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Animal Cookies Feminized

  • Relieves pain
  • Sleepy effects
  • Pungent flavor




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Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy


Anxiety, Pain, Stress


Pungent, Sweet, Vanilla




> 78 in


1 – 3

Strain Type


Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


THC Percentage


CBD Percentage


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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Origin of Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies seeds are a child of two legendary parents, Girl Scout Cookies seeds and Fire OG seeds. Animal Cookies’ impressive origin contributes to their genetics and thus their characteristic high content. If you are looking for an intense high that will overwhelm your mind and help you fall asleep at night, Animal Cookies are the perfect marijuana buds to try.

Animal Cookies Strain Fragrance and Flavor

Animal Cookies feminized marijuana produces a pungent odor. The resulting smoke can be harsh on the lungs. The narcotic effects of this Indica dominant strain effectively remedy insomnia by helping a patient relax and eliminate negative thoughts that might be consuming the kind and destroying the sleep environment. Therefore, ensure you inhale a little smoke at a time so that you do not cough, which may be challenging because the sweet and sour mixture of anal Cookies is soothing and addictive. Animal Cookies cannabis has a nutty taste that can be doughy to some users.

Effects of the Animal Cookies Strain

The effects of Animal Cookies can be intense. Even regular cannabis smokers acknowledge the drowsiness and couch locking effects of this indica leaning cannabis buds. A consumer should be aware that the high THC level in Animal Cookies feminized seeds are above 20%, high enough to cause intense sensations.

Fortunately, the sedative effects of Animal Cookies are the main reason specialists recommend this as a solution for patients with insomnia. This cannabis plant will make you feel highly relaxed and susceptible to deep sleep.

The side effects of Animal Cookies are that the high can be extremely intense, especially for beginner stoners. It would help if you were careful with the dose because you take too much, you might feel drowsy. Moreover, ensure that you do not need to complete any pending tasks before consuming Animal Cookies because these cannabis buds will leave you feeling unproductive. If you want motivation to get things done, Animal Cookies will not provide the desired effect.

The other popular effect of Indica dominant cannabis plants, including Animal Cookies, is the cottonmouth sensation when a user does not stay hydrated. Water can help eliminate dryness in the mouth and eyes and thus ensure that your eyes and mouth feel comfortable during your high.

Although there are cannabis users who experience an increase in appetite after taking Animal Cookies feminized marijuana buds, it should not be a surprise if you lack the energy to eat. The Loss of appetite may result from unproductivity and the need to chill and not do anything, including eating.

Germinating Animal Cookies feminized cannabis Seeds

The paper towel germination method is straightforward. There are only nine steps you should know about if you are considering terminating your seeds before transferring the resulting seedlings into a growing medium like soil/ for example:

  1. You will need to put your seeds on a paper towel.
  2. The paper towel will hold water because you will need to spray water into your seeds to ensure that they remain moist.
  3. Moisture is a crucial ingredient for successful germination. However, it would help if you did not spray a lot of water into your seeds and paper towel until they are wet.
  4. Place your paper towel on a plate. Check under the container to ensure that water does not accumulate because this would mean that your seeds are wet.
  5. Cover the plate and its contents with another plate to create a germination chamber.
  6. Plate the germination chamber in a drawer where it’s dark and warm.
  7. Check-in your seeds regularly to track the process.
  8. If you notice your seeds drying up, you can spray more water.
  9. After a week, you should notice sprouted shoots, which means your seedlings have germinated. You can now transfer the seedlings into soil.

Growing Animal Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

You can grow Animal Cookies marijuana plants indoors or outdoors. However, expert cannabis growers recommend using a grow tent to control growing conditions and guarantee maximum yields. A grow tent is a perfect component of indoor cultivation. Outdoors can expose your cannabis plants to a harsh environment, but you can expect high profits if you observe growing tips.

It would be best to have prior experience growing cannabis to understand what to expect during the germination and growing process. Also, limited expertise will not help you identify possible issues like deficiencies.

The yields you harvest upon planting Animal Cookies will vary depending on your expertise and availability of optimal conditions. However, if you treat your plants well, you will gain a lot of profits because consumers will enjoy the high Animal Cookies provided.

Cannabis growers that grow their Animal Cookies feminized seeds in soil receive higher yields. Few challenges can hinder successful growth in soil, unlike hydroponic that may cause mold to destroy your cannabis plants, thus reducing your results.

Growing Animal Cookies feminized in warm and humid climates will optimize your yield. However, if the environment is an issue, you should consider using a grow tent to control the temperatures and humidity.

Animal Cookies feminized seeds provide the ideal sedation you may need after a long day at work. You should consider trying out Animal Cookies if you have sleep problems that might affect your productivity the following day.

Animal Cookies feminized FAQs

How long does Animal Cookies feminized take to germinate?

It takes at least three to five days for your Animal Cookies’ feminized seeds to germinate.

What is the Animal Cookies feminized flower time?

Animal Cookies feminized plants have a flowering time of about ten weeks.

How long does it take Animal Cookies feminized to grow?

It should take your Animal Cookies feminized seeds about three months to grow to maximum potential.

Do Animal Cookies feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

Animal Cookies feminized plants grow better in soil because a grower can easily manage the medium and prevent any mold from growing and destroying the cannabis plants.

How tall does Animal Cookies feminized grow?

Animal Cookies feminized grow relatively tall, easily manageable for even novice growers.

Where is the best place to buy Animal Cookies feminized in the USA?

You should buy Animal Cookies feminized from a trusted cannabis dealer to guarantee successful germination and optimal growth.

Are there any other names for Animal Cookies feminized?

Yes. Another name for Animal Cookies feminized cannabis seeds is Animal Crackers.

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