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1. Cannabis Seedling Stage Problems – How to Maintain a Healthy Cannabis Seedling

Healthy cannabis seedlings are important

To reap maximum yields, you need to grow viable seeds that germinate successfully into healthy cannabis seedlings. Cannabis plants are extremely vulnerable to complications during their seedling stage. Therefore, you must conduct thorough research to help you appreciate what you need to make your plants sprout optimally.

Understanding the cannabis seedling stage

Although it is important to prepare for the worst by researching common rookie mistakes cannabis growers make and the problems that face seedling cannabis plants, you must first get in a search engine and type what a dead seedling looks like. This way,  you can compare the resulting images with your growing plants and thus determine whether you are on the right track.

The first thing you will notice when your cannabis seeds are sprouting is two cotyledons. These tiny leaves usually precede true cannabis leaves that begin to grow from the center of the seedling. Over time, your plant leaves will look like cannabis leaves that most people know.

What is the perfect environment for cannabis seedlings?


Temperature for growing cannabis is one of the most crucial ingredients that will ensure the success of your plants. Therefore, you should invest in a thermometer that will monitor the temperature of your grow space. A warm environment that does not exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect for cannabis seedlings.


A hygrometer is the best way to keep track of the amount of moisture in the air in your grow space. Investing in a digital hygrometer is a convenient solution to notify you of the humidity conditions without necessarily being in the growing area. Humidity levels should not exceed 90% because these conditions will encourage mold to grow and destroy your plants. Therefore, it is important to have a dehumidifier and a humidifier that will help you regulate humidity to optimal levels.

Light cycle

Before your seedlings sprout, they will be in a dark space. However, it would be best if you began exposing them to light after they break out of their shell. The least duration of light you should provide to your cannabis seedlings is 16hours. Most experts recommend cannabis growers install a 12W LED bulb at least 3inches above a seedling.

Seedling nutrient requirements

The only way you can ensure your plants are healthy is by providing adequate seedling nutrients. These nourishments prevent cannabis leaves from adopting a color that is not green.

Common cannabis seedling problems


When your cannabis seedlings face stress, especially light deprivation, the stems may become long and stretchy. Your seedlings will implement this technique to try and reach the light.

Cannabis sprout
Cannabis sprouting from the soil

It would be best to consider the distance your plants are from a light source because this affects the intensity of light necessary for seedling growth. If you do not provide sufficient light in your grow room, you will wake up to find that your cannabis seedlings fell over and thus cannot recover.

Correcting your light cycle and introducing adequate seedling nutrients will result in healthy cannabis seedlings and prevent a cannabis plant falling over.


One of the most common seedling problems affecting cannabis is damping off. These conditions usually occur when the seedlings are exploded to media with high water content due to overwatering or poor drainage.

Exposure to excess water content will cause a fungus problem that will attack the bottom areas of your plants, especially the stems. The fungus, mostly Pythium, usually kills the plant after cutting off fluid circulation.

If you want to get ahead of the problem, you should look for common signs of damping-off and perform the necessary corrective measures. Plants that become droopy in a single day after being healthy could be damping off. Apply hydrogen peroxide onto affected seedlings to prevent the spread of the fungus. The beginning of cannabis plants falling over indicates that damping off is severe, and it is not much you can do to save your plants.

Common causes of cannabis seedling problems


The most common cause of cannabis seedling problems like damping off is overwatering. When your plants are in a medium with excess water, they do not have access to enough oxygen, which causes cannabis damping-off symptoms. The first sign of overwatered plants is the drooping of cannabis true leaves.


Most growers who have received warning against overwatering their cannabis seedlings tend to under-water the plants, an issue that will cause your seedlings to droop and wilt. Cannabis true leaves usually lose water in a process called transpiration. Therefore, to avoid cannabis seedlings not growing, ensure that you provide enough moisture for your cannabis roots to absorb.

Nutrient problems

Cannabis seedlings not growing or with color discoloration on the leaves signify that your plants lack enough seedling nutrients. Take time to learn about the different cannabis deficiencies affecting seedlings so that you correctly diagnose your cannabis seedling issues, thus developing the right treatment procedure.

Temperature too high

When temperatures are too high, your cannabis true leaves will curl at the edges, and spots might occur. A thermometer will help you track the temperature in your grow space and thus help you make adjustments to slightly lower but still high temperatures.

Incorrect light cycle

If your plants are not receiving enough light, you will notice that the stems are becoming stretchy and long. Even though you might be providing long periods of light, it is also important to allow your cannabis seedling time in the dark.

Maintaining an ideal environment for healthy cannabis seedlings

It would be best if you strived to ensure that your plants have access to optimal environments that promote the growth of healthy cannabis seedlings. The more care you give your cannabis seedlings, the higher chances you will have of reaping maximum yields.

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