Alien OG Feminized

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Alien OG seeds produce nuggets that have a traditional appearance, with dense, spherical buds, rich, deep green sugar leaves, and incredibly curly orange pistils.





Alien OG Feminized Strain information


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene


Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Strain Type





< 30 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

3 – 6

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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33 reviews for Alien OG Feminized

  1. Natalie Aronson

    Alien og feminized has been added to my good books. Do buy!

  2. Jerry Johnson

    With proper care, heavy feedings and the right environmental conditions, this strain can provide heavy yields.

  3. Wilson Alfonso

    This is truely a jackpot. Don’t wait! Just get a hand on one if its in stock.

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The History of Alien OG Feminized Seeds

Because of the name alien, many believe this cannabis was initially cultivated and manufactured by aliens. This Indica-dominant cannabis strain has its origins in California, where it is said to have appeared originally. Users and gardeners frequently experiment with exposing Alien OG seeds to darkness for them to shine. Furthermore, Alien OG Feminized seeds are the product of a cross between Alien Kush and Tahoe OG Kush. Both parents are heavy on Kush genetics, resulting in a strong and resinous hybrid that has been fine-tuned to perfection.

How to Germinate Alien OG Feminized Seeds

Every cannabis plant starts as a little seed that has the potential to grow into a big plant with plenty of buds. The germination process is essential to get your farm or garden off to a good start. One of the easiest and most productive techniques for getting cannabis seeds to sprout is the paper towel technique for Alien OG seeds. Here are steps for utilizing the paper towel technique to sprout your Alien OG seeds:

  1. Assemble your tools, including two paper towels, a working location (table), a dinner plate, a water sprayer, and tweezers.
  2. Wet the two paper towels using a water sprayer.
  3. Squeeze out any remaining water.
  4. Place one paper towel on top of a plate on your table.
  5. Place many Alien OG seeds on top, about an inch apart.
  6. Wrap with the second paper towel.
  7. Place the cushioned seeds between two plates or beneath a face-down dish in a plastic bag.
  8. Keep the paper towel-wrapped Alien OG seeds away from window sills and out of direct sunlight, and maintain a temperature of 72°F.
  9. Alien OG Feminized seeds will emerge from the hand towel sandwich in two to five days and produce tiny roots prepared for transplantation when they are five millimeters or longer.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

Most professional growers use Feminized cannabis seeds because they are more likely to yield bigger buds. Conversely, regular seeds cannot guarantee this, so your chances of producing a female cannabis seed are essentially the same as your chances of generating a male cannabis plant. Regular seeds are great if your primary objective for producing cannabis is to develop new species or healthy clones. Cannabis Feminized strain seeds are the way to go if you want to harvest buds in a reasonable amount of time without separating males and females.

Growing Alien OG Feminized Seeds

If high, increased yields are your goal, you’re in luck! Alien OG is known for doing precisely that, and with quality buds, it appears to be a match made in heaven—or should we say space? Alien OG has a frosty, sticky coating, and the trichome layer attests to the strain’s excellence. The enchantment comes not only in the enormous density of the natural nuggets and colas but also in the satisfying harvests from successfully cultivated crops.

Should I Grow Alien OG Feminized Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Alien OG seeds are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cannabis growing.

Growing Alien OG Feminized Seeds Indoors

Growing Alien OG seeds indoors is typically the best option since it is much easier to maintain a constant, friendly environment. These Feminized cannabis seeds take 7-9 weeks to flower.

Growing Alien OG Feminized Seeds Outdoors

Outdoors, Alien OG seeds are typically harvested in October.

How Much Do Alien OG Feminized Seeds Yield?

How to Get Better Yields from your Alien OG Feminized Seeds

Indoor arrangements typically produce 16-18 oz. Per m2. Also, under optimum conditions, each outdoor plant produces a massive number of buds, ranging from 18 to 21 oz. Per m2.

The Best Grow Medium for Alien OG Feminized Seeds

You can cultivate Alien OG seeds in organic soil to improve cannabis buds while saving money. Also, you can spend more money on a more expensive hydro system to improve nutrient management while increasing growth and yields.

The Best Climate for Alien OG Feminized Seeds

Alien OG seeds need a warm, dry, and sunny climate, particularly in Mediterranean locations.

Problems to Look Out For when Growing Alien OG Feminized Seeds

Because it is susceptible to mold and rot, Alien OG seeds require very particular conditions and must be continuously monitored. If you don’t stay in a humid climate, you might want to explore growing indoors.

How Difficult is it to Grow Alien OG Feminized Seeds?

Are Alien OG Feminized Seeds Suitable for Beginners?

Without the correct information and experimentation, producing Alien OG may be pretty tricky. If you have a lot of experience growing cannabis, Alien OG seeds will be nothing new to you, but for those who are just starting, make sure to do your study correctly before attempting. 

The Best Grow Techniques for Alien OG Feminized Seeds


Pruning your plants is another excellent strategy to keep mold and mildew at bay. It is a method that has the potential to increase yield. By the second week of the growth season, you may start thinking about cutting the leaves. Furthermore, you should not prune your cannabis plants after the second week of flowering. Make use of sharp scissors. Otherwise, you risk badly harming the plant. Also, remove huge fan leaves that prevent light from reaching the plant’s lowest half. Water and fertilize your Alien OG seeds shortly after pruning. This lowers the amount of stress and promotes development.


Trimming cannabis plants effectively allows some individuals to interact with them. Also, trimming is disliked by certain people due to its monotony. Trimming is also an essential phase in the development process for rookie and seasoned growers. Cannabis must be meticulously trimmed to produce the most excellent buds possible. Cannabis must produce outstanding outcomes because it takes several months to cultivate. Trimming all of your buds’ excess leaves improves their overall appearance.


Lollipopping is a method of cutting cannabis that allows you to focus just on the highest bud parts. Lollipopping is a simple way of directing light to specific plant nodes while simultaneously using the plants’ limited energy resources.

Are there Similar Seeds to Alien OG Feminized Seeds for Sale Online?

Alien OG seeds are similar to Blackberry Kush Feminized, Chocolope Feminized, Big Bud Feminized, and Black Domina Feminized cannabis seeds.     

Where can I Buy Alien OG Feminized Seeds?

You no longer need to visit a cannabis dispensary to acquire seeds physically. Visit the website to purchase valuable and viable Alien OG seeds from Premium Cultivars.

How do I Buy Alien OG Feminized Seeds?

Acquiring Alien OG Feminized seeds might be challenging since you can’t be sure the seller is offering high-yielding seeds. Premium Cultivars, an online provider of autoflowering and Feminized seeds, is the finest place to acquire Alien OG cannabis. Depending on your budget, you may buy packs of 6, 12, or 24 Alien OG seeds. Premium Cultivars will ship these Feminized seeds to any state that allows the selling of cannabis seeds. Any purchase of Alien OG seeds worth more than $100 qualifies for free shipping. Moreover, all interested customers are encouraged to visit the website, browse the seeds, make online purchases, and pay using various payment methods. All commonly used debit and credit cards are accepted as payment methods.

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Product Reviews

33 reviews for Alien OG Feminized

  1. Natalie Aronson

    Alien og feminized has been added to my good books. Do buy!

  2. Jerry Johnson

    With proper care, heavy feedings and the right environmental conditions, this strain can provide heavy yields.

  3. Wilson Alfonso

    This is truely a jackpot. Don’t wait! Just get a hand on one if its in stock.

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