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The Ultimate Guide to Jar Curing Cannabis

Jar curing cannabis

Whether you have one or one hundred crops, drying and curing your cannabis is critical to the quality of the plants’ output. It takes time to cure jar. While it may be tempting to dry your buds as rapidly as possible, doing so will ensure that your crop is the finest it can be. There are various techniques for curing a harvest after it has been harvested, but jar curing is one of the most common among experienced producers. When performed correctly, jar curing will make your end product more effective and keep it fresh for months to come. Growing cannabis indoors or outdoors is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have. Here’s everything you require to comprehend about jar curing cannabis, a minor but critical phase in the growth process and how long to leave jar open for cure.

An overview of curing cannabis

Cannabis curing jars is the procedure of allowing the buds to dry before storing them in containers. But it’s not just a matter of drying them. The procedure is delicate and time-consuming, but it is worthwhile when inhaling high-quality cannabis. The buds are quite wet after harvest. You must be careful when drying them since if done too soon, the buds may become too dried. This will result in strong quality that will irritate your throat. The buds must be done carefully so they are not very dry. They should also not have too much moisture in them because this can allow mildew or mold to grow. When this happens, your buds and your efforts to cultivate them will be for nothing.

When to cure your cannabis

Your months of hard labor in the garden have paid off, and your produce is almost ready to harvest. Your plants have been harvested, and the nuggets have been trimmed and dried. The following stages you take will determine not just the strength of your cannabis but also its overall quality. The first phase in properly curing weed vin jars is thoroughly drying your buds. You want your buds to be in the ideal humidity level.

When a plant is picked, it loses around 80% of its moisture before it is ready. You want to begin the curing process before your buds reach that stage. Ideally, your buds should be 30 to 35% moisture or a fraction of their original wet weight. Any more moisture than that, and you risk mildew and mold growth once enclosed in an airtight atmosphere. You may need to rehydrate your flowers if you dried them for too long or at an elevated temperature.

Importance of jar curing cannabis

Patience is a virtue in all elements of life, and it certainly pays off in cannabis curing. Curing weed in jars is a time-consuming procedure that might take weeks. It may appear a pain at first, but curing can transform harsh buds into ones that deliver a smooth and delightful smoke. This is due to the deterioration of byproducts of the drying process, such as sugars, caused by extended curing. These chemicals have a very bitter and unpleasant aftertaste. Curing removes these components, leaving a buttery smooth smoke. Curing also helps to maintain appealing qualities. Terpenes are the chemicals that give cannabis strains their powerful and distinct qualities. Since these volatile components disintegrate quickly when exposed to high heat, gradual drying followed by extensive curing is the way to excellent buds.

Cannabis curing jar

Additionally, curing cannabis in jars will improve capability of more than just improving quality. The technique can also enhance the high. Cannabis’ primary psychoactive ingredient, dissolves over time into a cannabinoid. This is considered somewhat psychoactive; however, its effects differ from other cannabinoids. Jar curing cannabis will help extend the shelf life of your produce and reduce cannabis mold outbreaks. Your buds can last a year or more without losing quality or power if properly cured and kept.

Dry trimming vs wet trimming 

Most expert growers wait until the plants are dry before trimming, ensuring that the plants dry out slowly and that the bud quality is preserved. Plants hang upside down on metal hangers or long strings firmly stretched throughout the drying room.

Trimming cannabis before curing
Trimming cannabis before curing.

Buds are trimmed after drying before being placed in curing jars. Some growers utilize a technique known as “wet trimming,” which involves clipping the fan leaves and other leaves and stems on the bud after the plant is cut down. This strategy is especially useful for bigger crops with a lot of cannabis that has to be trimmed. Wet-trimmed buds are often stored in drying racks until they are ready to cure.

Factors that impact the curing phase

Keep the heat off your stockpile

Heat will only be a significant concern if you reside in an area where it becomes really hot. Heat is another element that might cause cannabinoids to degrade, lowering your buds’ strength. Store your jars in a cool place to avoid damage and mold growth. A temperature of roughly 21°C is optimal for curing weed in jars.

Limit your exposure to light

You must store your stash in a dark place during the drying process. Light is one factor that might cause important compounds and terpenes to degrade. Keep your jars in the dark cabinet or box to prevent light damage to the quality and strength of your flowers. Alternatively, putting your blossoms in curing jars, which filter out all visible light except violet, will provide further protection.

Locate the Humidity Sweet Spot

Jar curing cannabis is a simple process when you start with adequately dried buds. If your stockpile is too damp before curing, buds will cluster together, and mold will most likely grow. Increased wetness can also encourage anaerobic bacteria to begin decomposing your stock. The stench of ammonia from the curing cannabis in jars every time you open them is a dead giveaway that this is happening. However, curing overly dry bud can result in a crumbly, harsh stash that is unpleasant to smoke. You should dry cannabis flowers in a room with a humidity level of 45-55%. As a result, the outside will be dry and slightly crumbly, whereas the interior will be more humid. When it is time to curing in jars, the humidity slightly increases to an optimal value of approximately 62%.

Steps to cure your cannabis buds

Most growers wonder how to cure weed in a jar. Curing in jars is as simple as opening and sealing jars for curing cannabis at the appropriate times. You’ll establish an optimum regulated environment by storing dried cannabis flowers in sealed glass for curing weed in mason jars. These enclosed tubes allow humidity from within the blooms to moisten the outside without soaking the buds. The final aim is to have a stockpile that smokes smoothly and feels well. Here steps of how to cure weed in a jar:

Trimming your buds

To begin the weed in a jar procedure, you must first prepare your flowers. You’re fine to go if you dried your buds individually. If you choose to dry them by the branch, you’ll need to do some cutting. Remove the sugar leaves from each bud.

Stashing your cannabis flowers

Store your stockpile in airtight containers. Jars for curing cannabis are a durable solution that allows gardeners to watch their buds during the growing process readily. Fill the container to 75% full with loosely packed buds. It is critical to provide space for air. Now is to see if your cache is dry enough to cure. Shake the jars for curing cannabis gently to combine. Continue with the next steps if your buds freely rattle about the glass. If they start to clump together, it means the exterior is still too moist and has to be dried more.

Curing your cannabis with optimum humidity

Apply the lids to your cannabis curing jars and store them in a cold, dark area to protect against the risks. Place them in a closet or other storage area that maintains a temperature of 21°C and relative humidity of 60-65% within the curing cannabis in jars. The only method to correctly assess this is to place a tiny hygrometer (a device that monitors humidity) in each curing weed in mason jars.

Regulating your humidity contents

You should check on your buds around twice a day during the first few days. Examine them with a magnifying glass and keep an eye out for any mold growth. You should also open the lids for a few minutes every time you inspect to allow fresh air circulation. Maintain vigilance over your hygrometers.

how long to leave jar open when curing
How long to leave jar open when curing cannabis.

Continue as usual if the humidity value is between 60 and 65%. If the curing cannabis in jars become excessively wet, let the lids open for about 3 hours to allow excess moisture to escape. In the event that the humidity is too low, keep the lids closed for extended periods without breathing sessions. If there is still no rise in humidity, add a tiny humidity pack inside the affected curing in jars.

Finally, the procedure of jar curing your cannabis

Continue to open the jars once daily for the following two weeks, taking the necessary precautions to maintain proper humidity. Your buds will be thoroughly cured and ready to smoke after three weeks. However, the most patient users will get the most benefits. Your flowers’ quality will continue to enhance for up to six months after curing.

Growing your cannabis is only one step; properly curing it with a cannabis curing jar is another. You must understand each of the procedures so that you may enjoy amazing buds that are powerful and enjoyable to use.

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