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1. Common Mistakes Made By New Growers

There are many mistakes made by new growers, that’s where cannabis groin tips come in. Cannabis plants are well-known for their toughness. Growing high-quality plants is no easy task, and many cannabis growing tips can be interpreted and misunderstood. The following are the most common mistakes to avoid when growing cannabis;

Being unprepared

Beginner cannabis growing does not have to be rocket science when you understand some essential cannabis growing tips. The rule of thumb is, don’t jump right in without any preparation or research on the dos and don’ts of growing cannabis. That is a recipe for disaster. Being well-prepared increases the likelihood of the growing operation’s success. There’s the equipment to consider, as well as the grow room itself when growing cannabis indoors. This necessitates budgeting and planning. If you are growing cannabis outdoors, you must consider the general climate and any seasonal changes that may affect your crops. If you grow too late in the season, the plants may not be fully mature by winter. Thus, you must be aware of the local weather and climate and follow a suitable outdoor growing calendar.

Using poor cannabis seeds genetics

We understand that you are excited to start growing your cannabis plants. Moreover, this is not to say that you should go for seeds with poor genetics. You will waste time, effort, and resources if you do. Furthermore, most new gardeners are unwilling to spend large sums of money on extremely high-quality products for their plants. Novice growers pay too little for their beginning seeds, thus receiving low-quality seeds. Purchase your seeds from a reputable seed bank to ensure healthy plants as you are spending a lot of money between lighting equipment, nutrients, and everything else.

Failure to maintain a suitable pH balance

One of the most significant and highly harmful aspects of a healthy growing environment is pH. Your plants will become sickly and unproductive if the pH is not balanced. You can have severe problems if the water you are using is too acidic or basic. You should ideally use water with a pH of 6.0-7.0. This pH level allows your plants to obtain all of the nutrients they need. If you exceed this range, you will begin to notice nutrient deficiencies because the water lacks acidity or is too much for that nutrient to become available. Inspect the pH of your water source regularly. You can purchase filters to maintain a specific pH level or add additives to your water to increase or decrease acidity.


Pruning is one of the essential cannabis growing tips; however, some overenthusiastic novices get a little too creative. You should remember that less is more when it comes to pruning. Pruning can stimulate growth, but it will almost certainly stifle growth if done excessively.

Pruning cannabis
Pruning cannabis with scissors

Try one or two methods cautiously and observe how they affect your plants. This will teach you what to do the next time without completely ruining your crop.

Using the incorrect soil and fertilizer

You should invest in a high-quality substrate to cultivate and harvest the rawest and cleanest buds. This will also help you avoid most growing cannabis mistakes. Unfortunately, many newcomers overlook the significance of soil quality. It is critical to the growth cycle of your plants because it provides nutrients, water, and air to the roots. It also serves as structural support and promotes maximum root growth and expansion. To perform its functions, your soil must be light, brittle, well-draining, and water-retentive. It should crumble easily and keep its texture when wet and dry. The roots can easily develop through the soil if it has the proper structure and consistency, water can drain properly, and oxygen can extend to the root area.

Overfeeding nutrients

Overfeeding plants is one of the common growing cannabis mistakes made by inexperienced growers. There are two types of nutrients: non-organic and organic. Organic nutrients are derived from compost, manure, and other refined minerals found in the soil. When applied, they are slowly released into the soil and are not readily available for the plant to take up the excess, so organic nutrients are your best bet for avoiding overfeeding. However, organics may not provide the immediate boost you require, so you need to supplement non-organic nutrients. When growing hydroponically, you can use liquid non-organics that the plant readily absorbs. Using too much will cause your cannabis plant to overfeed and “burn,” leading to death or yield loss.

Harvesting buds too late or soon

Patience is essential. But it is not easy. When you see those tasty buds hanging from your plants, it is normal to want to get them off as soon as possible. You should wait for the right moment! If you harvest your cannabis plants too early, the buds may not reach their full potential, resulting in less potent effects.


Overwatering your cannabis plants can suffocate or even kill them. Once root rot has developed, it is nearly impossible to remove, and you will have to start from scratch. To avoid this setback, ensure the top inch of soil is completely dry, or lift your pots to get a sense of their weight. If you are unsure, you can wait for some wilting in your plants to see if they are ready for the water. Create a schedule for watering your plants based on the amount of water they receive. You can gradually increase the amount of water they receive as they grow but do so with caution.

Neglecting security

Just because cannabis cultivation is lawful in your state does not give you the right to show off your plants to the rest of the world. It is not just because of the stigma surrounding cannabis; there are also rules in place. For starters, you should keep the expanding site out of sight of the general public. You should also keep it gated and locked to prevent minors from entering. Make sure you are always up to date on the most recent cannabis laws in your area. You don’t want to gain the attention of the police or your curious neighbor.

Essential cannabis growing tips

Now that you have this amazing list of cannabis growing tips you can avoid all the common mistakes made by new cannabis growers. We also have a whole host of other articles to help growers out, such as dealing with cannabis deficiencies, growing techniques like SCROG and more.

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Marcus Smith

Marcus is a relative newcomer to the cannabis world. Though it may seem that his youth wouldn’t allow for a wealth of knowledge, this is untrue. Marcus Smith has close relationships with many cannabis breeders and grow owners which have allowed him to sample the best cannabis across the US and beyond while also gaining valuable insight into how different strains grow and develop. 𝕏

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