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Growing Cannabis in Space Buckets

Space bucket grow

Growing cannabis on a smaller scale? A space bucket is an inexpensive product or do-it-yourself solution that may help. What are space buckets, how are they constructed, and why are they beneficial to casual and professional growers? Take a look!

What exactly are space buckets?

The word was first used seven years ago by a developer named Ekrof, who created the website He had previously had difficulty cultivating plants due to his apartment’s little natural light, but he ultimately devised a method that made indoor gardening simple and long-lasting. When you have a small amount of indoor room but still want to cultivate some cannabis, a space bucket is a way to go. While there is nothing new about indoor gardening kits, the space bucket is perfect for the cannabis plant and the grower’s need for anonymity. Grow light systems typically consist of at least one bucket with a ventilation system and a cover with grow lights installed. An average model consumes less power and takes up less room than a standard mini-fridge.

Why grow cannabis in a space bucket?

There are three main benefits of growing weed in a space bucket: reduced expenses, a reduced environmental imprint, and complete management of the growing process.

Reduced expenses

Producing a space bucket doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you’re looking to save money, this microenvironment is a great option since it costs just a fraction of what it would construct a grow room (which may cost you over $1,000). Most of what you’ll need is either already lying about the house or can be obtained at any shop specializing in home goods.

Small footprint

Because of their compact design, space buckets are a great option for living quarters with limited square footage, such as studios, dormitories, or small homes. You can grow weed in a space bucket anywhere. If you must store your bucket in a public place, disguise it by placing it amongst other containers and covering the electrical connections. After the bucket is sealed, anybody can only hear the fans’ quiet hum, but they won’t be able to see the lights.

Total control

Most people who increase in space buckets do so because they like testing their limitations. There are benefits and drawbacks to using sealed microenvironments, which allow for complete control over growth.

A little oversight, readily remedied in a larger grow room, may be fatal to your plants in a confined environment like a space bucket. However, you may witness the effects of a little tweak to one part of the growth by maintaining uniformity in lighting, feed, and pH levels.

To achieve this, you’ll need to set up at least two space buckets to cultivate the same strain in separate environments. You might modify your training methods, artificially stimulate one’s development, or experiment with dietary changes. Within a short time, you will learn which strategy worked best.

What’s Better, Buying or Building Space Buckets? 

There are a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) space buckets out there, and you can put one together for less than $100. A space bucket’s design relies on quite primitive technology. Constructing one is a simple task. It depends on how quickly you can gather and put the parts together.

If you’re trying to decide whether to construct something yourself or purchase it, that’s the place to start. Check out the ready-to-assemble kits that can be purchased online. They cost a little more than if you were to construct one yourself. It takes less than 30 minutes to put them together. Moreover, there is no need to waste time or gas going to a hardware shop.

One advantage of constructing your space bucket is that you can make multiples once you’ve mastered the procedure. It means you’ll cut costs. Additionally, in the future, you won’t have to purchase a whole new set-up if you break anything since you know how to fix it yourself.

Tips for Using Space Buckets to Start Your Cannabis Garden

Let’s pretend you’ve finally resolved to stop being a weekend warrior DIYer and instead invest in a premade kit. As a result, you now have a huge box of random items in your living room—instructions for getting a space bucket cannabis garden up and running.

Cannabis Seedling in Space Bucket

All of us are eager to “start cultivating” right immediately. Here are seven critical measures before planting your first seedlings in a space bucket.

Collect Some Five-Gallon Black Buckets

If you want your cannabis plant to produce plenty of buds, it has to be a solid size and have enough place for its roots to spread out. When using a smaller container, the harvest will be proportionally less.

Use four or five containers to begin. The dark buckets diminish the light leaks. It helps the cannabis develop by trapping more grow light within the space bucket.

Get Rid of the Bucket Handles and Start Drilling Holes For The Drainage

Fortunately, this is a simple process. The handles are unnecessary since you will be stacking the buckets to create a vertical garden with a high ceiling. Please do yourself a favor and clear the way by getting rid of them before you begin.

The next step is to drill holes in each bucket for aeration and drainage. Leave one bucket out to use as a starting point. It would help if you drilled holes in the bottom of the bucket to provide oxygen to the soil and drain any surplus water.

Trim the Extension Rings

Making your extensions will be necessary to give your plant the height it needs to thrive. Have any power tools? A saw will do the trick for removing the pail lids. The first five or six inches, or the bucket’s rim, will serve as your extension tools. How can you get anything done without electricity? That’s fine! A hacksaw will come in handy. Also, you may want to pull up a chair since this step might drag on for up to thirty mins.

Place the base bucket on top of your extension brackets and bolt them together

Now comes the simple part. The extension pieces you just cut may be stacked on the base bucket. Since all buckets have the same size and design, you can stack them like Legos. If you want to be sure no water gets in, you may use duct tape to seal the joints between each add-on. It keeps the growth light and the moisture in the room.

Put in your ventilation and cooling fans

Have some composure! It is a lot easier than it seems. You’ll need to equip your vertical space bucket with two basic kinds of fans. The first will act as an oxygen intake for the plant, while the second will serve as an exhaust to reduce internal temperatures and humidity.

Fans with a blade span of five inches are often used. However, one of the fans should be much bigger than the other. That being said, you may use a four-inch fan for the exhaust and a five-inch fan for the intake. If you’re shopping for them online, you may see them referred to as “metal muffin fans” instead.

There isn’t much of a learning curve when installing the space bucket fans. Others find that installing a charcoal or black filter helps lessen the odor of stale dirt and pot.

Set up your grow lighting

To illuminate your space bucket, you have several choices. CFLs, COBs, LED Strips, and traditional incandescent bulbs are just some options for plant illumination.

For electricity, you’ll want between ninety and a hundred watts. Now more than ever, you can use grow lights that are waterproof and well-suited for the humid climate. While they are a little more costly, their long lifespan justifies the extra investment.

Check the measurements of your space bucket’s lid to ensure that the grow light you want to buy will fit inside. Light may be partly recessed by using a top for a bucket, which can be trimmed to size and secured in place. The light’s fan should be placed outside the bucket to ensure optimal operation. Avoiding overheating can help safeguard your plant.

Preventing moisture loss by light proofing and caulking your space buckets

Your space bucket must be airtight at all seams to prevent light leakage. The integrity of your grow space will be severely undermined if there are gaps between each vertical extension. The subtropical heat and humidity your plant needs to thrive will be gone.

Acquire a system that can water itself and set it up

You may choose from a wide variety of possibilities. To avoid over- or under-watering, you should install an autonomous watering system that monitors soil moisture. The right humidity will be maintained while you save time and effort.

Picking up good soil for your space buckets 

There is much discussion over the ideal soil combination for cannabis cultivation. Instead, you should use organic compost soil with all the nutrients your plants need in their containers. Worm castings are a great addition to the soil if you wish to improve its quality. That’s the naturally fertile, dark-black soil that plants need.

One of your most vital components is soil, so don’t skimp on it for your space buckets. The ideal condition would be high-quality loam soil. It retains nearly little moisture and drains almost as well as it does, thanks to its near-neutral pH. It is because the soil is composed of both sandy and clay particles.

Grow your cannabis

You may choose between two different methods while cultivating your cannabis. One option is to use seeds, while another is to use seedlings as a base for clones. While clones are still very difficult to come by, home-grow for medicinal cards is becoming more common as more states legalize the practice. Quality is improved by going the additional mile and acquiring clones. You may have access to cannabis varieties that have won awards but aren’t sold as seeds.

Maintaining a high standard of quality is crucial. You can get all the details you need about cannabis when you acquire clones from a reputable grower.

The use of space buckets is an interesting do-it-yourself project that provides growers with a unique opportunity to test their skills and explore the limits of what can be accomplished in a more compact setting. Growing in space buckets may provide a modest number of dank buds with little effort, but the focus is not on the end product. It’s more about mastering the art of micro-environment management to figure out how to boost any desired quality, whether potency, flavor, resin content or anything else. Whether you want to utilize that information to better your next space bucket endeavor or expand into a full-sized grow is up to you.

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