Pink Rozay Feminized

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Pink Rozay will reward you with exquisite blossoms laced with pink colors, a rich perfume evocative of rosé wine, whether grown inside a little tent or in a huge outdoor garden.





Pink Rozay Feminized Strain information


Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Pinene

Strain Type





30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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21 reviews for Pink Rozay Feminized

  1. Harold Anderson

    My purchase has met all of my expectations. The seeds were excellent, and I received exactly what was described.

  2. Jesse Phillips

    I’ve tried dozens of online stores, but these are the best feminized seeds I’ve ever bought.

  3. Ralph Robinson

    Premium cultivars unquestionably sell the greatest stuff. I’m going to give this Pink Rozay a five-star rating!

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The History of Pink Rozay Strain Seeds

Pink Rozay is a cross between Lemonchello and London Pound Cake produced by the Cookies Family in San Francisco. The end product is a beautiful hybrid.

How to Germinate Pink Rozay Seeds

Planting your Pink Rozay seeds will result in more yields and better nuggets. Premium Cultivars recommends sprouting your seeds on paper towels for up to five days before planting. This approach is popular because of its simplicity and use of everyday household objects such as a plate, tweezers, and paper towels. To germinate your Pink Rozay plants quickly, use this 9-step paper towel technique.

  1. Assemble your seeds, tweezers, bottled or disinfected water, paper towels, and dinner plate.
  2. First, soak two paper towels in the water. Then, wring off any excess water.
  3. Using tweezers, place Pink Rozay seeds about an inch apart on a paper towel
  4. Cover your cannabis seeds with a second paper towel and, if required, water them.
  5. Raise the paper towels to inspect for water in the dish after you’re done. If any remains, wipe it away with a damp cloth.
  6. Place the dinner plate with the cannabis seeds in a cold, dark place.
  7. Watch out for your Pink Rozay seeds to ensure they remain moist throughout the 24 to 120-hour germination period.
  8. After the taproots have grown to about an inch in length, you may plant your Pink Rozay seeds.
  9.  Finally, using tweezers, extract your cannabis seeds from their box and place them root-first in their new environment.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

If you don’t want to struggle with the inconvenience of sexing your plants, feminized cannabis seeds are a fantastic option. You can find active chemicals in the buds of feminized plants for medicinal or recreational uses. It is also more practicable to harvest only female plants instead of male and female plants. On the contrary, regular seeds can yield either male or female seedlings; thus, some of your plants may be male and lack blossoms.

Growing Pink Rozay Seeds

To cultivate Pink Rozay is a joy. Pink Rozay’s modest stature results from minor Indica dominance, making it an excellent choice for indoor gardeners with space constraints. Pink Rozay’s strong genetics make it a great candidate for training, defoliation, and other human interventions.

Cultivating Pink Rozay in 30–40-liter pots (if space permits) and topping them early to stimulate the development of several colas is best if you’re intending on growing a few bigger plants inside or outdoors. This strain is known for its short internodal spacing and rapid vegetative development. Consider regularly trimming, pruning, and defoliating your plants to keep their canopy thin.

Should I Grow Pink Rozay Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

You can cultivate Pink Rozay inside, outdoors, and in a greenhouse, which tolerates a wide range of growth techniques.

Growing Pink Rozay Seeds Indoors

Consider growing numerous little Pink Rozay plants in a sea of green if you’re growing indoors. These plants do very well in a SOG because of their modest height, consistent development, and short blooming stage (60-65 days).

Growing Pink Rozay Seeds Outdoors

Consider using the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) approaches and adding topping early on if you’re growing outdoors. The plant may grow from medium to tall and has a distinct color palette.

How Much do Pink Rozay Seeds Yield?

Pink Rozay can deliver 0.5-1 OZ/FT2 indoors and up to 18 OZ/Plant outdoors.

How to Get Better Yields from your Pink Rozay Seeds

For maximum yields, consider implementing the Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques, and don’t forget topping.

The Best Grow Medium for Pink Rozay Seeds

Pink Rozay Seeds do well both in soil and hydro.

The Best Climate for Pink Rozay Seeds

Pink Rozay enjoys warm and humid settings, which makes sense given its ancestry. Cookies are located in California, whereas Rick Ross is from Miami.

Problems to Look Out For when Growing Pink Rozay Seeds

To grow Pink Rozay cannabis seeds, you must check for mold and mildew. The latter is a fungus that loves damp areas and will attack your crop if you’re not careful. Mold can also be a problem if you’re not careful, but it’s usually the former that gets cannabis growers in trouble.

How Difficult is it to Grow Pink Rozay Seeds?

Most farmers who have tried their hand at this strain have found cultivating it relatively simple.

Are Pink Rozay Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

If you’re a newbie, you should be OK, but joining a growing online group may be a terrific method to interact with more seasoned growers.

The Best Grow Techniques for Pink Rozay Seeds


Topping is one of the most significant ways to produce Pink Rozay cannabis seeds. It promotes the development of numerous central colas on a cannabis plant instead of simply one. You may do this by removing the plant’s main stem just above a node, causing the plant to develop two new main branches. To make additional main stems, repeat the topping process more times. This method is advantageous for Pink Rozay cannabis seeds since it results in a shorter, bushier plant with more main colas. It permits the plant to sustain the weight of the buds more effectively, resulting in a larger yield.


SOG (Screen of Green) is a great way to produce Pink Rozay cannabis seeds. SOG employs a screen to support the plant and maintain an equal canopy. This strategy helps the plant to get more light and develop more evenly.


The Screen of Green (SCROG) method is a cultivation technique that uses a screen or grid to distribute vegetative growth and produce multiple buds sites evenly. It is considered one of the best growing techniques for cannabis as it allows for even light distribution and creates a dense canopy of foliage, leading to more bud growth. SCROG also helps control plants’ height, making it easier to manage in smaller spaces.

Are there Similar Seeds to Pink Rozay Seeds for Sale Online?

The cannabis seeds similar to Pink Rozay include Blueberry, Zkittlez Cake, Georgia Pie, LA Kush Cake, Crown Royale, and Strawberry Cookies.

Where can I Buy Pink Rozay Seeds?

Pink Rozay Cannabis seeds are available from Premium Cultivars, a reputable seed bank. You can pay for the seeds comfortably if you have a credit card.

How do I Buy Pink Rozay Seeds?

High-yielding cannabis seeds are available in the United States from Premium Cultivars. Premium Cultivars, one of the most outstanding seed banks, sells Pink Rozay Seeds in every state where recreational cannabis cultivation is legal. Pink Rozay seeds customers who spend $100 or more get free shipping, and our website offers a complete selection of seeds for your perusal. A credit or debit card is the most convenient way to purchase.

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Product Reviews

21 reviews for Pink Rozay Feminized

  1. Harold Anderson

    My purchase has met all of my expectations. The seeds were excellent, and I received exactly what was described.

  2. Jesse Phillips

    I’ve tried dozens of online stores, but these are the best feminized seeds I’ve ever bought.

  3. Ralph Robinson

    Premium cultivars unquestionably sell the greatest stuff. I’m going to give this Pink Rozay a five-star rating!

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