2022 Most Wanted

I was looking for the Permantent marker and Cherry Popperz and ended up with this pack! Great value considering Zoap is hard to find stable right now!

Tiara Gilbert, Customer
I was looking for the Permantent marker and Cherry Popperz and ended up with this pack! Great value considering Zoap is hard to find stable right now!

Tiara Gilbert, Customer


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What is the 2022 Most Wanted Mix Pack?

The 2022 Most Wanted mix pack has recently introduced seeds in the cannabis world. These cannabis seeds have unique traits that were inherited from the parent strains. Also, this mix pack has strains that are easy to cultivate and have abundant harvests. The strain seeds featured in the 2022 Most Wanted mix pack are Permanent Marker, Zoap, and Cherry Popperz. The 2022 Most Wanted mix pack offers variety and value, with three unique strains and two various sizes, three seeds of each strain (9 total) and six cannabis seeds of each strain (18 seeds total).

Why should I buy the 2022 Most Wanted Mix Pack?

You’ll need these cannabis seeds with the greatest genetics to obtain a bountiful crop from your 2022 Most Wanted mix pack. This single cannabis seed mix bundle has three diverse strains at a low price of $149 for 3×3 seeds ($16.50 per seed) or $249 for 3×6 seeds ($13.83 for each seed).

  • 3×3 seeds – $149 ($16.50 per seed)
  • 3×6 seeds – $249 ($13.83 per seed)

These prices, however, cannot be compared to single seed packs, which are around the same value but contain few single strain seeds.

What strains are included in the 2022 Most Wanted Mix Pack?

Permanent Marker

New cannabis strains are developed daily. Permanent Marker is a cross of many well-known cultivars, including Biscotti X Jealousy X Sherb Bx. Permanent Marker is a hybrid cannabis strain with a strong Indica influence. It is a strain that produces many buds notable for their size and density and the profusion of trichomes that cover them. Permanent Marker is more suited to hot climates. Furthermore, a warm temperature is required prior to harvesting to improve the quality of buds produced. Permanent Marker growth information is scarce due to the strain’s novelty. However, expert and intermediate growers can easily generate these cannabis strains. Growers can plant permanent Marker strain seeds both inside and outdoors. Permanent Marker strain seeds can blossom in 8-9 weeks indoors. Moreover, the outdoor Permanent Marker strain in the northern hemisphere should be ready to harvest by mid-to-late October.


Zoap is a well-balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica/50% Sativa) generated by crossing the powerful Pink Guava and Rainbow Sherbet strains. Zoap buds contain thick, hefty rounded dark olive green nugs with dark purple overtones, thin amber hairs, and a frosty, dark purple-tinted crystal trichome covering. Zoap strains may be grown both indoors and outdoors. Their blossoming time ranges from 8 to 9 weeks, depending on lighting conditions. It is typically ready for harvest when the cannabis buds of a Zoap strain enlargen considerably when produced indoors. If you want to enjoy the Zoap strain outside, ensure you have enough space for it because it may get enormous!

Moreover, plants outside frequently begin to bloom in late September. Expect 12 oz. per m2 indoors, and behold this beauty. If you grow Zoap outdoors, your yield should rise to roughly 14 ounces per plant. Furthermore, the production of these cannabis strains ranges from medium to high.

Cherry Popperz

Cherry Popperz is a recently discovered cannabis strain on the market. The origin breeder of the Cherry Popperz cannabis strain is unknown, as are its genetics. However, most cannabis breeders and consumers believe Cherry Popperz originated from the Lemon Cherry Gelato strain.

Cherry Popperz is a beautiful strain for planting inside or growing cannabis outdoors, depending on your preferences. Furthermore, no matter whatever cannabis growth method you use, creating Cherry Popperz is straightforward. Cherry Popperz buds are massive forest green nugs with numerous thin amber hairs and a coating of milky amber crystal trichomes.

You may anticipate harvesting Cherry Popperz strains seeds around October if you plant them outdoors. A Cherry Popperz cannabis strain indoor grow will yield 2-3 oz. Per m2. Conversely, an outdoor grow will generate roughly 10-15 oz. Per plant.

Can I grow multiple cannabis strains at the same time?

Yes. One of the most vital benefits of producing many strains in the same grow room is the increase in the number of types that results from growing them together. The many strains react differently to the growth circumstances, allowing them to maximize them to offer the most yield if the grower recognizes the strains’ individuality. Furthermore, whether you’re a rookie or an expert farmer, producing a variety of similar Feminized seeds may keep your jars loaded with an endless supply of different buds.

Training techniques to help you grow the 2022 Most Wanted Mix Pack

Training cannabis plants is the physical manipulation of the plant to generate additional buds, which may nearly quadruple output without significant expenditure.


Defoliation eliminates plant leaves during the vegetative stage of cannabis, huge fan leaves. Some gardeners choose to defoliate during the first month of the blooming stage to promote bud growth. You can defoliate cannabis plants shortly before the flowering stage and several times throughout the transitional period when the blooming plant nearly doubles in height. Defoliating the flowering plants allows the budding sites to receive enough air and light to grow into enormous, dense buds.


Low-stress training (LST) is one of the simplest and most widely used methods for increasing indoor cannabis production. Low Stress Training generally involves bending and anchoring plant stems to expose the plant’s center to light and produce an equal canopy. Producers can use several fastening techniques to hold the branches in place, like pipe cleaners or soft-coated wire. Any sharp objects that can cut into the plant and destroy its stems should be avoided. Additionally, the low-stress training technique is not something you perform once and then abandon. To maintain your optimal growth pattern, you must do something every day.

Screen of Green

When a screen is placed in a grow chamber, it allows many or one large plant to be trained and managed through the screen. This is often time-consuming and might take anywhere from 6 weeks to perfect. The screen functions as a growth barrier, allowing you to keep the canopy at a consistent height. While using the SCROG method is reasonably practical, it needs a somewhat longer vegetative development phase than some other ways. You may use several materials to produce a screen, but the simplest is to build a simple frame out of wood, then spread chicken wire over it and fasten it with tiny nails. You may also use a fishing net, thin bamboo poles, or anything else to function as a screen and keep the branches in place. This strategy is ideal for persons who live in states or nations where only a limited number of plants can be grown. The potential number of high-quality bud sites is nearly limitless when paired with topping and throughout a lengthy vegetative development stage.

Other things to consider when growing the 2022 Most Wanted Mix Pack

When growing 2022 Most Wanted Mix pack seeds inside or outdoors, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of your situation. However, for your plants to develop, you must provide appropriate water and keep them at the right temperature for growing cannabis. You will have complete control indoors, but in order for your plants to grow, you will need to install irrigation and lighting systems. When growing cannabis indoors, your plants will be concealed and less likely to attract unwanted attention. In addition, you will have complete control over the climate in your grow room, allowing you to adjust factors like temperature, humidity, and grow light hours to provide the ideal setting for your crops.

Growing crops outside is helpful since it allows you to save money. After all, you won’t need to buy a grow light by harnessing the sun’s natural power. The biggest drawback of growing outdoors is having no control over your plants’ climate and light exposure. Additionally, outdoor practices are more likely to attract attention, which might be problematic if you live in a state where cannabis cultivation is outlawed. You will also encounter pest and disease problems.

All seeds in 2022 Most Wanted Mix Pack are HpLVD Free

2022 Most Wanted mix pack contains HpLVD-free seeds. HLVd does not harm the plant or show visible evidence of infection (such as curled or yellowing leaves), but it does cause subtle indicators known as “dudding.” HLVd-infected crops have a lower height, fewer leaves, and a closer spacing between nodes during the vegetative stage. On average, blooming plants afflicted with HLVd produce fewer, smaller, and looser buds. Cannabis plants infected with HLVd can have half the effectiveness of healthy plants, with a 30% drop in overall production.

Furthermore, because Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) is most usually transmitted via contaminated tools and equipment, gardeners should always disinfect their tools before working on a new plant. If cuttings are obtained from an infected mother, HLVd can potentially be spread during the cloning stage. Because HLVd symptoms are not always visible during the vegetative stage, it may be challenging to identify virus-infected mother plants. This is specifically true if the infection occurs later in the plant’s growth when the sickness less visibly hinders production.

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  2. Healthy plants due to high-quality seeds, and customer service was top-notch.

  3. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I achieved, strong and fruitful plants with abundant harvests thanks to these seeds.

  4. The seeds from this bank consistently produce impressive results and huge harvests, I’m a satisfied grower.

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