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The First Signs of the Flowering Stage Outdoors

When does flowering start outdoor

When does flowering start outdoors? That largely depends on the region cannabis is being grown, however, there are some things that remain constant regardless. Here we will look at when cannabis begins to flower and the first signs of the flowering stage outdoors.

Preparing for outdoor flowering cannabis

Growing cannabis outdoors is not as straightforward as tossing some seeds into the ground and hoping for the best. Outdoor cultivators should conduct some research—analyzing the local soil, preparing the location, and considering appropriate pest-control methods—as well as a lot of upkeep to assure a decent yield. The first 1-3 weeks of flowering cannabis are a transition period during which cannabis plants thrive.

Outdoor cannabis nutrient requirements

The cannabis plant requires a lot of the right nutrients to live. The amount of nutrients needed varies depending on the stage of development.

Late vegetative stage

The vegetative stage is when the cannabis plant’s growth takes off. During the veg period, your plant has to be relocated into a larger container because the roots and foliage are swiftly growing. Vegetative plants appreciate healthy soil with nutrients. At this point, please provide them with a better level of nitrogen.


When it comes to cannabis plants, the pre-flowering stage indicates that your plants will begin flowering shortly — they will start to exhibit symptoms of flowering gradually, getting larger and thicker flowers as the summer progresses. Phosphorus is required for pre-flowering in cannabis, but more phosphorus does not result in more blooms. When you supply more phosphate and potassium while nitrogen is scarce, cannabis sees the situation as a nitrogen deficiency and slows down its growth to compensate.

Flowering stage

Flowering cannabis plants need less nitrogen and more potassium to stimulate the growth of vast, resinous flowers. Most growers give their flowering plants a 5:7:10 fertilizer ratio during the first two weeks of flowering. From here on out, it is standard procedure to maintain increasing the nutrients on all fronts, with potassium concentrations always being higher than nitrogen and phosphorus. 

The first signs of flowering stage outdoors

The flowering stage begins when the light cycle offers your cannabis plants prolonged periods of uninterrupted darkness. Your plants will stop growing and focus their efforts on creating buds instead. This usually occurs outside when the days grow shorter toward the end of the summer. To begin, you should notice some stretching. Before you see the first hair, the plants will have grown rather large. The calyx will then start to form at the internodes. These calyxes may or may not bear white hairs, depending on the age. White hairs will appear on the calyxes, and the first white hair is the first sign of blossoming, indicating that you can start counting the weeks. You will notice a difference in the size and color of the leaves on the tops.

When does flowering start outdoors?

When does cannabis flower outdoors? For most cannabis growers, the blooming phase is the most anticipated time of the year because it is when your plants begin to produce their prized buds. Most cannabis will start flowering around the beginning of August, give or take a couple of weeks. On the other hand, the cannabis’s genetics, habitat, and growth techniques will determine the flowering time.

When does flowering start outdoor in California?

In California, the light cycle promotes flowering in August, so you may expect your outside garden to begin blooming around that time.

Cannabis plants outside
Cannabis plants flowering outdoors

Of course, this is a typical schedule for most photoperiod strains or strains that need to switch to a 12/12 light cycle to flower. Cannabis plants begin to produce buds as the days become shorter outside, and the plants can nearly double in size after the change.

When does flowering start outdoors in Michigan?

Flowering starts in early August in Michigan. Indeed, with so much moisture in the air, it is advisable to avoid Indica strains and instead grow Sativa to avoid the mold that comes with humidity.

When does flowering start outdoors in Colorado?

In Colorado, cannabis plants start to flower when the plant detects that the days are growing shorter, around mid-July to early August, depending on the strain.

The start of the flowering stage in other regions and states

Cannabis’s flowering stage is the most crucial step of its growth cycle. Usually, the flowering period starts in July in different areas and states.

Beware of frost for flowering cannabis.

Frost is generally unfavorable. However, it is dependent on the current weather trend. During the day, cannabis plants store heat and release it at night. Cannabis can survive a frost if the frost is not too severe. During flowering, cold temperatures might cause plants to turn purple.

Potential problems with flowering cannabis outdoors

Not all cannabis strains thrive in the open air. This is because the conditions outside are difficult to manage; selecting the proper strain for outdoor grows is critical. The potential problems include;

  1. Pollen from rogue male cannabis plants or pollen sacks that have burst can pollinate the female cannabis plants’ blossoms.
  2. The frost damages the bud.
  3. Soil problem that can disrupt the formation of the buds.
  4. The threat by people, pests, and diseases.

First signs of flowering outdoors for different strains

The two main types of cannabis are Sativa and Indica. Knowing the differences between these strains is extremely helpful for novices in the cannabis industry. There is a lot to learn about cannabis, and cannabis lovers want to know everything there is to know about it, including the first signs to look for in these strains during flowering.

Indica strains flowering outdoors

The flowering period for Indica strains is usually around 8 weeks, but it may take up to 10 weeks in extreme cases. Indica strains are popular among cannabis growers due to their shorter flowering period. 

First signs of flowering Sativa strains

Sativa strains can take 10-12 weeks to flower. Sativa has a long blooming period because there is little climatic pressure to reproduce quickly and distribute seeds. The longer flowering period is somewhat countered by a shorter vegetative stage during which no flowers appear. 

First signs of flowering autoflowers outdoors

You will first see an abundance of white hairs sprouting all over your plant from the pre-flowering stage until the finish of its life cycle. These white hairs (stigmas) signify a female cannabis plant. These long hairs arise from the calyxes and are in charge of catching pollen to produce seeds.

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