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Big fan of the Tropicana and Animal cookies. These genetics seems super stable are so far pumping out some frosty fan leaves.

Melany Vasquez, Customer
Big fan of the Tropicana and Animal cookies. These genetics seems super stable are so far pumping out some frosty fan leaves.

Melany Vasquez, Customer


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What is the Cookies Mix Pack?

The Cookies mix pack is a collection of cannabis strains based on the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain (abbreviated GSC) that are among the most sought-after cannabis seeds ever cultivated. Their reputation has established them as vital genetics for customers looking for a superb balance of Indica and Sativa plants, all seasoned with the sweetness of California tastes from the other side of the Atlantic. Additionally, this mix pack contains strains such as Animal Cookies, Alien Cookies, and Tropicana Cookies. This Premium Cultivars Cookies mix pack offers variety and value by including three unique strains and two sizes, with three seeds of each strain (9 total seeds) and six seeds of each strain (6 total seeds) (18 seeds in total).

Why should I buy the Cookies Mix Pack?

The Cookies mix pack contains famous strains well-known to almost anybody who knows a thing or two about pot, and for a good reason. The Cookies mix pack features three unique strains at an economical price of $149 for 3×3 seeds ($16.50 each seed) or $249 for 3×6 seeds ($13.83 per seed). These costs, unfortunately, cannot be compared to single seed packs, which are around the same price but contain fewer single strain seeds.

To break it down fully, the different sizes are:

  • 3×3 seeds – $149 ($16.50 per seed)
  • 3×6 seeds – $249 ($13.83 per seed)

What strains are included in the Cookies Mix Pack?

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is a 75% Indica/25% Sativa hybrid strain generated by crossing the iconic Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG strains. Animal Cookies buds are thick, long, minty green, with black leaves, amber hairs, and a covering of purple-tinted white crystal trichomes.

Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies is a balanced hybrid (50% Sativa/50% Indica) strain produced by crossing the famous Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies strains. Also, Alien Cookies features little brilliant neon green nugs with lumpy leafy amber hairs and a thick frosty covering of amber-colored micro-crystal trichomes.

Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies is a Sativa-heavy hybrid strain from the iconic Girl Scout Cookies X Tangie strains.

Moreover, Tropicana Cookies are beautiful looking plants and the buds you harvest have exquisite bag appeal.

Can I grow multiple cannabis strains at the same time?

Many indoor cannabis gardeners combine various strains to have a wider range of buds to pick from after harvest. Furthermore, increasing total cannabis yields by optimizing your grow area by cultivating multiple plants. Also, you can significantly increase the possibilities of your growing area by developing this Feminized seeds mix pack. This is particularly true if you teach the plants to have an equal canopy (despite the variances) and to fill in any gaps in the canopy.

Training techniques to help you grow the Cookies Mix Pack

Cannabis growers have developed these specific strategies to promote the development and health of their plants, resulting in a much larger yield.

Sea of Green (SOG)

The Sea of Green approach is about making the most of available space, which is very important if you have a small grow room, greenhouse, or huge business. It is feasible to accommodate numerous plants in the space ordinarily occupied by one plant by adjusting the cannabis plants’ illumination to 12/12 early (to force blooming). Even if the yield of each plant is lower, the total yield per square meter will be higher. When selecting whether to adopt the Sea of Green approach, time is also a crucial issue to consider. Because certain cannabis strains can spend up to 10 weeks vegetating, forcing them into bloom after only two weeks can result in more harvests each year. However, this is appropriate for bigger enterprises that require a continual supply.


Schwazzing is the act of defoliating your pot plants in a specific time sequence to increase the plant’s vigor, growth, and productivity. It is said to be intense yet highly effective defoliation, focusing on timing to improve your cannabis production inside. It is mainly performed as the plant enters the blooming stage. Schwazzing is usually done twice in a plant’s life, first at the start of the flowering period and again after three weeks. These times are crucial to the plant’s life because if they are carried out too early or too late, it may impact its general growth.

Low-stress training (LST)

LST is a non-invasive training tactic that can aids farmers to boost your overall output. LST is centered on bending cannabis plants, particularly the branches. The goal of low-stress training cannabis plants is to give a gentle method of branch training. Unlike other cannabis training methods, LST enables cannabis plants to recover within 12 hours. Conversely, different training methods need cannabis plants to continue developing for 24-48 hours. LST is best performed on young cannabis plants since the branches and stems have not yet fully developed a trichome or calyx layer.

Other things to consider when growing the Cookies Mix Pack

With cannabis being swiftly legalized in multiple places, many individuals are beginning to cultivate it in personal gardens and grow rooms. Although cultivating cannabis may be a lot of fun, especially since you can choose which mix pack strains to plant. You’ll have complete control over the environment in your grow room, enabling you to adjust variables like temperature, humidity, and light hours to generate the ideal setting for your plants. Also, you will need to install irrigation and lighting systems for your indoor flowers to grow.

Furthermore, crops cultivated outside have a longer gestation time, and you depend entirely on their natural life cycle. As a result, you may only be able to harvest your crop yearly. However, extreme weather events or variations, such as damaging winds, floods, dust storms, bush fires, and even early snowstorms, can kill your whole outdoor cannabis crop. Also, pests and plant illnesses are a cultivation risk — and an operational worry — regardless of how your produce is grown.

All seeds in the Cookies Mix Pack are HpLVD Free

The Cookies Mix pack contains HpLVD-free strain seeds. Hop latent viroid (HpLVd) is a circular infectious RNA with a single strand. The viroid causes no symptoms in hops. Signs in cannabis and hemp plants are referred to as “dudding.” If you see the symptoms and think your plants are infected with HpLVD, the initial step is to do the screening test. It will confirm or deny your suspicions. If the viroids test positive, remove all affected plants and plants in touch with the sick plant and screen them for viroid infection if feasible. If you discover that all your plants are contaminated with HpLVD, you can go on to tissue culture. It is a comprehensive approach for growing disease-free plants. It entails the application of certain chemicals that destroy the virus while also increasing your production rate.

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25 reviews for Cookies Pack

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  1. My plants thrived and produced bountiful harvests, a result of the exceptional quality of these seeds.

  2. High-quality seeds, harvest was bountiful.

  3. I couldn’t be happier with how my plants have grown, the yields were massive!

  4. Love the variety of strains and the consistency in quality of the seeds.

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