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A Guide to Watering Cannabis Plants While on Vacation

Watering cannabis plants while on vacation

As much as you would like to follow your cannabis plants every step of the way, life isn’t that simple. You could have to leave town, and no one will water your plants while you are away from home. But then what are you expected to do? You can’t just leave them alone; they need to be irrigated somehow! Fortunately, many other producers have experienced this problem in the past and have devised various methods to keep cannabis plants watered when no one is there. Some ways may be used using items you already have around the house, while others require additional equipment and a number of others are only accessible commercially. Moreover, two trustworthy automatic watering choices will water your plants while you are gone.

  • Clay watering stakes: These employ gravity, tubing, and clay stakes to supply water to your plants via a passive wicking technique.
  • Watering on a timer using a water pump: This entails utilizing a specially designed pump and tubing to supply water to your plants on a timer. It is similar to having your own personal sprinkler system to water plants regularly.
Vacation watering system
Vacation cannabis watering system.

Whether you are at home or not, you should water your pot plants regularly. But how can you make this happen if you’re going away for a few days or a week? There are several DIY choices available and a number of commercially available systems, but they all serve the same purpose: to provide water to your plants when they want it.

DIY techniques

Fortunately, you may already have all you require for most DIY auto-watering techniques. We are sure you’ve already spent more than enough time and money on cannabis, so you will do all you can to keep yourself out of the gardening shop.

Bottle drip system

If you have several plastic bottles lying around and a sharp-pointed knife or needle (a sewing needle or a safety pin is perfect), you have everything you need to set up the bottle drip system. Simply drill a few holes in the plastic cover. If your soil needs additional moisture, you can create more holes but start with fewer, just in case. When you’re ready to water, fill the bottle halfway with water, flip it over, and bury the neck of the bottle in the soil near your plant. It should not be too near to the stem or sunk too far into the earth since this might inhibit development. It should be stable in the soil, though, as you don’t want it to move. This should provide 3–7 days of steady-dripping water for your cannabis plants, based on the size of the bottle. A wine bottle is ideal for this task since it is both strong and can store a significant volume of water. However, any bottle with a tiny opening will suffice.

Plastic bag greenhouse approach

This strategy is unusual, yet it works well for extended vacations. Get a large enough transparent plastic bag to cover your plant and its pot. Add stakes to the basin to keep the bag from adhering to the cannabis plants. Some experts argue that the bag should not come into contact with the cannabis leaves at all, yet some contact is okay. As usual, water your cannabis plants, taking care not to overwater them. Insert the cannabis plant inside the bag, tugging the bag up and around it. Before closing the bag, blow some air into it to help it expand around your plant. It’s just additional protection against the sack pushing against the leaves. Put your pot plant in an area that obtains indirect light (direct sunlight will heat up the bag and likely kill your plant). This small greenhouse will catch evaporated water and drip it back into the plant.

Old-school water wicking method

You’ll need a large water container (like a vase or bucket) and cotton rope for this method. Cotton clothesline, which is available at most hardware stores, works excellent. Cut a length of cotton rope long enough to fit between the bottom of your water container and your plant’s soil. Push one end of the rope several inches below the soil’s surface, near the plant. Take care not to damage the roots. Fill your container with water and position the other end of the rope at the bottom. Check that the rope is touching the bottom of your container. The cotton rope will slowly draw water from the container into the pot, keeping the soil wet at all times.

Bottle in the round facing downwards

Don’t want to bother with poking holes? If your plant needs a more vigorous flow of water, place an open bottle upside-down in the soil! Remove the top from the bottle, fill it with water, and put it into the soil, covering the aperture with your thumb to ensure that no water spills above ground. This permits your soil to absorb more water at once, but it also means it will last less time. Even with larger bottles, you should only use this approach for four days at most.

String drip system

This is another basic system that requires simply a water bottle and some long threads to put together. Place your water container on a shelf or surface above the base of your plants to take it off. Then, insert the threads into the dirt (not too deep, but not at the very top of the soil either). This system, which provides a continuous and regular flow of water, should last you 1–3 weeks based on the quantity of water, plants, temperature, etc.

Drainage plate

You may be unable to bring your plants into the shower, but that does not mean they cannot enjoy a relaxing soak. You can, for example, set your potted cannabis on huge plant plates loaded with water. This works similarly to a bathtub; however, your plant will only absorb what it requires through the perforations in its pot. Temperature and illumination, as well as the amount of water in the plate, will all have an effect on how long this approach works. However, it usually only lasts a week or so.

Bath method

You may give pots with adequate drainage a bath while you’re away. So, sort of. Fill a few inches of water in your bathtub or sink and cover with a towel to prevent scratching. Place your potted plants in the sink and leave them there while you’re out of the house. The soil will take water up to the roots, maintaining the plant nourished for up to a week. Examine the lighting near your sink or tub; if your plants require a lot of light, don’t store them in a dark bathroom.

Note: Plants that demand bright light or direct sunlight should not be kept in the dark bathroom. Furthermore, this strategy is only appropriate for water-loving plants that require regular hydration to flourish. Other plants may perish as a result of root rot.

Commercially available approaches

Homemade remedies are excellent, but they may not work if you have more than a few plants to monitor. If you want a long-lasting or durable solution, you must seek commercially available systems.

Irrigation system

An irrigation system will be the most difficult to install, but it will also be the most effective and long-lasting. A conventional drip irrigation system will require reservoirs for your water and nutrition solution and a number of small hoses and drippers, which will most likely be bundled together when you buy everything. These systems are often fully automated, so you have to calculate how much water and fertilizer solution your system will provide to your plants. You may leave it alone for days or weeks at a time with that configuration! You’ll need to undertake some pretty frequent maintenance to keep it running, but you’ll earn days of free time in return. Consider how much cannabis research you could conduct if you didn’t have to bother about watering and feeding your plants every day!

Self-watering machines

There are several gadgets available that will water your plants while you are away. These function in the same way as the bottle techniques we discussed previously, only they’re mainly made to be placed into soil and hence stay longer. To get the most out of these gadgets, start by consistently watering your plants. Fill the bulb with dirt and fasten it in place when that’s done. Due to its thin neck and huge bulb capacity, it will last you around a week.

Additional suggestions for watering your cannabis plants when you are away

If you’re traveling for a short period, constantly water your plants deeply and thoroughly until the soil becomes too soaked. This will allow the plant to survive without water for a while. Furthermore, after watering your plant, cover it and its container with a transparent plastic bag, ensuring that the bag does not contact the plant leaves. You might use stakes to support it. It would be ideal if you also recalled moving your container plants from full sun to indirect sun.

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