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Dealing with Spider Mites on Cannabis

Written by Ed Rushford Feb 17 2022

Dealing with Spider Mites on Cannabis

Spider mites on cannabis can wreak havoc if left unchecked. Learn how to deal with these pesky insects below.

How to identify spider mites on cannabis plants

Spider mites on cannabis might be challenging to see at first, making it difficult to get ahead of the game in the eradication. To the naked eye, they will look like tiny dots no more significant than the tip of a pencil. Try looking for spider mite white spots on fan leaves. Until the infestation becomes unbearable, many growers fail to detect anything amiss. As a result, doing periodic leaf inspections is critical. Spider mites cannabis damage may be seen on both sides of the leaves. Because the spider mites are so quick, you’ll need a lot of practice at this.

How to spot spider mites on cannabis
How to spot spider mites on cannabis.

Spider mites are most often seen on the undersides of your cannabis plants’ leaves. A spider mite’s web, like that of a “regular” spider, is used to protect the eggs and young of the colony. When spiders settle in between the veins of a leaf, you should be able to discern thin white threads between the veins.

White spots may also be white powdery mildew on cannabis plants, it’s best to be aware of both issues.

It will be evident to you that there is an issue. The fine silk on the leaves of your plants may also be visible to you. Your plant will seem unkempt if it is covered with this sticky silk. We often notice buds with this delicate webbing in a blossoming area.

Leaves are the first to look for evidence of a spider mite infestation. These specks are biting scars left by mites that have taken a nibble out of your plant. In terms of color, these patches might be yellow or white. When spiders on cannabis infest a plant to the point that it looks sickly and discolored, the plant may finally die.

What causes spider mites on cannabis?

Spider mites are attracted to your plants because they devour chlorophyll, which is necessary for photosynthesis. The chlorophyll is removed from one plant cell by its teeth.

Spider mites

Spider mites on cannabis plants may wreak havoc in a matter of days. A plant may die from a severe infestation in a matter of hours. Aside from that, spider mites cannabis is quite versatile and will develop resistance to any means of killing them that you deploy. If your procedure hasn’t eliminated all of the spider mites on cannabis, you’ll see this. So, you’ll have an army of super spider mites that are impervious to all of your methods in no time. Insecticides have a hard time killing the two-spotted spider mites.

How to get rid of spider mites on cannabis?

Ensure that you remove all the cannabis spider mites using the following methods:


If you are beginning to learn how to get rid of spider mites on cannabis plants, you should know that to get rid of spider mites in your grow room, you can use Azamax, which has been around for a long time. Apply a pre-dawn spray to your plants 15 minutes before they go dark, being careful to saturate the foliage and soil. Use a fan to circulate air around your leaves to speed up the drying process. Even if you think the spider mites in cannabis have been exterminated, you should still treat your room. Adding modest quantities of Azamax to your watering may also eliminate spider mites in the soil without harming your plants. Spider mite damage cannabis, so the sooner you get rid, the better.

Spinosad products

In contrast to many other spider mite insecticides, Spinosad products are organic and entirely safe for pets, children, and plants. Because Spinosad has no toxicity, unlike many pesticides, you can spray it liberally on leaves and roots. It is possible to use Spinosad goods directly on spider mites to kill them immediately. Still, it is also possible to use Spinosad products while watering plants to eliminate spider mites on cannabis from the roots. Caterpillars, thrips, and a wide range of other cannabis pests may all be killed with Spinosad.

Essentria IC3 (organic)

IC3 Insecticide is a blend of many organic horticulture oils that is entirely safe for people. If you routinely spray the plants, it may be effective against many pests, including spider mites on pot plants. Unfortunately, it only lasts for around 8-12 hours on the plant, so you’ll need to either apply it every day or mix it with other solutions (a better idea). To uniformly spray all the leaves, you’ll need a mister (sometimes known as a “One-Hand Pressure Sprayer”).

Soaps that contain insecticides

Spider mites’ outer shells are weakened by fatty acid salts or insecticidal soaps, which are harmless for people and do not leave a trace. Soaps don’t last long on plants, so you may need to reapply if you don’t get full coverage.

Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout Spray

This spray is effective against mites on cannabis, but its primary component, Pyrethrum, is harsh on plants and should only be used as a last option in small, poorly ventilated environments. Use caution near people since the components might be hazardous. Pyrethrum-based treatments should never be used on a plant when its grow lights are on since they might cause burns. When using Pyrethrum products, be careful not to burn young or delicate plants, even if you turn off the lights.

Dealing with spider mites outdoors 

If you are learning how to get rid of spider mites cannabis, you should know that ladybugs eat cannabis mites, but they will fly away as soon as their food supply is gone. Therefore they don’t function as effectively as a preventive measure if you buy ladybugs. There’s no need to purchase ladybugs if they spontaneously appear in your crop due to a spider mite on cannabis infestation. Sometimes, Mother Nature may be a tremendous asset.

Before your plants are destroyed, there are a few things you may do in the case of an infestation. Follow the above methods to deal with the spider mites as early as possible.

Stop spider mites before they become a problem

Ensure that the appropriate ground cover is in place. Soil contamination around your plants is something you want to avoid at all costs. Cannabis spider mites thrive in hot, stagnant conditions, which is why it’s essential to keep your plants in a well-ventilated location. While stale air might draw pests, it also encourages mold growth, particularly during blossoming. Now you can deal with these nasty bugs on cannabis with fewer issues.

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