g per plant when produced outside.

Gator Breath

The Gator Breath strain is a potent hybrid cannabis strain created by mixing Motorbreath with a unique Triangle Kush phenotype. The buds of Gator Breath are fluffy spherical forest green nugs with thin pale orange hairs and a covering of small, milky white crystal trichomes. Growers that have already experienced a few successful harvests will like the Gator Breath strain. It’s a medium-sized plant that grows well both inside and outdoors. The most difficult problem is keeping pests away from the thick foliage. You’ll get wonderful harvests with less stress if you use some easy low-stress training to spread out the branches.

Gator Breath seeds

The Gator Breath strain prefers sunny, humid conditions. This produces excellent results both outside and in crowded interior environments. Lollipopping the branches can help keep pests at bay without overstressing the plants. It is rarely done because more high-stress training might extend the already lengthy developing phase. When growing Gator Breath seeds outdoors, choose the best date for your crop and a place where plants can receive the most hours of sunshine. Indoor plants yield roughly 14 ounces per square yard under ideal conditions. Outdoors, a good harvest yields 14-16 ounces per plant.

Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter strain, often known as “Apple Fritters,” is an exotic, evenly balanced hybrid strain established by crossing the famous Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. The first parent strain, Sour Apple, is a cross of Cinderella 99 and Sour Diesel. Conversely, Animal Cookies is a cross of Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies. Apple Fritter buds contain spade-shaped dark olive green nugs with deep purple overtones, vibrant orange hairs, and a coating of small white crystal trichomes. When cultivated inside, an Apple Fritter plant will blossom in 8-10 weeks on average, but outdoor plants will take 9-11 weeks before harvesting.

Apple Fritter seeds

Indoor gardeners should expect yields of up to 500g/m2 on average, whereas outdoor farmers can expect yields of 600g/plant. The Apple Fritter strain grows best in warm regions with abundant sunshine, humidity levels between 40-60%, and temperatures between 21-29°C. It also requires well-aerated soil with sufficient drainage. Ensure your plants have enough ventilation and space between them as they develop so they may achieve their full potential without fighting for resources.

Moreover, experts advocate growing Apple Fritter in larger pots to create larger plants (space allowed) and employing a mix of LST, defoliation, pruning, and super cropping to open up the heavy canopy and maximize light penetration. The plant will begin to generate thick, trichome-covered buds during the flowering stage. During this stage, monitoring the plant’s nutrient intake and water levels is critical to guarantee healthy growth and development.

Honorable mentions

Naturally, we take no pleasure in not being able to include some of the fire strains on our site in this years list but it is, nonetheless, an honor for us to sell these seeds.

First up is one everyone is talking about already and that’s the Jealousy strain. We dropped our Jealousy seeds last year and it’s been one of our best sellers ever since. The only reason we didn’t put it on this list is because most of you already know about this one.

It might have a funny name but, Coochie Runtz is no joke – this is one of our favorite Runtz strains in a while.

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