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What is the Truffle Mix Pack?

Trufflez, White Truffle, and Black Truffle cannabis seeds make up the Truffle Mix Pack. These three strains are from Premium Cultivars’ kitchen and deliver a traditional, down-home, and one-of-a-kind palette of Indica-dominant characteristics. Apart from being high-quality seeds, the three are household brands in the cannabis industry, having dominated the market. Truffle Mix Pack contains seeds that blossom quickly and produce above-average yields. Furthermore, these cannabis seeds are resistant to disease, pests, and mildew, and their lateral arms are robust enough to support the minor colas. Additionally, the Truffle Mix Pack offers variety and value by including three different strains and two various sizes, with three seeds of each strain (9 total seeds) and six seeds of each strain (18 seeds in total).

Why should I buy the Truffle Mix Pack?

The benefit of the Truffle Mix Pack is that you get a random assortment of phenotypes. Aside from the sheer quantity of Truffle Mix Pack available, they also provide outstanding value to farmers. This Truffle Mix Pack comprises seeds from three carefully selected, high-quality strains, filling your grow room or yard with ample harvests. This single cannabis seed mix pack consists of three diverse strains at a low price of $149 for 3×3 seeds ($16.50 per seed) or $249 for 3×6 seeds ($13.83 for each seed). Conversely, you cannot compare these prices to single seed packets, which are roughly the same price but include fewer single-strain seeds.

What strains are included in the Truffle Mix Pack?


Truffle, an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that can also be referred to as Trufflez or Truffles, was created by crossing Zkittlez and Cherry Noir. It is, however, one of those strains with a hazy history. Trufflez seeds have a high germination rate, meaning most will sprout and develop into healthy plants. Truffle cannabis seeds can be developed both indoors and outdoors. The yield you can expect will be quite good, with the strain playing the most important role. Your growing prowess will also be an important factor. Overwatering cannabis can inhibit plant development, and too many nutrients can result in a nutrient burn or bad quality buds. Also, the Truffle blooms at 8 to 9 weeks, and the strain is stunning with dark green and nearly scarlet hues.

Black Truffle

Black Truffle strain seeds are a rare, slightly Indica-dominant hybrid (60% Indica/40% Sativa) created by an unknown cross of other hybrid strains. Despite their exact parentage being uncertain, Black Truffle seeds are usually thought to be members of the Truffle family due to their exceptional characteristics and prolific yield. Black truffle seeds are tiny and may grow inside and outdoors. When cultivated indoors, the yield is modest. Growers can also increase output by growing the plant outside. Black Truffle seeds blossom for around 8 to 9 weeks indoors. The rich green with the nearly scarlet colors of the strain makes it incredibly beautiful. Furthermore, the seeds of this strain feature colorful hairs and puffy nugs with amber trichomes. When the Black Truffle seeds are adequately cared for and grown outside, you may anticipate harvesting between mid-September and October.

White Truffle

White Truffle is a one-of-a-kind strain that combines the powerful Gorilla Glue #4 and Peanut Butter Breath into one well-known strain. Furthermore, White Truffle was created by breeders in 2016 as a hybrid strain with a 70:30 Indica-dominance. White truffle seeds thrive in warm, semi-humid environments and may be cultivated indoors and outdoors with minor trimming. The White Truffle strain plant is a sight to behold, with rich purple foliage that borders on black. Furthermore, the plant has large, thick olive-green nuggets covered with white trichomes and dark reddish-brown hairs creeping along the surface of the leaves.

Can I grow multiple cannabis strains at the same time?

One of the most significant advantages of producing many strains in the same grow room is the increased number of varieties from their co-cultivation. Growing many strains in the same grow room results in unique varieties with varying quantities and qualities, ensuring a different cultivator experience. If growers know the strains’ distinctiveness, the various strains react differently to the growth conditions, allowing them to maximize them to produce the most yield. Furthermore, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned grower, producing a variety of similar Feminized seeds may keep your jars full of an endless supply of different buds.

Training techniques to help you grow the Truffle Mix Pack

Plant training is the process of molding and developing your plants. Farmers may train plants to do a variety of tasks. Plant structure may be regulated and altered by using training tactics. Consequently, several aspects of the plant’s health, performance, and utility may be improved.

Screen of Green

ScrOG, or screen of green, is a strategy that entails using a screen or net as a trellis through which the top canopy will grow while cleaning away the lowest section of the cannabis plant below the screen, assuring a maximum output of symmetrical blooming locations. This method necessitates longer vegetative durations than other plant-training procedures since chosen branches must be fed through the screen throughout the growth period. It’s as simple as wrapping chicken wire over a wooden frame, connecting bamboo shoots in a square pattern, or simply making a screen out of wire or pea netting.

Using a screen lets the grower be completely hands-on with his plants while also allowing those with low plant counts to produce high yields in a tiny grow space. The plants are forced to devote all their development above the screen, leading to no low-hanging buds and enhanced air movement beneath the canopy.


All cultivators should consider removing fan leaves and low-growing tips only when the moment is right. Plants use their energy on whatever growth, so understanding when to take away and strip the less productive sections than the upper parts is critical. Using a pair of scissors, prune out the plant’s lowest growth, which will take away from the prize cannabis buds you want. Everything from side branches to large healthy fan leaves should be removed. A reasonable rule of thumb is to cut 60 to 70% of the growth from the bottom of the pots upward. You may also peel away from the branches with your finger and thumb. Keep an eye out for any new growth that appears where the pruning was done.


Topping is a straightforward HST that entails trimming your cannabis plant’s top. It will therefore regenerate with two stems, producing two central colas instead of one. Repeat this technique numerous times to increase the number of bud sites. Another topping variation is called “fimming.” When fimming, you only remove around 75% of the top, so you get four new shoots rather than just two. Make sure the plant is still in the vegetative phase before fimming or topping. If it has already started to bloom, all you have to do to reduce your yield significantly is cut the main cola off.

Other things to consider when growing the Truffle Mix Pack

As cannabis becomes more broadly allowed, more individuals begin growing it in their backyards and grow rooms. However, growing cannabis can be a lot of fun, especially when you can choose which combination pack strains to plant. You will have complete control over the environment in your grow room, allowing you to adjust variables such as temperature, humidity, and light hours to create the ideal setting for your plants. You will also need to construct irrigation and lighting systems for your indoor flowers to blossom.

Furthermore, crops cultivated outdoors have a longer gestation time and completely depend on their natural life cycle. As a result, you may only be able to harvest your crop once a year. Regardless, extreme weather events or changes, such as damaging winds, floods, dust storms, bushfires, and even early snowstorms, can wipe out your outdoor cannabis crop. Pests and plant illnesses are a cultivation risk — and an operational worry — regardless of how your product is grown.

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