Gary Payton Feminized

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The Gary Payton strain is associated with long orange pistils which stand out against a covering of amber and white crystal trichomes on dense spherical mint green flowers.





Gary Payton Feminized Strain information


Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool

Strain Type



30 in – 78 in

Yield (oz/ft2)

1 – 3

Flowering Time

7 – 9 weeks

Harvest Month


Pack Size

6, 12, 24




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21 reviews for Gary Payton Feminized

  1. Howard Cook

    Excellent. arrived on schedule, as promised. Every seed has also begun to grow. I appreciate superior cultivars.

  2. Jack Diaz

    I was quite pleased with how quickly the order arrived. I’m eager to cultivate them and measure the results.

  3. Joshua Phillips

    These cannabis seeds guarantee that your growing efforts won’t be in vain.

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The History of Gary Payton Strain Seeds

Berner’s Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics collaborated to create Gary Payton strain seeds. Powerzzz Genetics developed Gary Payton under the name Cookies by crossing Snowman with The Y. Snowman is a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. In contrast, the Y is a hybrid between Cookies and Cherry Pie.

How to Germinate Gary Payton Gelato Seeds

You’ll receive more and better nuggets when you plant your Gary Payton seeds. Premium Cultivars suggests sprouting your seeds on paper towels for up to five days before planting. Many growers like this approach since it is simple and requires regular home objects such as a plate, tweezers, and paper towels. To get your Gary Payton seeds to germinate rapidly, use this 9-step paper towel procedure.

  1. Get ready with your Gary Payton seeds, a dinner plate, paper towels, bottled or cleaned water, and tweezers.
  2. Ensure you have two wet pieces of paper towels. Then squeeze out any remaining water.
  3. Using tweezers, place Gary Payton seeds approximately an inch apart on a paper towel.
  4. Cover your cannabis seeds with a second paper towel and water them if required.
  5. Raise the paper towels to check for any remaining water in the dish. If any remains, wipe it away with a wet cloth.
  6. Place the dish with the pot seeds someplace cool and dark.
  7. Maintain a close check on your Gary Payton seeds and keep them wet during the first 24 to 120 hours.
  8. When the taproots of your Gary Payton seeds are approximately an inch long, you may plant them.
  9. Finally, using tweezers, remove your cannabis seeds from their packaging and place them root-first in their growth medium.

Why are Feminized Seeds Better than Regs?

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of manually sexing your cannabis plants, feminized cannabis seeds are an excellent option to look into. The flowers produced by feminized cannabis plants are rich in psychoactive and medicinal cannabinoids and other compounds. Additionally, it is simpler to harvest just female plants rather than male and female plants simultaneously. In contrast, regular seeds produce either male or female seedlings when planted, so there is a possibility that some of your plants are male and will not have any blooms.

Growing Gary Payton Seeds

You can grow Gary Payton seeds both inside and outdoors; however, because of their Sativa relatives, they frequently grow tall and can exceed six feet in height. Flowering time inside is 7-9 weeks, while harvest time outside is late October. It is significantly more susceptible to moisture damage and fungal growths. Consider growing Gary Payton seeds in warm, humid climates with frequent pruning for the best results.

Should I Grow Gary Payton Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Gary Payton seeds do exceptionally well both indoors and outdoors.

Growing Gary Payton Seeds Indoors

If you grow Gary Payton seeds indoors, watch out for its height, as it can grow up to 6ft if you don’t monitor it closely. You can expect flowering to be anywhere between 7-9 weeks.

Growing Gary Payton Seeds Outdoors

If you want to grow the Gary Payton strain, warm temperatures and higher-than-average humidity are the ideal outdoor growing conditions.

How Much do Gary Payton Seeds Yield?

Expect indoor yields of 1-1.5 OZ/FT2, while outdoor outcomes are between 18 and 20 OZ/Plant.

How to Get Better Yields from your Gary Payton Seeds

If you want optimum yields from Gary Payton seeds, grow them in a warm and humid environment, and don’t forget frequent pruning.

The Best Grow Medium for Gary Payton Seeds

Gary Payton Seeds do well both in soil and hydro.

The Best Climate for Gary Payton Seeds

This strain grows best when it is warm, and the humidity is higher than average.

Problems to Look Out For when Growing Gary Payton Seeds

When growing Gary Payton cannabis seeds, you should know that this strain is simple to grow. However, you will need to look for a few problems growing Gary Payton indoors. These include powdery mildew and spider mites.

How Difficult is it to Grow Gary Payton Seeds?

Growing Gary Payton seeds is pretty straightforward.

Is Gary Payton Suitable for Beginners?

The Gary Payton strain is a perfect fit for growers of all experience levels.

The Best Grow Techniques for Gary Payton Seeds


Pruning is a strategy for encouraging new development by removing leaves, stems, and branches from a plant. You can do this for several purposes, including improving the plant’s look, encouraging greater yields, or removing sick or damaged plant portions. You can accomplish pruning using various equipment, including shears, pruning saws, or even your hands.


SOG (Sea of Green) is a growing technique that you can use to produce a lot of cannabis in a small space. This method is excellent if you want to maximize yield and is especially effective for growing Gary Payton cannabis seeds. To grow using the SOG method, you will need to start with a small number of plants and then grow them closely together. You will need to keep the plants trimmed so that they stay short.


Trimming is the process of removing leaves from the cannabis plant. You do this to improve the plant’s appearance or remove damaged or unhealthy leaves. Trimming can also help to encourage new growth and enhance the plant’s yield.

Are there Similar Seeds to Gary Payton Seeds for Sale Online?

The cannabis seeds, similar to Gary Payton, include Purple Queen, Sundae Driver, OG Cheese, and Peanut Butter Cookies.

Where can I Buy Gary Payton Seeds?

Gary Payton cannabis seeds are available from Premium Cultivars, an outstanding seed bank. It will be simple to pay for the seeds if you have a credit card.

How do I Buy Gary Payton Seeds?

In the United States, Premium Cultivars offers high-yielding cannabis seeds. Gary Payton Seeds are accessible in every state where recreational cannabis growing is legal from Premium Cultivars, one of the most recognized seed banks. Customers who spend $100 or more on Gary Payton seeds get free shipping, and our website offers a diverse selection of seeds for your choosing. A credit or debit card is the most convenient means of payment.

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Product Reviews

21 reviews for Gary Payton Feminized

  1. Howard Cook

    Excellent. arrived on schedule, as promised. Every seed has also begun to grow. I appreciate superior cultivars.

  2. Jack Diaz

    I was quite pleased with how quickly the order arrived. I’m eager to cultivate them and measure the results.

  3. Joshua Phillips

    These cannabis seeds guarantee that your growing efforts won’t be in vain.

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