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We are a cannabis seed bank specializing in feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. Our products are Premium in name and Premium in nature – these are the best cannabis seeds for sale online by quite some margin. Premium Cultivars has a proven track-record of selling the best cannabis seeds genetics in the USA.




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100% guaranteed to grow into beautiful female flowering plants

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The best selection of exotic seeds, exclusive to Premium Cultivars

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Some of the easiest weed seeds to grow, all year round

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The best selection of exotic seeds, exclusive to Premium Cultivars

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Khalifa Kush

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Double up on the high yielding, frosted up Khalifa Kush strain. We’re offering this unique, trichome-laden strain on BOGO all through February. Grow it now and make your buddies jealous!

Why Choose Premium Cultivars?

Commonly Asked Cannabis Seed Questions

No matter if you are years into your cannabis cultivation journey, or just taking your first steps down the road to huge yields – grabbing the very best in cannabis genetics from Premium Cultivars is your guarantee to growing glory.

With the most solid track record of any cannabis seed bank industry-wide, the highest standards in genetic stability, and shipping you can 100% count on – Premium Cultivar strains deliver every single time, and do so in the biggest way…

Selecting the best cannabis seeds for your set-up out of the unbelievably huge variety of pot seeds for sale can be a slightly overwhelming, even daunting task – especially if this is your first time growing weed.

There’s a lot that goes into cannabis cultivation. To ensure that you make the most of the time you’ve spent digging through blogs and grow guides, the money you’ve dropped on all the fancy equipment, and the time, effort, and love you put into the crop – you need to make sure that you buy not only the most stable and trusted genetics on the market but also the right seeds for your grow. Nothing is more devastating than a failed cannabis crop, so do your future self the biggest favor possible and always use Premium Culitvars Genetics – the most trusted seed bank in the USA.

Every single F1 strain we offer has been put through an extensive back-breeding program to ensure our cannabis seeds for sale have the highest levels of genetic stability and resistance to disease – Our strains are robust, delicious, and as high-yielding as they come.

Feminized seeds are exactly what they sound like, 100% guaranteed gorgeous girls.

Why is this a positive?

Simple. It’s only the female plants that produce the trichome-covered buds that 99.9% of growers are looking for. Unless you want to start a cannabis breeding program of your own, there is absolutely no need to go with anything other than feminized seeds. Unless you have access to a lab, there is simply no way to determine whether a seed is male or female until it reaches the pre-flowering growth stage – which, depending on your setup and the genetics, will take anywhere between 4 weeks to a few months…

Ideal for home growers and commercial operations alike, our feminized weed seeds for sale take all of the wasted time, effort, and resources (not to mention the risk of pollination) out of the equation, allowing cultivators to maximize their grow room and yield potential.

We have all the big names available in feminized form –


Autflowering strains have come a long way in the past decade. Once regarded as the runts of the weed family tree, autoflowers can now more than hold their own against their photoperiod counterparts – and in some cases, outproduce them by a long shot!

What makes autoflower seeds so special?

Well, thanks to the inbuilt genetic timer that comes from the Ruderalis genetics, they switch from vegetative to flowering growth after 3 to 4 weeks, no matter how many hours of light they are exposed to each day. Most autos will go all the way from seed to harvest in as little as 9 weeks, and sometimes even faster.

This makes them perfect for growers who have a restricted growing period, or those looking to get multiple harvests a year – and they make setting up a perpetual indoor harvest as easy as can be.

They grow quickly, have a lower need for nutrients, and are highly resistant to both disease and fungal issues making them ideal for home growers looking to get the most out of limited space.

We stock a huge range of autoflower seeds for sale, and have all the biggest names in auto form –


Want to grow a crop that will get you flying? A crop that is going to kick that creativity into overdrive, and energize your day? A crop that will get your plant babies stretching high above the competition? Then you need to grab yourself a first-class ticket on the Sativa Express!

Sativa-dominant strains are known for their lanky growth, their love of slightly warmer climates, and the ridiculous amount of top-shelf bud every single plant is capable of producing when grown to perfection.

Generally speaking, Sativa cultivars will grow to their full potential when allowed to grow under the sun, but that is not to say that you can’t get phenomenal results with indoor Sativa crops. Every strain is its own unique snowflake, and here at Premium Cultivars we have the largest selection of Sativa weed seeds for sale to ensure that every grower has a chance at achieving glory, no matter the method of cultivation.

If Sativa’s sounds like a little bit of you, check out –

Indica Cannabis Seeds

Mostly originating in the Hindu Kush region of India and Pakistan, Indica plants are known for their short height and wide, dense foliage. With thick, heavy, dense as-the-day-is-long buds coated in a waterfall of trichomes, Indica dominant strains offer up those classic relaxing effects that most people first imagine when thinking of weed.

Preferring slightly cooler climates, the growth patterns of Indica-dominant weed seeds are surprisingly different from that of Sativa plants. Much shorter, stockier, and bushier than their Sativa sisters, Indicas generally take a shorter route from seed to harvest – making them perfect for those looking to maximize output while keeping the effort levels within check.

Here at Premium Cultivars, we have all the Indica bangers you could ever ask for. From the old-school classics to the newer breed of Northern Cali Indica dominant hybrids – check out our selection of Indica weed seeds for sale today.

Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Hybrids bring the best of both Sativa and Indica genetics, smash them together, and somehow create something that is more than its parts. Generally speaking, Hybrid weed seeds tend to be slightly more resistant to the elements than their pure Sativa and Indica counterparts and can be grown in a wider range of climatic and environmental conditions.

In the past decade, we have seen a true explosion of Hybrid strains, as breeders have perfected their craft and created some of the most incredible varieties ever seen. Taking the best characteristics from certain strains and mixing them up with other five-star cultivars – Hybrid cannabis Seeds have become a true force to be reckoned with, and they make a great choice for all growers, no matter the level of experience. No two hybrids are the same, and they come in a huge range of genetic combinations to suit every palate.

So, why not get the best of both worlds? Check out our most popular hybrid weed seeds for sale right here:


Do you think of yourself as a bit of a modern-day Cheech or Chong? A true cannabis connoisseur? A purveyor of pot? The wizard of weed, even? Then it’s the exotics that you’ll be after, no doubt about it.

Our range of exotic cannabis seeds for sale is made up of only the finest genetics available, sourced from complex lineages of the very best strains worldwide. We have spent close to a decade sourcing genetics from the most stable, healthy, vigorous mother plants – these strains are the creme de la creme of the weed game, and you’ll only find them right here!

From Sativa dominant queens to Indica heavyweight champs of the world, and everything in between, our range of rare and exotic weed seeds is truly a sight to behold. Including some of the most popular strains available today –


The question really should be why not!?

There are just so many reasons to grow your own weed, with many of the benefits extending far beyond getting that fresh, homegrown bud – although what an absolute treat that is in itself.

For starters, let’s talk cash. Cold, hard cash. With the price of pretty much everything skyrocketing at a disgusting rate, growing your own weed can be a great way to save money. While high-end indoor setups do cost a fair bit to get ready, they are not always needed.

If you live in an area that has the right climate, and you are legally allowed to cultivate cannabis outdoors then do that! And on that point, the price of indoor grow equipment is slowly but surely coming down, with LED panels and other tech dropping to more reasonable prices in recent years. You can now get a full indoor kit which includes all the essentials (and then some) for only a few hundred dollars!

Next up, let’s talk quality. Depending on where you live, it may be hard to find a reputable and reliable source for top-shelf flower. Growing your own can give you that peace of mind and assurance that you are getting the best quality weed, grown and finished the way you prefer, trimmed to perfection, and ready to party.

And then there’s the satisfaction that comes along with growing your own weed. Even if you are the total opposite of a Dr. Greenthumb and hate yard work, there are very few cannabis enthusiasts that don’t fall in love with cultivation once they get the ball rolling. There is something almost indescribable about nurturing and watching a plant grow, only to eventually be rewarded with some of the most fragrant, flavorful flower imaginable.

Give it a go, but be warned… in all probability, you will become overwhelmingly consumed by your new favorite hobby.

We could go on and on, but the bottom line is that if you are able to legally grow cannabis seeds in your area, and you are passionate about ganja, then take the plunge! We are willing to bet you’re not gonna regret it.

Premium Cultivars is the best place to buy cannabis seeds, even among the best seed banks we believe we are the best seed bank in the USA. If you’re looking to order cannabis seeds for sale online then PC is the best place to buy cannabis seeds online as we offer the best genetics that we can vouch for as we watch them grow and know how they’re bred. Hint – they’re bred perfectly. We have the best of everything, whether you want the best Indica strains, the best autoflowers or anything else, among all the American seed banks we are the best seedbank. If you’re wondering where to buy cannabis seeds online, Premium is the way to go for sure! Buying cannabis seeds in USA has never been easier with amazing cannabis seed banks like ours making it easier for customers to start buying cannabis seeds USA today!

Like most things in life, there are many factors that contribute to creating a great cannabis strain.


It all starts with the mothers.

What’s a mother plant?

As the name suggests, photoperiodic cultivars are light-sensitive, and through the manipulation of the amount of light a plant receives per day, we can control what stage of the lifecycle the plant is in. By keeping a mother plant under 18 hours of light per day, we force the plant into staying in the vegetative growth stage and never mature to the point where she starts to flower. This allows us to back breed the strain to the point where it is extremely stable, and with all the traits we looking for!

Genetically speaking, there are a few key elements that high-end breeders look for when developing and stabilizing strains. This can take years to perfect and is a true art form in itself. Breeders spend lifetimes perfecting their craft, allowing you to skip the sometimes decades of work it takes to produce a perfect strain.


Our cannabis breeding wizards are some of the best in the business, and you can be sure that when you are buying from us, you are getting the highest quality genetics on the market.


Two terms you have probably seen thrown around throughout your journey into cannabis cultivation, but what do they actually mean?

It’s actually pretty simple. Genotypes refer to the vast array of physical expressions that a single cultivar can (and will) produce. Even within the same genotype, you could end up with plants that have different growth patterns, yield sizes, or slightly different fragrances and flavors.

Phenotypes are the physical expressions of these underlying traits. The phenotypical variation we see in weed crops is prompted by changes in environmental, climatic, and cultivation conditions.

An unskilled breeder may cross a male and a female once and sell the subsequent seeds as a new hybrid strain, but Premium Cultivars generally backcross their strains several times to stabilize the genetics and guarantee steady plants that portray those genetics. We have the best cannabis seeds in 2022 that you’ll find for sale online.

Premium Cultivars is one of the finest places to purchase cannabis seeds for sale online due to its seeds’ high quality and worldwide availability. The company provides 24/7 online chat support and instant customer support, which assists buyers in times of need.

Seeds can be feminized cannabis seeds, which means they can be planted in soil and grown for buds. The best Feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce bud-producing females, and growing them eliminates the need to sex out plants and discard the males.

Autoflower seeds USA transition from the vegetative to flowering state as they age, not as their light cycle changes. They have a short grow-to-harvest time and can be harvested in as little as 2 to 3 months from when the seeds are planted. Additionally, cultivators created these seeds by cross-breeding regular high-yielding cannabis Sativa with its close relative cannabis Ruderalis. The drawback is that auto flower seeds are generally less potent, but they are perfect for people who want to develop cannabis but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing so. Also, all autoflower seeds are feminized. Check out some amazing auto seeds today!

Even one cannabis plant can produce many buds when harvested, so choose a strain that you enjoy. When you go to the dispensary or smoke with friends, please note the strains you like and look for seeds of them when you want to start growing. Luckily we have a great selection of sativa seeds as well as tons of hybrids and varied breeds of indica seeds.


No need to feel green with envy, we have an unlimited supply of the best Jealousy seeds on the market. This strain is the true epitome of new-school genetic brilliance, for more than a few reasons.


One of the easiest-to-grow seed options ever seen on the market, and offering unmatched yields in less than 9 weeks from the start of flower – this almost perfectly balanced hybrid should be top of every self-respecting cultivator’s hit list. You really should check out the Lemon Cherry Gelato strain!


The Cereal Milk strain offers growers a modern cannabis experience with timeless hints thatmake us realise why we fell in love with cannabis in the first place. These weed seeds are beasts inside the grow room and out!


One of the most sought-after strains of the past year, MAC1 (short for Miracle Alien Cookies) is a banger from start to finish. Heavy on the nose and the buds, this strain is rightfully respected as one of the true new-school greats.

Now this is a question only you can really answer, but don’t worry, we are here to help.

It essentially comes down to how much space you have, and how many plants can reasonably fit into the grow tent, room, factory, or outdoor garden. But you will also want to take into consideration:

  • The strain you are looking at growing, as weed plants come in all shapes and sizes, and each strain has its own unique growth pattern.
  • Depending on the local laws, and your own personal preferences, there may be a cap on how many plants you can legally cultivate in one growing area.
  • The size of the pots. Small pots restrict root growth, which in turn produces small plants. Make sure your pot size suits the size you are trying to grow to.
  • The Sea Of Green growing method can allow for a much quicker seed-to-harvest turnaround. It involves keeping the cannabis plants in a vegetative state for a short period (usually around 3 weeks), and then ‘flipping’ them into flowering all at once. This allows growers to fill a growing space with more plants than usual.

Without getting too much into the weeds, let’s try and break it down into simple terms…

As a general rule of thumb, especially if you are just starting out, you shouldn’t try to fit more than 4 or 5 decent-sized plants into a 4 x 4 foot area. It’s important to allow enough room for a high level of airflow throughout the canopy of your crop, as this is key to preventing pest and mold issues as the flowers start to properly develop. Can you fit more? Yes, of course, but you may be walking headfirst into potential problems.

Outdoor cultivation is a totally different story. Growing photoperiodic cultivars out in mother nature’s backyard can produce monstrously-sized plants, especially if planted early on in the season.

So back to the question at hand, how many Premium Cultivar cannabis seeds for sale should you buy?

As many as you like!

Seeds can be stored for years without any issue, as long as they are in an airtight container, protected from any contact with moisture, and in a cool and dark area with stable temperatures. Think zip-lock bag inside a Tupperware container at the back of the fridge and you’re on the right path.

Remember, the more seeds you buy at one time, the more you save. All orders over $100 come with free shipping, and we free seed deals that are always on offer!

Premium Cultivars is one of America’s most credible cannabis seed suppliers; browse our products, place an order, and begin growing cannabis seeds USA today! We ship all through the United States, where cannabis seeds are legal. We ship in discreet and secure packages to ensure that all orders arrive securely at the customers’ doors.

You may sometimes see the phrase cannabis seeds spelled as cannibis seeds, cannibus seeds, canibus seeds, canabis seeds, seeds cannabis or even just canabis seeds; the latter only misses the extra letter, however, the former two spellings are incorrect. Likewise for cannabis seeds USA, you may find cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds, cannabis, cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds or even cannabis seeds – bear in mind that the last one is technically correct and is just an alternative spelling to the Spanish-originated cannabis seeds. Sometimes, cannabis seeds in USA will have different names like Kyle Kushman seeds after the growing legend or USA cannabis seeds because of where they come from. Furthermore, names like kush seeds are used to describe seeds from the kush family of strains.

You may sometimes see the phrase cannabis seeds spelled as cannibis seeds, cannibus seeds, canibus seeds, canabis seeds, seeds cannabis or even just canabis seeds; the latter only misses the extra letter, however, the former two spellings are incorrect. Likewise for cannabis seeds USA, you may find cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds, cannabis, cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds or even cannabis seeds – bear in mind that the last one is technically correct and is just an alternative spelling to the Spanish-originated cannabis seeds. Sometimes, cannabis seeds in USA will have different names like Kyle Kushman seeds after the growing legend or USA cannabis seeds because of where they come from. Furthermore, names like kush seeds are used to describe seeds from the kush family of strains.

Buying Guide

Cannabis strains with a high concentration of the strong cannabinoids. Buy cannabis seeds online in USA that are high in cannabinoids and flower exquisitely potent buds. PC is the best place to buy cannabis seeds with high cannabinoid content. A great cannabis seeds company or cannabis seed bank like us always has a great stock of High cannabinoid cannabis seeds in USA ready to be shipped out across the country. The best option is to buy from American seed banks like us and grow cannabis from seeds; the first step is germinating cannabis seeds but once you’ve figured out how to germinate the cannabis seeds then the real fun begins.
As the names imply, Khalifa Kush was created by the world-famous rapper Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa Kush is an Indica-heavy hybrid strain
Bruce Banner isn’t known as a gentle giant. It is well-known for its strong cannabinoids. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics.
Larry Bird is a well-known and award-winning cannabis strain. These seeds were created by combining Sativa and Indica genes in a 50/50 ratio.

Beginners can grow cannabis seeds relatively quickly, but some strains are more difficult to grow than others. Some of the easiest cannabis seeds to grow are delicate and require much attention or are vulnerable to disease or mold, whereas others are resilient and can survive without water for a day or two.


Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant strain.


AK-47 has a lineage that you can trace back to four top-quality landraces. Also, it cannot be overlooked by cannabis growers.


Critical Mass cannabis is ideal for novice cultivators. It has strong cannabinoids, which is one of the reasons for its popularity.

High yield seeds produce massive yields in a short period. These cannabis seeds for sale require special care and maintenance to reach their full potential.


Amnesia Haze is simple to grow for both novice and experienced growers. These seeds are Sativa-dominant. While the cannabis seeds online benefit from being fed well, you must be careful not to overfeed them because Haze seeds are nutrient-sensitive.


Banana Kush is a cross between Skunk Haze and Ghost OG that combines the best qualities of both parents to create one of the best cultivars available. Gardeners, of course, gain from cannabis seeds as well. It thrives in any environment that is not too harsh on the flowers.


Blueberry is Indica-dominant cannabis containing 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. The seeds were first planted in the 1970s but gained popularity in the 1990s.

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Here's 20% OFF On Us!

We want to help you get your hands on the seeds you want, take 20% off your next purchase when you enter your email below!