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Can You Grow Cannabis In A Closet

Cannabis closet

Many cannabis newbies now have the knowledge and resources to try cultivating for themselves, especially now that more states have authorized home cultivating for both recreational and medical cannabis. You’ll be relieved to know that setting up a basic grow setup is simple. Conversely, most growers would prefer to convert existing closet spaces in their homes into specialized grow closets than purchase a grow box because it is less expensive. So, you want to start growing your closet? You’ll uncover everything you require here.

What do you need to grow cannabis in a closet?

Cabinets are preferred by some, whereas others prefer closets. The biggest advantage of a closet is the amount of room it provides. Cabinets are excellent, but you’ll be limited in terms of space. With Indicas, it’s easier to get away with small growing spaces. Conversely, Sativa and Sativa hybrids can quickly grow to be pretty tall. To train the plant for horizontal growth, you can cut it back or tie it down, but this can be a pain. When you grow up in a closet, you usually gain greater height. Even better if it’s a walk-in closet. If you decide to go with a cabinet, make sure it’s at least four feet tall.

Grow lights

You should spend money on two factors if you want to develop outstanding cannabis. High-quality soil and adequate lighting are required. Moreover, a small-scale closet grow can get away with a reasonably minimal light arrangement. Think about the type of grow lights you’ll need, whether you’re growing cannabis in closets, space buckets or tents. Nothing has come close to matching the effectiveness and productivity of LEDs thus far. Cannabis requires a lot of light to grow and thrives in UVB light produced by LEDs. LEDs also don’t emit heat, so you won’t have to worry about your grow room’s temperature shifting. You won’t have to dread high electricity costs because LED grow lights use less energy than fluorescent lamps.

Furthermore, they will also outlast any other type of light fixture. This is why LEDs are among the best lights for growing cannabis in closets. Sure, they’re pricey. But the benefits and upsides outweigh the costs.

Grow medium

In the same manner that you can select your perfect grow light, you can also choose your best growing medium. If you’ve previously built a hydroponic cannabis system, you can replicate it on a smaller scale in your grow closet. This enables you to grow using a reusable medium and the exact amount of nutrients you desire. If you use a small hydroponics system, your crops will appreciate you by growing at a much faster rate, with bigger and conceivably more effective flowers.

Additionally, mold and root rot are two issues that can arise in hydroponics setups. These fungi thrive in moist, humid environments, so using a hydroponics framework raises the risk of dangerous fungi appearing in your closet and damaging the roots of your cannabis. Set up a ventilation system and correctly line the walls of your closet with Mylar film to avoid this. The Mylar film adds an extra layer to keep mold out, but its main objective is to bounce light off the walls so that the cannabis crops get broad light coverage.


Ventilation is critical in a grow closet, particularly in a small space. Ensuring adequate airflow can be challenging when growing in a closet. Preferably, your fan should be drawing cool air from below and exhausting it from above. This generates a cross breeze that aids your plants grow stronger. You’ll have to get a little inventive for this part, depending on the state of your closet and your willingness or ability to modify it. Try propping the door open slightly while the lights are turned on for a super simple solution. In the interior of the grow room, place one fan at the bottom of the door and one at the top of the door, both blowing hot air out. When the lights are turned off, you can close the door to ensure complete darkness.

Size of cannabis plants to consider

Your biggest worry, aside from supplying light and a medium in which to grow your cannabis, is if or not your closet has enough capacity to fit the setup and the strain you’ll be growing inside of it. Growing cannabis in your closet will be difficult if you choose huge strains like White Haze and don’t have enough vertical room. It’s called Screen of Green (SCROG). This method of regulating your plants’ development involves placing a screen above them and allowing them to grow horizontally.

Growing cannabis in a closet
Monitor plant size if you grow cannabis in a closet.

Furthermore, raising autoflower strains is the finest strategy to make use of grow closets. This is because autoflowers are substantially smaller than ordinary strains, growing up to a third of the size of a conventional strain. Also, they grow far quicker than the industry average, allowing you to harvest much sooner. And, by growing autoflowers in a small-scale hydroponics system, you can avoid the low yields that autoflower strains are notorious for.

Best cannabis strains to cultivate in a closet

Super Lemon Haze Auto

This cannabis strain is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze auto, with an 80:20 Sativa/Indica ratio. Despite this, it remains compact and manageable, making it ideal for your grow closet. Super Lemon Haze auto has high cannabinoid levels, with at least one sample exceeding 25%, putting it towards the top of the cannabinoid pyramid. However, it isn’t known for its CBD levels, which are consistently below 1%. Super Lemon Haze has a sharp, zingy lemon aroma and sweet candy undertones. A dense covering of sticky trichomes covers the bud, which has a speckled green-and-brown appearance.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica-heavy hybrid cannabis strain created by combining OG Kush with Durban Poison. This renowned strain is recognized for euphoric effects accompanied by waves of full relaxation. With just one hit, GSC auto strain will make you feel elevated, hungry, and stress-free. It only grows to a height of 76cm and has an average yield for its size. The plant’s resistance to mold and pests is one of the reasons it’s so easy to grow.

White Widow

White Widow auto will barely reach a height of 50-60cm and will rarely cause difficulties during their growing span. This stain’s buds are white and covered with crystal resin, foreshadowing the potent effects to come. Immediately, a huge surge of exhilaration and energy bursts forth, enhancing both conversation and creativity.

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