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Georgia Pie Feminized

  • Easy to grow
  • Apricot flavor
  • Relieves Depression




Additional information




Giggly, Hungry, Uplifted


Anxiety, Depression, Stress


Apricot, Peach, Tree fruit

Strain Type





< 30 in


1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


THC Percentage


CBD Percentage


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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Origins of Georgia Pie seeds

Crossing Gelato seeds and Kush Mints produce Georgia Pie. According to leafy data, the result of this breed is potent Indica dominant seeds with THC levels of about 21%.

General details about the seeds

The general appearance of Georgia Pie is astonishingly beautiful. The anthocyanin in the plant consists of a green and purple blend that makes Georgia Pie cannabis flowers look incredible. The best way to tell that a grower of Georgia Pie cannabis has plenty of experience is to observe the trichomes. Orange hairs indicate mastery in the art of cannabis growing.

Another excellent characteristic of Georgia Pie cannabis buds is the sticky and dense sensation upon physical touch. This feature is precisely what you need as a cannabis grower to receive maximum yields and profits from your cannabis-growing business. Once you break down your buds by mashing them, you should get a beautiful orange, purple, and green cocktail that appeals to your consumers.

Georgia Pie feminized Cannabis Fragrance and Flavor

The best description that fits Georgia Pie cannabis buds is sweet. Some cannabis users may describe the scent as floral or fruity. All these adjectives portray Georgia Pie as aromatically beautiful and potentially addictive. Not only will the smell make you want to try Georgia Pie cannabis buds, but also the peachy taste will leave you craving for more.

Effects of Georgia Pie feminized

Georgia Pie feminized cannabis buds have a terpene profile consisting of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. These ingredients contribute to the overall sensation you get upon consuming Georgia Pie cannabis. This is an incredibly uplifting sensation. Some cannabis users may experience sedation from the linalool component of the cannabis seeds. Moreover, caryophyllene will make your body relax and your mind calms down.

CBD and THC levels

Leafy data reports THC levels in Georgia Pie cannabis seeds to be about 21%, more than enough to produce heavy euphoria. It would be best to consume Georgia Pie at night because the relaxing effects will make you want to chill and not do anything. Suppose you are not a regular cannabis user. In that case, these Indica dominant seeds will provide a knock-out punch, which is why specialists recommend Georgia Pie as a remedy for patients with sleep problems like insomnia and anxiety.

Side effects

Georgia Pie cannabis seeds can. Have a cottonmouth effect on users, especially if they do not take plenty of water during and after smoking the buds. Also, the couch-locking impact of the Georgia Pie cannabis buds can leave you feeling unproductive and lazy.

Germinating Georgia Pie feminized Cannabis Seeds

Most experienced cannabis growers report successful cultivation upon germinating Georgia Pie cannabis seeds before transferring the seedling onto a growing medium. Germinating cannabis seeds is straightforward. Oxygen, moisture, and warmth are crucial for successful germination.

The most prevalent germination method is the paper towel technique. You should follow the below nine steps to optimize the process and guarantee successful germination.

  1. You must have access to all the necessary materials for germination, including viable seeds, plates, paper towels, and water.
  2. Position your seeds on a paper towel and spray them with water.
  3. Rest another paper towel on top, then spray more water.
  4. Place the paper towels on a plate, then cover with another plate.
  5. Put the plates in a drawer or cupboard.
  6. Ensure your germination chamber is dark and warm.
  7. You check on your seeds regularly to ensure that they remain updated on the germination progress.
  8. You can add moisture if you notice your seeds are drying up.
  9. Transfer the seedlings onto a growing medium when you notice shoots developing.

Growing Georgia Pie feminized Cannabis Seeds

Indoor or outdoor? Or both?

Depending on space availability, you can grow Georgia Pie feminized cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors. However, if you have limited experience, it would be best to grow your seeds indoors and in a grow tent to control the conditions better.

Growing difficulty—beginner, intermediate, or expert

Any grower who understands essential cannabis grow tips can successfully cultivate Georgia Pie feminized cannabis seeds. However, it would be best to experience growing cannabis to manage better the sticky buds associated with Georgia Pie feminized cannabis.


Georgia Pie cannabis produces yields according to growing location. Indoors and outdoors has varying outcomes. However, under optimal conditions, profits can be insanely high.

Medium – hydroponic, soil, or coco? All three?

Soil is the best medium to grow Georgia Pie feminized cannabis because it is easy to manipulate, unlike hydro, which can cause mold.


A warm climate is perfect for growing Georgia Pie feminized cannabis seeds.

If you want to relax after a stressful day at work, you can try Georgia Pie cannabis buds and experience sedating effects that will calm your nerves and mind.

Georgia Pie feminized FAQs

How long does Georgia Pie feminized take to germinate?

Georgia Pie feminized cannabis seeds take at most a week to germinate. A grower will need to optimize conditions for successful germination to occur.

What is the Georgia Pie feminized flower time?

The flowering time for Georgia Pie feminized cannabis plants is eight to nine weeks.

How long does it take Georgia Pie feminized to grow?

It takes about three months before your cannabis plants are ready for harvesting.

Does Georgia Pie feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

Georgia Pie feminized marijuana plants grow better in soil because there are no cases of mold, which may interfere with the integrity of your plants.

How tall does Georgia Pie feminized grow?

These Indica dominant seeds grow relatively tall. Any grower with expertise limitations can successfully manage to cultivate these cannabis plants.

Where is the best place to buy Georgia Pie feminized in the USA?

You can purchase Georgia Pie from any trusted cannabis breeder to guarantee viable seeds that will successfully germinate and grow into potent plants.

Are there any other names for Georgia Pie feminized?

There are no other known names for Georgia Pie feminized.

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