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1. Top 10 Best Autoflower Strains

Autoflower strains are popular among modern weed growers due to their ability to adapt to different conditions, fast growth, absence of photoperiod requirement, and producing top-quality buds all year. Whether you want to cultivate a fast-blooming Indica, Sativa or a hybrid, there is an autoflowering strain that can guarantee you a wonderful cannabis plant with incredible quality buds and even greater output. The following are the top 10 autoflowering strains to consider for your next grow:

1. Granddaddy Purple Autoflower Strain

Grandaddy Purple Auto was produced by combining the original Granddaddy Purple and a Ruderalis. This beginner-friendly weed strain is pretty straightforward to produce and shouldn’t cause too much trouble if you spend a little time ensuring it has all it needs. The Auto Granddaddy Purple strain will fit right in and thrive in both soil and hydroponic settings, regardless of your growing style. Because of its Indica-leaning genes, Granddaddy Purple Autoflower grows short and bushy, making it suitable for indoor cultivation. GDP Auto plants will develop into visually beautiful shrubs up to three feet tall if not trained, while they have been known to reach eight feet outside!

GDP Auto strain enjoys a dry environment, although it can tolerate somewhat cooler temperatures for a brief time when planted outside. The Granddaddy Purple strain thrives in warm areas with minimal humidity. Outdoor gardeners will appreciate its excellent level of disease resistance. The Autoflowering Granddaddy Purple strain yield will please all types of growers. In about eight weeks, you’ll have short, bushy plants with 5 to 15 ounces per square yard. When cultivated outdoors, the average output per plant is around the same, about 4-6 ounces per plant or 150 grams, although they will grow a little higher. They can withstand cold temperatures, but harvest before the first frost.

2. Pure Michigan Auto Strain

The Pure Michigan Autoflowering strain, a notable Indica-dominant hybrid, has made its mark in the cannabis market with its robust characteristics. Pure Michigan Auto is a resilient hybrid of Pure Michigan and Ruderalis strains, acquiring a strong genetic backbone that is tolerant to rookie producers while rewarding to the expert. To effectively develop the Pure Michigan strain, one must carefully examine several elements, including its indoor and outdoor growing conditions and monitoring its trichomes for ideal harvest time. The Pure Michigan strain’s physical qualities are similarly remarkable, with rich olive green buds highlighted by purple colors, indicating the excellence of its cultivation.

Outdoor farmers delight in witnessing their plants mature to full maturity, with harvests providing up to 19 ounces per plant. Indoor growers love the controllable flowering duration of 60 days, which enables quick turnover. The examination of trichomes is a critical stage in the growth cycle. These small, crystalline markers are telltale signals of peak potency and are crucial for harvesting the strain’s maximum potential. Furthermore, to promote healthy development, ensure that nutrients with appropriate NPK ratios and micronutrients are delivered throughout the growth cycle, and use frequent pest control strategies, such as neem oil or beneficial insects, to safeguard the plants.

3. Mexican Red Hair Autoflowering Strain

Mexican Red Hair Autoflower strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 30/70 Indica/Sativa ratio combining the superior Mexican Red Hair and the cannabis Ruderalis. Mexican Red Hair Auto flowers are elongated and spindly rather than nugget-like and densely clustered. Instead of curling securely inward, the leaves of this strain are free and chunky, with a fluffy look when viewed from a distance. The leaves also have beautiful lime green and are interwoven with brown to fiery orange hairs, which are pistils.

Mexican Red Hair Autoflower strain can flourish in nearly any growing environment due to its resilient landrace characteristics. If you choose to grow it inside, remember you’ll need to top and train her early in the vegetative period to keep her from contacting the ceiling. Ideally, you’ll grow this type outside, where it may fully express its genetic potential. Indoors, it takes plants 65-75 days to mature their blossoms, and after this period, they often generate up to 400g/m2. Harvest season is at the end of October when grown outside, and an attentive grower may harvest up to 700g/plant or more.

4. Gorilla Cookies Auto Strain

Gorilla Cookies Auto is a great blend of the fast-growing Gorilla Cookies and a Ruderalis to give it autoflowering genetics. This strain also debunks the myth that Autoflower strains trade potency and yield for speed. Gorilla Cookies Autoflowering grows tight, compact buds with a thick powdered covering of trichomes, giving it a light green appearance. This Auto strain is simple to grow and has a strong resilience to disease, pests, and temperature. Its forgiving nature and ability to deal with pests and diseases make it a superb choice for novice producers.

In addition, the Gorilla Cookies Autoflower strain thrives both inside and outdoors, frequently providing you with abundant yields. Gorilla Cookies Auto plants prefer a warm Mediterranean environment. You’ll save money on lights if you can grow your plants outside. This variety takes around 9-10 weeks to blossom both inside and outdoors. Expect a harvest in mid to late September. Because the density of the buds might contribute to the weight of the branches, it’s a good idea to do some light pruning and training.

Autoflower cannabis plant
Autoflowering cannabis plant with flower

5. Santa Maria Autoflower Strain

Santa Maria Auto is a slightly Sativa-leaning hybrid (65% Sativa/35% Indica) strain created by backcrossing the original exotic Santa Maria and Ruderalis. Santa Maria Auto made history when it was discovered to be the missing link for sturdy autoflowering weed strains capable of producing an adequate harvest. Santa Maria is 75% Sativa-dominant yet produces results quickly, blooming in 8-9 weeks. The Auto Santa Maria strain blooms vigorously indoors and outdoors, even in temperate settings. This exotic Autoflower strain is known for its speedy growing time and can flower in less than eight weeks.

Moreover, Santa Maria Auto is a strain that is intended specifically for beginner growers. You don’t need any specific knowledge to cultivate your own Autoflowering Santa Maria strain. You need to keep pruning the lowest layer of leaves as it develops. Because this Autoflower exotic weed seeds strain is renowned for producing practically excess, you must always remember to adapt its growth properly. If you don’t, you’ll soon have much too much vegetation to deal with.

6. Purple Lemonade Autoflowering Strain

Auto Purple Lemonade is an Indica-heavy hybrid strain generated by crossing the original Purple Lemonade with a Ruderalis strain. Purple Lemonade Auto is the ideal choice for any classic Indica fan looking for the strain’s buds with appealing, oversized pepper-shaped olive green nugs with dark purple undertones, vivid red-orange hairs, and white crystal trichomes that are small, and purple-tinted. The buds are concentrated in several locations along the stem and have excellent internodal spacing, making this exotic Autoflower strain an excellent option for low-stress training.

Purple Lemonade Auto is also simple to cultivate with a high output, making it an excellent choice for new growers. It thrives both inside and outdoors, excelling even without additional nutrients. However, a balanced diet and adequate care yield the best results. Growers may expect a substantial crop ranging from 450-550 gr/m2 under optimal conditions. It is naturally hardy to pests and mold and has a high tolerance for unexpected cannabis humidity and temperature fluctuations. Cultivators who grow Autoflowering plants in a greenhouse should remember to space them out and apply adequate odor control.

7. Zkittlez Autoflower Strain

The Auto Zkittlez cannabis was developed by crossing Zkittlez and a Ruderalis strain. Zkittlez Auto strain’s leaves are small and delicate, with the same dense white trichomes present on the buds. Its compact shape explodes with potential, generating several dense bud sites capped by a thick main cola capable of up to 450-500g/m2. Furthermore, its internodal spacing and robustness make the Autoflowering Zkittlez strain an excellent choice for gardeners, whether they are just getting started or are diving into sophisticated plant training techniques. The nutrients are more uniformly dispersed across all the buds when utilizing a SCROG net, which should assist in enhancing the ultimate output.

Growing Zkittlez Auto in coco-coir is also recommended by experts. This medium has excellent drainage and ventilation, making it ideal for minimizing root issues that are common with heavier strains. It is also really simple to flush, which may be extremely beneficial in battling any nutrient problems that may arise during the growth. Autoflowering Zkittlez thrives best in warm and semi-humid, but not hot and muggy settings. You are urged to try and recreate the conditions of a Mediterranean climate. Always watch the humidity levels in the grow chamber, especially in the last weeks before harvest. You don’t want it to go too high since that can promote bud rot and other molds to grow.

8. Trainwreck Auto Strain

Autoflowering Trainwreck is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is a Northern California favorite. This fast-growing Auto is a reasonably easy strain to produce, making it a popular choice for rookie and professional growers. Trainwreck Autoflowering plants are disease-resistant, and you can grow them both inside and outdoors. If you are producing Trainwreck Auto strain outside, you will have to keep them dry and protected from cold. Trainwreck’s Sativa genetics cause them to grow fairly tall. Therefore, indoor gardeners must have enough vertical room to produce. Growers will also need to prune Autoflowering Trainwreck plants to maintain their form.

This Autoflower Trainwreck strain requires no particular care and will grow well without advanced training. Conversely, you can increase yields by spacing out the canopy using the LST technique. Depending on the nutrients you’re using, you should begin flushing your plants with plain water to remove extra nutrients. Growers are advised to flush for at least seven days to ensure that extra nutrients are washed from the medium and roots, boosting the already potent terps. This outstanding autoflowering strain is a must-have for novices trying to develop top-tier flowers quickly and hash makers looking for unique terps.

9. Triangle Kush Autoflowering Strain

Auto Triangle Kush is an Indica-leaning hybrid crossing the original Triangle Kush and a Ruderalis strain. Auto Triangle Kush cannabis plants are tough and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Maintain a warm temperature for your Autoflower Triangle Kush, allowing the temperature to climb no higher than 88°F. These Auto cannabis plants grow tall, so keep clipping and pruning up to date, and consider using a SOG or SCROG technique if growing indoors. As long as you reside in a hot, dry climate, this variety thrives outside and requires less maintenance. Auto Triangle Kush is a medium-sized strain that grows to a height of 90cm and is rather branchy.

Additionally, novices will benefit from the strain’s simple and bushy growth features. At the same time, more experienced growers will appreciate Auto Triangle Kush’s resilient genetics, remarkable response to training, and respectable yields. Triangle Kush can endure changes in weather due to its Indica dominant genetics. Outdoor Triangle Kush Autoflower plants clearly grow considerably larger, given the room. It also thrives in brightly lit areas where it can absorb as much light energy as possible. Like indoors, pruning, defoliation, lollipopping, and LST can maximize light penetration and encourage the Triangle Kush Autoflowering plant to devote energy to the most vital bud locations.

10. White Widow Auto Strain

Autoflowering White Widow is an Indica-heavy strain bred by crossing the original White Widow and a Ruderalis cannabis. The original White Widow is the genetic basis for many other classic strains cherished by growers of all skill levels. Like the original photoperiod White Widow, this strain has broad, dark green leaves sprinkled with resin toward the conclusion of the blooming phase. White Widow Auto has many of the same features as the original WW, but it only takes 75-85 days to mature!

As a steady hybrid of landrace genetics, the Autoflower White Widow strain is resistant to climatic fluctuations and may survive with less care than most other strains, making it an excellent choice for your first garden. Indoors, it will attain a maximum height of 50cm, with some bigger plants reaching 100cm. When grown outdoors, this strain produces roughly 190-240g/plant, which is fairly impressive for an autoflowering strain. Indoor gardeners will have the same luck, with up to 450g/m2 yields. Don’t cut the vegetation period too short if you want to obtain a little extra growth and weight from your White Widow Auto.

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