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Choosing the Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

Best LED grow lights for cannabis

Importance of Grow Lights

If you decide to start growing cannabis indoors, one major step you need to take to complete the setup is getting the best LED grow lights for cannabis. Cannabis plants require different light wavelengths for photosynthesis – the process by which plants make their own food. They use blue light to support growth and leaf formation and red light for stemming and flowering.

Outside, the sun provides these wavelengths at different times of the day to ensure the continued growth of your crop. However, in an indoor setup, you must provide both the lights and the wavelength changes artificially. You can do this by using LED lights for cannabis, which emulate sunlight. Good quality LED lights for growing pot contain many diodes that can be adjusted to provide both blue and red light as the day progresses so that your plants grow as they would outside.

Why Use LED Grow Lights for Cannabis?


While they are only now gaining traction in the cannabis world, LED grow lights for cannabis are the most effective grow light available to cannabis growers today. The moderate 75 percent more power than regular grow lights and, in turn, keep your power consumption low and your power bills affordable.

Less Heat

Some of the Best LEDs for cannabis are popular for their ability to produce very low levels of heat. Because they have a significantly lower heat output, you don’t need to use fans and ventilators to maintain low temperatures in your grow room. You also don’t need to worry about fires as you would if you had HID lights. Even better, LED lights feel cool to the touch even after hours of running.

More Durable

Many growers pick the LED cannabis light option for durability. Usually, the durability can be attributed to LED lights’ lack of filaments to burn. An LED light can give you over 50,000 to 60,000 hours of light, which is impressive compared to the 2000-3000 hour-lifespan of HID lights.


Another reason to get a Cannabis LED grow light is that they are smaller than regular lights and tend to take up less space in your growing room, allowing your plants to thrive.

Potential Drawbacks of Using LEDs

As with any other type of grow light, LED lights can present some drawbacks:

High Upfront Costs

LED grow lights for cannabis, for instance, tend to come with high upfront costs (buying the lights, setup, etc.). That said, they are cheaper than other options over time, thanks to their durability. Find out how much does growing cannabis cost in electricity before choosing your lights.

Power Management 

Another drawback of LED cannabis grow lights is that they require more precise power and heat management than HID lights.

Cannabis under LED light
Cannabis plant growing under a LED light

Types of LED Lights for Cannabis Growing

There are three main types of LED lights for cannabis, with each model having its own merits and demerits. They are:

  1. Spread Style

Spread Style LED lights for cannabis plants consist of smaller LED lights spread over a large area in either Quantum Board or Spider Style formation. In the former, the lights contain low-watt diodes arranged across a board, while the Spider LED has diodes spread out on a panel with spider-like arms.

  1. Panel

Most LED cannabis lights are available in this configuration. Panel LEDs contain small to medium watt diodes in a compact formation. Normally, the exhibit features of both Quantum Boards and COB LEDs.

  1. COB Style

COB Cannabis LED grow lights or Clip-on Board bulbs are large lights with several LED chips concentrated in one area. They are very intense and bright and use a lot of electricity. If your cannabis plants have dense canopies, these lights are ideal for ensuring deep penetration.


How Do LEDs Compare to Other Grow Lights?

LED lights for cannabis are often compared to other grow light options like MH/HPS and CFL. Here are the similarities and differences you need to know about:


Many growers with an indoor setup tend to combine LED grow lights cannabis with MH/HPS lights. The general opinion is that the latter option produces ‘pretty’ buds while the former increases density.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to have one or the other, your choice will depend on your individual needs. If you are looking for an option with low upfront costs, HPS lights are the way to go. MH/HPS lights are also highly standardized, with most models following the same rules. This is unlike LED lights which have a very high variability degree and require that you read the manufacturer’s manual before use.

That said, an LED grow light cannabis is the best option if you are looking for an efficient, power-saving light option that is expensive at first but saves you money over time.


When compared to CFL lights, LED light for cannabis options come out on top. They produce higher yields than their counterparts for the same amount of electricity – a benefit made possible by the fact that LED lights produce more light than CFLs for the same amount of electricity. Additionally, you don’t need to adjust your LED cannabis grow light, as is the case with CFL lights.

In terms of heat, LED lights produce less heat and come with cooling features like built-in fans and heatsinks. These options ensure that the heat is pushed away from your cannabis plants so they can grow at optimum temperatures. CFLs, on the other hand, emit a lot of heat for the same electricity amount.

That said, you may want to go with CFLs if the height of your grow space is relatively low. This is because CFL lights can be placed closer to plants than LEDs.

Choosing the Best LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

LED grow lights for cannabis are a relatively new phenomenon in the cannabis growing scene. Still, they have continued to rise in popularity rapidly thanks to their efficiency, low electricity usage, and ability to remain cool and produce high yields.When looking for LED lights for your indoor setup, it is best to consider factors like your strain, space, and budget. That said, some of the best LED grow lights for cannabis you can try include ViparSpectra, HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group), and Advanced Platinum Grow Lights.

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