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Legend OG Feminized

  • High THC
  • Fast Growing
  • Indica Hybrid




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Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene


Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy


Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Pungent, Woody

Strain Type





> 78 in


1 – 3

Flowering Time

8 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


THC Percentage


CBD Percentage


Pack Size

6, 12, 24


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2 reviews for Legend OG Feminized

  1. Modesto Hall

    The combination of flavor, high THC levels and fantastic growth traits makes this an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor cultivation. This legendary strain is synonymous with old school, white label strains and produces a high yield and beautiful looking buds that are ideal as either a medicinal or recreational cannabis product.

  2. Eric Witt

    Legend OG is a high-performing, adventurous and resilient strain from Premium Cultivars.

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Legend OG Feminized origin

Legend OG seeds are one of the many children of OG Kush, however, this strain is one of the only ones that truly lives up to the word ‘legendary’.

OG Kush is undoubtedly the most well-known cultivar to emerge from the United States. Its effect on the west coast is evident, with several of its offspring earning international fame. Ghost OG, SFV OG, and Tahoe OG phenotypes have become masterpieces in their own right and have been used to generate new crosses. Legend OG, however, has managed to keep under the spotlight. This strain’s obscurity and distinct characteristics might put many other classics to shame.

Legend OG Feminized is a 70/30 hybrid, indica-dominant cannabis strain originally developed as a clone-only OG Kush cultivar. The legend was born in California to the well-known Swamp Boys Seeds family. Even though the actual genetic background is unknown, it is unquestionably an OG Kush plant. Feminized Legend OG has a complex flavor profile, a well-balanced high, and pleasant Kush scents.

However, now growers can enjoy cannabis seeds bred from the original Legend OG clones.

Legend OG Feminized fragrance and flavour

Legend OG Feminized retains the typical Kush perfume that comes with the OG Kush genetics, but when correctly cured, she adds her multi-layered twist, combining lavender notes with touches of gasoline tastes to produce a fragrant, earthy, pine-like scent that is pungent and smooth in a joint or pipe.

As you exhale, her dank smell uncovers herbal nuances that are both sour and sweet.

Effects of Legend OG Feminized

The cerebral ecstasy provided by Legend OG Fem is mild at first. It may not appeal to enthusiasts of Sativa effects – but because it is Indica-leaning, that is not precisely what most tokers are looking for.

This cultivar’s immediate stimulation is a superb way to clear your head and produce a buzz with no affiliated hyperactivity, spinning your mindset so that disinteresting ideas become intriguing. It spars dialogue, and you might even get a little daydreamy- all before the actual Indica effects hit.

Not a quick-hitter, a creeping sensation will start to tickle its way down your spine from your head, relaxing the muscles to relieve stress and tightness and ushering in calm and fuzzy tranquility. It will feel like a strain near your temples and the lower area of your forehead, pushing blood to your face and making you flush pink. This will intensify till you become numb to the outer world, buried in a euphoria that binds you to your sofa.

Many Legend OG-users have noticed an interlude between the mind-clearing and the body buzzing wherein munchies set in. Therefore, if you do not want to feel like you are starving, have snacks available before being fully hooked to the couch.

Extreme tokers and veteran smokers will adore this insanely powerful marijuana, yet even a small amount of overdoing will greatly amplify Legend OG Feminized’s hallucinogenic effects.

As mind-bending as this high could be, psychedelia may cause an intensification of the senses, causing colors to become more vivid and dazzling, sound to be amplified, and time to slow down.

Excessive consumption of this herb could cause more than just cottonmouth and dry eyes. This strain has caused headaches and dizziness in some users, whereas individuals with low THC tolerances could experience anxiety.

Germinating Legend OG Marijuana Seeds

Germinating Legend OG cannabis seeds are easier than you might presume using the paper towel technique. Follow the following step-by-step guide to germinate your seeds correctly:

  1. Collect the materials you need, including two paper towels, a plastic container, tweezers, water, and your feminized seeds.
  2. Take the paper towels and dip them in water.
  3. Wring out the excess water so that you have damp and not soaking wet paper towels.
  4. Place one of the paper towels in the plastic container.
  5. Arrange your Legend OG marijuana seeds on the towels, spacing them by about an inch.
  6. Cover your seeds using the other paper towel. You may as well cover the plastic container using a lid.
  7. Place your container in a dark, warm location in your room.
  8. Wait for 20-120 hours. Ensure you monitor your seeds throughout this time to ensure that they do not dry out completely. Sprinkle some water, if necessary, to maintain the moist conditions.
  9. You will notice a taproot emerge on your seeds; this means that you can now transplant them to your preferred medium.

Growing Legend OG Cannabis Seeds

Legend OG cannabis seeds have OG Kush’s development structure and is a short, dense plant perfect for tiny growing rooms or grow tents, with fast sprouting seeds.

How you cultivate this plant is up to you. She will develop the fastest in a hydroponics system. However, if cultivated in organic soil, she will have a superior terpene profile and richer tastes. It all comes down to the individual gardener’s priorities.

With Legend OG cannabis seeds, a Sea of Green (SoG) setting is a sensible option since, while her blooming period will remain the same (7-9 weeks), her overall growth cycle will be cut by around two weeks.

When your plants’ pre-flowers appear, check for males in the batch. With all-feminized seeds, it is unlikely, but it is wiser not to take chances and risk pollination.

Legend OG Feminized grows best in similar conditions to several other strains (warm and humid) but with sufficient light. Her huge, pinecone-shaped blooms are a visual pleasure, with moss greens and spiraling orange trichomes, which both enhance and explain her psychoactivity. These plants will generate roughly 1.63 ounces per square foot if you take proper care of them.

Outdoor cultivators should aim for a dry, sunny climate. The harvest should occur in early October, and a plant can yield up to 17 ounces of delectable nugs.

Legend OG Marijuana Seeds

Even though the assumption is that Legend OG is a genuine phenotype of OG Kush, it is not completely obvious. Numerous medical and recreational users are completely unaware that it exists. Serious breeders are aware of it, but not everyone has access to this clone-only variety.

Legend OG feminized seeds are one of the best phenotypes of OG Kush, however, this lineage is not the only thing that makes this strain legendary. Legend OG is a great toke for total relaxation – whether for recreational purposes, and it could provide much-needed pain relief for medical users. It is a stronger variant of OG Kush, producing a less pronounced brain buzz but a powerful bodily stone.

Growing it at home is a fantastic way to get a large supply- it may yield up to 1.63 ounces per square foot when grown indoors. Besides, the feminized seed eliminates the difficulty of weeding out and discarding the males. Unfortunately, it is not for beginners or people who have a low tolerance to the psychoactive chemical, as it contains up to 24% THC.

Legend OG Feminized FAQs

How long does Legend OG Feminized take to germinate?

Germination is relatively quick, and your Legend OG Feminized seeds should be ready to plant in a week. If you want to enhance the germination process, utilize an easy-to-start tray.

What is the Legend OG Feminized flower time?

When provided with the right habitat and nutrition, the flowering time of Legend OG Feminized remains 7-9 weeks.

How long does it take Legend OG Feminized to grow?

After the flowering period of 7-9 weeks, Legend OG feminized marijuana is ready for harvest.

Does Legend OG Feminized grow better in hydro or soil?

Legend OG feminized will develop the fastest in a hydro system. Nonetheless, if grown in organic soil, she develops a richer taste and a superior terpene profile. It all depends on what you prefer.

How tall does Legend OG Feminized grow?

Like an indica, Legend OG feminized seeds grow into relatively bushy, short plants. The maximum height is about 3.5 feet.

Where is the best place to buy Legend OG Feminized in the USA?

California is the native origin of Legend OG Feminized marijuana seeds and thus the best place in the USA to buy this marijuana. However, you could also find Legend OG Feminized seeds for sale in other parts of the West Coast.

The best place to buy Legend OG seeds online is from Premium Cultivars.

Are there any other names for Legend OG Feminized?

Legend OG is a phenotype of OG Kush that has no other names. Its name comes from the OG Kush family.

Product Reviews

2 reviews for Legend OG Feminized

  1. Modesto Hall

    The combination of flavor, high THC levels and fantastic growth traits makes this an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor cultivation. This legendary strain is synonymous with old school, white label strains and produces a high yield and beautiful looking buds that are ideal as either a medicinal or recreational cannabis product.

  2. Eric Witt

    Legend OG is a high-performing, adventurous and resilient strain from Premium Cultivars.

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