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1. Cannabis Outdoor Grow Calendar

Beginner outdoor gardeners should learn how to use a grow cannabis calendar right away. Your cannabis harvests are dependent on environmental factors you have little control over when you use nature as your grow room.

As a farmer, it is essential to be aware of general trends to reap large harvests. For instance, do you have outdoor cannabis grow calendar? When do you need to start germinating your seeds? When do you convert from nitrogen-rich vegging solutions to phosphorus-rich blooming solutions, and when are your plants ready for harvest?

Unfortunately, nature isn’t always predictable. When it comes to cultivating cannabis outdoors, there is no one-size-fits-all schedule. Even if you don’t know the specifics, you may understand the broad principles and put them into action, giving you more influence over the whole process. Having a growing cannabis outdoor calendar can come in handy.

What is the purpose of the cannabis grow calendar?

Cannabis is a perennial plant that repeats itself year after year. The cannabis grow calendar outlines what to anticipate each month in the United States.

Despite its size, the United States of America has a wide range of climates. The best time to grow cannabis outside depends on several factors, including weather, soil conditions, and other environmental factors. The key to a successful growing endeavor is knowing your location inside and out.

We have chosen to divide our growing season into two separate calendars. The northern US states are the focus of one, while the southern states focus on the other.

Cannabis cultivation takes up just about half of the year on a calendar basis. A typical cannabis growing season would begin in April and conclude in October when you harvest your colas and call it a day.

As early as January and February, there is a lot of preparatory work that you can do. Before the soil freezes, the cooler months of the year are great for cleaning your garden of excess material and maintaining it.

It’s important to note that these guidelines aren’t universal. You will have to think about the demands of various cannabis strains and the requirements of different cannabis families. Consider these recommendations using data from the northern and southern United States and the typical characteristics of an ordinary cannabis plant.

Outdoor grow cannabis calendar for the northern USA

In the northern hemisphere, the optimal period to sow cannabis outdoors isn’t until April (or mid-May in some cases). There is a lot of work to be done in advance to ensure that the harvest is a success. Remember, the outdoor grow calendar can only cover so much.

The best time of year to plant cannabis in the northern United States

What is the best time of year to grow cannabis in the garden? You should be able to produce your seeds outdoors in April if you are using CFL lights to sprout them under regulated circumstances. Temperatures have risen to the mid-50s throughout the day as the days become longer.

Outdoor flowering time in northern states

When does flowering start outdoor in California? June and July are the optimum months for new plants in the North to mature, depending on the strain. Autoflowering plants begin producing pistils sooner than photoperiod plants, which do so in July.

Cannabis growing outdoors
Cannabis growing outdoors on a sunny day

So, how long is flowering stage outdoors? Autoflowers’ blossoming period is relatively short, lasting just a few weeks in the open air. But, when do outdoor plants flower? August is a good time to anticipate your non-photoperiod herbs to be fully bud-filled.

When grown outdoors, photoperiods take a little longer to produce completely mature colas and coat them in sticky resin than indoor plants do. During the three months from July to October, they bloom. In late September and early October, specific cultivars are suitable for harvest. A September outdoor grow guide should help you approach the harvesting period like an expert.

How long does it take for northern states to harvest outdoor cannabis?

Only a portion of the decision-making process is based on the cannabis grow calendar. To minimize cold stress, budding, and a general decrease in quality, don’t wait until mid-October, but consider these three factors:

  • Is the weather still pleasant? Flowering crops can tolerate temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit for a limited period.
  • Have you considered the timing of the blossoming season in your area? The maturation period for most varieties ranges from six to twelve weeks. Even if it’s freezing outside, try to get them to the lowest temperature.
  • Have you seen how the colas are shaping up? Gather them if they’ve become too large and sticky.

The Southern United States outdoor grow calendar

Southern US growers, when is the most fantastic time of year to produce cannabis in the region? How big of a difference is there between the two climates? Hawaii and the southern United States are much warmer than the northern United States. The days are longer, the temperatures are more significant, and the humidity is lower.

When is the best time of year to plant cannabis in the southern states?

Unless you are growing autoflower seeds, it’s best to start your seeds indoors in March in the southern US. If so, you will have to wait until April. This is when a cannabis growing calendar comes to your rescue.

When is the best time of year to cultivate cannabis outside in the South? Moving your seedling pots to windowsills or your patio during April, when there are 13 hours of daylight per day, is excellent. Wait until April’s end in Hawaii and the Southwest if you want to do this early. Growing cannabis outdoors in April has always been an excellent idea.

Flowering season in the southern United States

In late June and early July, your plants stop growing and concentrate on producing colas instead of flowering. So, when does flowering start outdoor in Oregon? End-of-June is the time of year when photoperiod and non-photoperiod cannabis begin to show signs of developing pistils.

Due to the earlier initiation of the flowering process, outdoor cannabis flowering takes a little longer in the South. Although you will be able to harvest plants with shorter lifecycles sooner, some take up to four months to bloom.

Your autoflowering plants, on the other hand, will be bursting with buds by the end of July. Around the middle of August, they are ready for picking. An outdoor Michigan grow journal should give you all the flowering information you need.

When to harvest outdoor cannabis in southern states

To have a good crop, knowing when to sow outdoor cannabis is critical in the North; however, this is less of a concern in the South. As late as the end of October, harvesting is possible. It is a little more humid, but the temperature is still warm enough to keep your crops from suffering.

Ensuring successful cultivation all year

You now know how the climate differs from the North to the South of the United States. You are also well-versed in the effects of these alterations on your cannabis. Congratulations, you have a good information base for your outdoor cultivating endeavor.

It is important to note that this cannabis growing calendar is relatively broad. It’s still a matter of personal preference for when to grow cannabis and when to harvest it from the garden, and it’s all dependent on where you live. Also, how long does pre-flowering last outdoors? All these are aspects you have to consider.

For the most part, the timeframe will be the same whether you’re growing sativa, indica or ruderalis, however, these different species will suit different climates better.

Use the best cannabis seeds to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Get growing for full jars of the best cannabis and choose a strain that matches your environment. 

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