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Mimosa Feminized

  • High THC
  • Uplifted effects
  • Tropical flavors




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Energetic, Focused, Uplifted


Anxiety, Depression, Stress


Citrus, Orange, Tropical

Strain Type





30 in – 78in


1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


THC Percentage


CBD Percentage


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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Origin of Mimosa Seeds

Known as “Purple Mimosa,” Mimosa is a marijuana breed created by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch seeds. Small dosages of this variety will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on any work, no matter how trivial. In excessive dosages, Mimosa may induce sleepiness and relaxation. The fragrance and taste of this breed are reminiscent of its namesake, with hints of citrus and fruit. These seeds are popular among medical marijuana users to alleviate symptoms of sadness and stress. Do not miss out on the chance to try Mimosa, a rising star in the cannabis scene. It’s worth it.

Mimosa Marijuana Strain Fragrance and Flavor

The sweet and tart scent of Mimosa is intoxicating. The scent’s first impressions are natural, earthy, and woody undertones with a floral tinge. An immediate burst of fresh citrus and tropical aromas is reminiscent of the bubbly drink it is named after. You’ll also get a hint of berry taste from its Purple Punch ancestry, which complements Mimosa’s distinct and excellent flavor profile.

In the early stages of blossoming, the scent is strong and somewhat citrusy. A more flowery and earthy undertone develops around halfway through the blooming period.

Effects of Mimosa Strain

The THC content of the Mimosa strain varies from 19 to 27 percent. She is a powerful cannabis breed because of this. Users have reported that anxiety, migraines, and even ADHD have been treated with Mimosa cannabis. The Mimosa, being a Sativa-dominant hybrid, is known to provide a euphoric high.

A number of the terpenes produced by Purple Punch and Clementine’s Mimosa seeds genetics may help lift one’s mood and alleviate stress. This variety may support depressive diseases, such as depression.

Mimosa’s therapeutic benefits go beyond boosting your mood and relieving tension. In addition to being a good painkiller, this breed is also known for its euphoric and analgesic effects.

Mimosa is a must-try if you’ve been plagued with persistent weariness. It’s a great pick-me-up that’ll get almost anybody out of bed and moving. A few individuals claim that it may assist in alleviating the symptoms of nausea.

You’ll notice a steady increase in energy as Mimosa’s euphoria sets in. A lack of concentration and drive rapidly evaporates and is replaced with a renewed sense of power and purpose. There are few mental side effects, but you will feel joyful and calm after taking it.

Germinating Mimosa Cannabis Seeds

Premium Cultivars recommends using paper towels to fast and quickly germinate your Mimosa feminized seeds. With this procedure, you will be able to grow the seeds successfully. Use the following 9-step paper towel method:

  1. Start by prepping your materials by filling a basin with water and getting your tools ready.
  2. After that, soak your paper towels in the water. Remove any extra moisture by wringing them out.
  3. While one towel is covering the dish, you should use the one to wash it.
  4. Avoid crowding the seeds by placing them in an organized method on the cloth.
  5. You’ll need a second towel if you want to keep your seeds safe. Towels should be moist but not mushy; avoid adding extra water.
  6. Look at the plate to see whether there is any water before putting the towels down and moving on. If there’s any remaining, drain it.
  7. You can store the plate in a drawer or a closet.
  8. The seeds should be planted in the earth so that they may sprout. Germination should be complete from 20 to 120 hours. Add water often to keep them from drying out. Remember to keep a close watch on them.
  9. Place the sprouting seeds in a potting soil or growth medium.

Growing Mimosa Marijuana Seeds

In temperate areas, Mimosa thrives in both outdoor and interior conditions, making it a versatile plant. It’s worth the wait since the plant takes 8-10 weeks to reach full maturity and blossom. If you want to ensure the best possible development quality, the Mimosa variety will benefit from soil rich in nutrients. Because the Mimosa plant requires a lot of nutrients, be sure to give it plenty of rich soil or supplement it with minerals already present. Increase your chances of obtaining the most excellent THC level by doing so.

Staking is an excellent way to keep the weight of the buds off the branches of Mimosa, which may reach heights of 100cm-180cm (3-6 feet). If you choose to grow Mimosa outside, be aware of its strong aroma. If you want to reduce the overpowering odors produced by indoor plants, you should install carbon air filters in each room. Mimosa may generate 500-600gr/m2 under perfect circumstances, making for a plentiful crop.

Mimosa Marijuana Seeds

The Mimosa Sativa is a pleasant and energizing way to start the day. Like its brunch counterpart, the seed is popular for wake-and-bake sessions because of its stimulating, energizing effects. In addition to delivering potency and maximizing output, its plants have a thick crystal-like trichome coating. The Mimosa breed is a rising star on the scene, and it’s clear why when you see it and take a whiff.

Mimosa FAQs

How long does Mimosa take to germinate?

If you’re using paper towels to germinate your Mimosa seeds, give them approximately five days.

What is the Mimosa flower time?

If you choose to grow Mimosa indoors, it will take approximately nine weeks to flower, while outdoors, it will be ready to harvest mid to late October.

Does Mimosa grow better in hydro or soil?

In temperate areas, Mimosa thrives in both outdoor and interior conditions, making it a versatile plant. However, the Mimosa variety will benefit from soil rich in nutrients to ensure the best possible development quality.

How tall does Mimosa grow?

An excellent way to keep the weight of Mimosa buds off the branches is to stake them since they can grow between 100cm-180cm in height (3-6 feet).

Where is the best place to buy Mimosa in the USA?

Premium Cultivars, an online retailer of autoflowering and Feminized cannabis seeds, is an excellent option if you’re looking for Mimosa marijuana seeds.

Are there any other names for Mimosa Feminized?

Mimosa is also known as Purple Mimosa.

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