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I was so impressed with the germination rate of these seeds. I got more plants than I expected!

Zaire Fisher, Customer
I was so impressed with the germination rate of these seeds. I got more plants than I expected!

Zaire Fisher, Customer


(3 customer reviews)

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What is the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack?

Looking for high-yielding cannabis seeds for growing at home? Three of the finest are included in the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack. The High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack contains Bruce Banner Auto, Purple Punch Auto, and Northern Lights Auto cannabis seeds with exceptional yields. Indoor farmers should expect 12 to 21 ounces per square meter, whereas outdoor gardeners can expect 25 to 35 ounces per cannabis plant. Also, harvesting these cannabis seeds indoors typically takes 7-8 weeks. Furthermore, the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack has variety and value by offering three different strains and two distinct sizes, with three seeds of each strain (9 seeds total) and six seeds of each strain (18 seeds total).

Why should I buy the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack?

If you’re a novice to growing cannabis yet want the best strains, the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack is for you. The High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack contains feminized seeds from strains ideal for most growers. This Mix Pack contains three different strains with the following seed quantities:

  • 3 cannabis strains x 3 cannabis seeds each = $149 ($16.50 for each seed)
  • 3 cannabis strains x 6 cannabis seeds each = $249 ($13.83 for each seed).

What strains are included in the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack?

The High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack has the following cannabis seeds:

Bruce Banner Auto

Autoflowering Bruce Banner is an all-year-round Sativa-dominant hybrid. These feminized seeds start to flower without a change in illumination, making them ideal for indoor cultivation. Despite its ruderalis genetics, Bruce Banner Autoflowers are still towering plants. They also retain their distinctive odor; thus, plan (get some air scrubbers) if you cultivate this strain indoors. This strain is notable for its amazing resin production, resulting in a thick covering that makes the buds seem totally white.

Bruce Banner Auto grows big and bushy, with thin-fingered and reasonably wide fan leaves sprouting from everywhere and a tall main cola that may reach up to 150cm in height and is flanked by multiple side branches. This cannabis strain has the best of both worlds because of its careful selection and breeding: overall tall with long and homogenous side branches that are surrounded by buds and a compact structure that allows any grower, regardless of height, to grow it.

Purple Punch Auto

Purple Punch Auto is a gigantic autoflower that grows to 150cm and generates tremendous harvests of up to 21 oz Per square meter. This modern strain has everything a top-quality Indica-dominant hybrid should: nugs coated in resin with the density you’d expect from Indica-dominant strains and bag appeal that will surprise even the most seasoned growers. Purple Punch Auto generates rounded compact cannabis buds with fat calyxes, vivid orange or sometimes bright yellow hairs, and large quantities of trichomes that give the buds the gorgeous frosty appearance that all producers desire.

The light-green buds can have faint purple or lime-green tones that give them a fascinating and beautiful appearance and perfectly complement them. Because of the Indica genes, the buds develop thicker than usual; therefore, it’s critical to knot the branches slightly so there’s ample ventilation between the buds to prevent mold and pests. This strain does not require much maintenance or anything special but remember to feed her correctly and with high-quality nutrients to ensure that the buds fatten up appropriately and that your plant does not suffer from cannabis nutrient deficiencies.

Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights autoflower, often known as “NL,” is an Indica cannabis strain produced by crossing Afghani and Thai. Northern Light Auto is an autoflowering and feminized variety that is as suited to discreet indoor growers as high-volume home growers outdoors. This strain begins generating a profusion of blooms during a brief vegetative phase, completing its whole life cycle in less than nine weeks after sowing the seed.

Its buds are light, airy, and icy, with a long and thin structure. The buds resemble an acorn, with inflated calyx extending all around. Northern Lights Auto will grow to a height of 90-120cm when grown properly, rewarding you with an abundance of high-quality buds weighing up to 15-21 oz per m2. Internodal spacing will be relatively short, making it simple to grow and manage and perfect for new growers.

Can I grow multiple cannabis strains at the same time?

Yes. Most indoor cannabis producers cultivate numerous strains simultaneously to have a wider selection of buds after harvesting. Also, growers can increase total cannabis yields by optimizing their grow area by cultivating multiple strains. The other two common benefits are:

  1. Increases the chances of your garden’s success: When growing a single strain, you must care for it and prevent it from mildew, pests, and other typical cannabis issues. However, all your plants can be harmed if your garden has an issue. This is because each cannabis strain has unique genetics and resilience to such issues. You may vary your garden and lessen the possibility of it being compromised by cultivating several strains at the same time.
  2. Assists you in becoming a better grower: Cannabis occurs in many forms, each of which is distinct. And, as a producer, you must learn to harness your abilities so that you can deal with different cannabis strains without having problems. Cultivating numerous plants in the same space is difficult, but it may help you improve as a grower. Challenges are what help you progress. Growing several plants benefits you as a grower in various ways, including expanding your knowledge of the qualities of cannabis plants, finding out more about nutrition and other environmental management topics, and improving your garden management abilities.

Training techniques to help you grow the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack

Using a training method is one of the most useful things an indoor cannabis grower can do for their garden. Sure, you can purchase the best cannabis seeds for indoor cultivation, but you can go further to ensure they flourish. Cannabis growers have more control over their gardens and yield more buds than ever. You can benefit from one of the training tactics whether you are a novice or an experienced grower. Here are three main cannabis training techniques you can use on the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack seeds:

Sea of Green

Sea of Green is a simple indoor-growing method that does not employ a net or mesh but is determined by the lighting schedule. The goal is to push cannabis plants to flower early, allowing them to be harvested at a younger age. This offers the prospect of many harvests each year. Your aim is to cultivate as many cannabis plants as possible in the least amount of space possible. Here are two common ways to SOG your cannabis plants:

  1. For photoperiod cannabis plants: You germinate normally, but after your plant is ready for growth and has 2 to 4 mature (serrated) leaves, you expose it to 18 to 24 hours of light daily. This implies less rest and faster development. Every 30 cm, you place one or two plants. It’s perfect if you choose square pots that can be put exactly next to each other to take up the entire space. When the plants are just 20 cm tall, turn the light 12/12. This will hasten the blossoming of the small plants. Prune (pinch out) the plant’s bottom portions. This portion of the plant receives no light because of the sea of green above it.
  2. For autoflowering plants: Keep the light on for 18 to 24 hours daily, pinch out the bottom sections, and harvest when ready. Use autoflower cannabis seeds for sale with a short total maturation period (from seed to harvest).

Low-stress technique (LST)

Low Stress Training is simple to perform, and it entails bending branches toward the earth, causing them to grow horizontally. The goal is to generate more space and increase the surface area that receives light, resulting in a larger plant and higher production. Start LST with young plants that are still flexible by tying strings around the young side branches and attaching the other end to holes in the pot’s side, or use stakes if the plant is growing in open ground. Make sure that the stakes do not injure the plant’s roots. This approach is good for practically any plant, although it does require some attention and a gentle touch.

You should start low stress training your cannabis plants early in their vegetative phase to avoid growing stiff and powerful. When the cannabis seedling is a few weeks old, begin low stress training to enable the main stem to flatten the canopy and encourage the growth of the side branches. The primary stem normally recovers within a week if it is unintentionally snapped or divided. LST may be performed inside or outdoors, and it is a method of regulating vertical growth and making the plant simpler to hide than cannabis grown without training.

Screen of Green

The Screen of Green technique (scrogging) includes installing a net, netting, or trellis above the cannabis plant to gradually but steadily spread it out. It’s an excellent method for enhancing production in indoor cultivation since it enables you to push your cannabis plant to grow wider rather than taller without placing too much stress and strain on the plant. This allows more light to reach more sections of the plant and keeps the plant from going too near the lamp and burning the leaves and buds.

Scrog effectively outside to make your cannabis plant bushier. You only need four sticks and a solid net. Place the mesh while the seedlings are growing and let them grow through. When the buds start to protrude, carefully force them back by bending them via another hole in the net. Repeat this procedure till the scrog net is full. This ensures that all areas receive light. Scrog is sometimes paired with lollipopping to keep the plant’s vitality concentrated in the upper part of the leaves.

Other things to consider when growing the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack

You can cultivate the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack cannabis seeds inside or outdoors. For your cannabis plants to grow indoors, you must offer adequate water and maintain the proper temperature. You will have total control indoors, but irrigation and lighting systems must be installed for your plants to develop. Your indoor cannabis plants will be hidden and less likely to draw unwanted attention. You will also have total control over the environment in the grow room, allowing you to modify variables like temp, humidity, and light hours to create the optimal environment for your plants.

Conversely, growing the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack outside can be advantageous because it enables you to save money. After all, harnessing the sun’s natural power won’t require a grow light. The biggest drawback when you plant outdoors is that you have no control over the climate and light exposure of your cannabis plants. Additionally, outdoor operations are more likely to attract attention, which might be problematic if you stay in a state where cultivation is outlawed.

All seeds in the High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack are HpLVD Free

The High Yield Autoflower Mix Pack has HpLVD-free seeds. Hop Latent Viroid (also known as HpLVD or HLV for short) is commonly identified as a cannabis virus. It is a pathogenic RNA unique to plants, and its exact name is a “viroid.” Also, HpLVD does not harm the cannabis plant or show visible evidence of infection (like curled or yellowing leaves), but it produces mild signs known as “dudding.” It remained unnoticed for so long because HpLVD symptoms in cannabis plants are similar to those associated with other illnesses, i.e., no evident indication of an infection. Nevertheless, the following are some of the most common symptoms of this cannabis dudding disease:

  • Slow plant development.
  • Smaller buds.
  • Deformed cannabis leaves.
  • Decreased trichome and resin concentrations.

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  1. I was so impressed with the germination rate of these seeds. I got more plants than I expected!

  2. I was looking for a reliable seed bank and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

  3. The quality of these seeds is just fantastic. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

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