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Zkittlez Autoflower

  • High THC
  • Berry flavor
  • Easy to grow

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Caryophyllene, Humulene, Linalool


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Anxiety, Depression, Stress


Berry, Grape, Sweet

Strain Type





30 in – 78 in


1 – 3

Flowering Time

7 – 8 weeks

Harvest Month

All Year

THC Percentage


CBD Percentage


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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Zkittlez Auto origin

Zkittlez is made up of a tasty mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit cultivars. The genes have resulted in an indica-dominant variety (70/30 ratio) with a deliciously fruity flavor.

To create Zkittlez autoflowers, Ruderalis, a third species of marijuana, was crossed with Sativa and Indica cultivars. Ruderalis was unearthed in Siberia, and it is a hardy plant, which is reflected in its upbringing. Even without a regular light cycle, Ruderalis plants could bloom after several weeks.

Breeders soon realized that crossing these plants with established indica and sativa cultivars resulted in an offspring that bloomed on time, regardless of whether or not the light cycle changed seasonally.

Zkittlez Auto fragrance and flavour

Zkittlez Auto really shines when it comes to fragrance and flavour. This plant is as tasty as the fruity candy, after which it is named. When you are cultivating your plants, the aroma is subtle to non-existent. However, once it has been collected and smoked, the fruity aroma is hard to overlook.

The perfume is first citrus-heavy, with tangy and sour overtones and a tinge of funk. Tropical tones and a tinge of herbs become apparent with the initial hit.

Once you try Zkittlez Auto, you will concur that it is one of the tastiest cultivars around. Grape Ape and Grapefruit genes combine to create a wonderful fruit dish of an experience. You will get a taste of citrus and sour candy at first. As you continue to smoke, grape and berry flavors dominate to balance it into a pleasant overall experience.

Effects of Zkittlez Auto marijuana

If you are searching for a relaxed, balanced high, go no further than Zkittlez. The effects on the head are apparent but not overpowering. The elevating, joyful, and blissful experiences that follow the head high are what most Zkittlez tokers enjoy. As the high winds down, it is calm and without a crash.

Zkittlez is an excellent cultivar for first-time or infrequent marijuana tokers. The THC contents of this weed range from 15% to 23%, giving it a moderate-high effect. Owing to its sativa history, persons who are sensitive to Sativas may experience moderate side effects such as anxiety, dizziness, or uneasiness.

Starting with a modest amount and gradually increasing it helps to ease these concerns. Other adverse effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Germinating Zkittlez Auto seeds

Wondering how you will germinate your Zkittlez auto seeds? Follow this simple guide on the Paper Towel method for guaranteed satisfactory results:

  1. First, collect everything you will use, including paper towels, dinner plates, water, and your autoflowering seeds.
  2. Dip the paper towels in water and wring them to remove the excess, so that they remain damp and not wet.
  3. Put one of the towels on your plate.
  4. Arrange your autoflowering seeds on top of the paper towel, spacing by about an inch.
  5. Cover the seeds using another damp paper towel.
  6. Raise the towels to check if the plate has any excess water and drain it.
  7. Cover the setup using the second dinner plate and place it in a warm location in your room.
  8. Check the seeds daily to ensure that they remain moist. If required, you can sprinkle some water on the paper towel to maintain the moist conditions.
  9. In two to five days, you will realize a taproot emerges. At this point, you can transplant the seeds to your ideal growing medium.

Growing Zkittlez Auto seeds

Zkittlez autoflowers have a strong indica development pattern. Throughout their life, they remain compact and bushy. Thus, they are perfect for cultivating on windowsills or in a small space with little time.

They thrive both outdoors and indoors. Being autoflowering plants, they could be planted outside at any time during the summer so long as nighttime temperatures do not fall below 50 degrees.

These plants do well in a Sea of Green (SOG) configuration when grown indoors because of their modest size. Besides, they are highly resistant to mildew and mold. All of this put together makes Zkittlez Auto the ideal growing strain, even for the most inexperienced cultivators.

Zkittlez auto plants bloom in approximately 8-10 weeks. Anticipate a yield of four to six ounces per square yard from these small plants.

Autoflowering Zkittlez seeds

Zkittlez is an indica cannabis hybrid created by crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit with an unidentified strain. This candy-flavored breed was developed by Terp Hogz and the 3rd Gen Family.

Zkittlez took first place in the 2016 Emerald Cup and won several other marijuana competitions in Michigan and San Francisco. Chunky colas burst in a range of bright green colors and release a delicious, tropical mix of fruit flavors in this cultivar. Zkittlez has a calming effect, leaving users alert, focused, and cheerful while also calming the body to enable them to unwind at any time of day.

In addition to being an easy-to-grow cultivar, Premium Cultivars is also offering autoflowering Zkittlez seeds. With these seeds, novice and seasoned growers alike can expect a substantial yield in about 8-10 weeks.

Zkittlez Auto FAQs

How long does Zkittlez Auto take to germinate?

The first process of plant growth is germination. Zkittlez Auto seeds will require 2-5 days to germinate in an ideal setting.

What is the Zkittlez Auto flower time?

Anticipate harvesting massive, bright colas in 8-10 weeks.

How long does it take Zkittlez Auto to grow?

Zkittlez Auto thrives in both outdoor and indoor settings. It will take your autoflowering seeds 60-75 days from seed germination to a fully developed plant.

Does Zkittlez Auto grow better in hydro or soil?

Although autoflowering Zkittlez seeds could grow in both soil and hydro setups, the latter offers a relatively higher yield and is fast-growing; hence an ideal option for cultivators.

How tall does Zkittlez Auto grow?

Zkittlez Auto develops into short to medium-sized plants of not more than 78 inches.

Where is the best place to buy Zkittlez Auto in the USA?

No place offers quality in the U.S. like we do! For the best in autoflowering Zkittlez seeds, contact Premium Cultivars.

Are there any other names for Zkittlez Auto?

Zkittlez is also known as ‘Island Skittles,’ ‘Skittlz,’ and ‘Skittles.’

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