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Premium Cultivars Grow Diary Rebate Program Terms & Conditions

Rebate Program: Effective 1 June 2023 (“Effective Date”), Premium Cultivars is offering a rebate program for up to $100 cash or a $200 credit to Premium Cultivars’s online store for eligible Participants (defined below) and eligible purchases in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein (the “Program”).

Rebate Amount: The rebate amount will be up to $100 cash or a $200 credit to Your account on www.premiumcultivars.com (‘Rebate”). The Rebate will not exceed the value of the most expensive product pack of Seeds (defined below) You purchase and grow in accordance with these Terms & Conditions. During the Submission Process (outlined below), You can choose the form of Rebate, i.e., check or credit. The exact amount of the Rebate will be determined by Premium Cultivars’s rebate team (“Team”) and will be based on the total amount of your order(s) and the comprehensiveness of your Diary.  Email [email protected] for guidance on how you can receive the full Rebate.

Rebate Payment: During the Submission Process (outlined below), You can choose the form of Rebate, i.e., check or credit. Upon the Team’s verification and approval of Your Diary, Your Rebate will either be (i) sent via check within 3-4 weeks, or (ii) immediately added as a credit to Your account on the Website. When the Rebate is issued, You will receive an email at the email address linked to Your order.


Participants. The Program is open to participants who (i) are legal residents of the United States of America or Canada, (ii) reside in jurisdictions where cultivation is legal, and (iii) satisfy age of majority requirements in the jurisdiction wherein they reside (“Participant(s)” or “You”). Participants are solely responsible for researching and complying with any and all applicable laws prior to, and for the duration of, their participation in the Program. By participating in this Program, You agree and acknowledge that you are in full compliance with this “Eligibility” section and You fully release Premium Cultivars from any and all liability associated with Your participation in this Program.

Store. Participants must purchase Premium Cultivar seeds (“Seeds”) directly from www.premiumcultivars.com (“Website”) on or after the Effective Date. Premium Cultivar retains the right to discontinue the Program at any time. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, any Seeds purchased from the Website on or after the Effective Date are eligible for the Program.

Grow Diary. After Seeds are purchased in accordance with these terms and conditions, You must maintain a weekly grow diary for the Seeds on www.growdiaries.com (“Diary”). Your Diary must include the applicable “Premium Cultivars” strain (“Strain”), which You will select when You “Start Your Diary” on www.growdiaries.com. To receive the Rebate, Your Diary must include (i) comprehensive details such as growth stage, light conditions, watering schedule, nutrition regimen, pest control measures, and any challenges faced (the inclusion of photographs is strongly recommended to visualize progress of the Seeds’ growth); and, (2) a “Harvest Review” after the growth cycle of the Seeds is complete.  

Miscellaneous. On a yearly basis,* You can earn a Rebate on up to three (3) separate packs of Seeds. For a pack of Seeds to be eligible for the Rebate, most of the Seeds from such pack need to be documented in the Diary. Only one (1) Strain per Diary will be eligible for the Rebate, e.g., to receive a Rebate on two (2) Strains, You must maintain two (2) separate Diaries. If a Diary includes (two) or more Strains, You will be eligible to receive the Rebate for one (1) Strain; in such case, the maximum Rebate you are eligible for will not exceed the value of the most expensive pack of Seeds purchased.

*For the purpose of this Program, the first year will commence on the Effective Date and continue through 31 May 2024.

Submission Process: After the Seeds complete the growth cycle, e.g., seven or eight weeks[CS1] , You must email [email protected] with (i) the link to Your Diary or Diaries, as applicable, (ii) the Strain(s)  documented in the Diary or Diaries; (iii) Your full name, (iv) the date of Your order(s); (v)  the original purchase receipt(s); and, (vi) indicate the form of Your Rebate, i.e., up to $100 cash or a $200 credit to the Website. If You do not select a form of Rebate at the time of submission, the Team will apply a $200 credit to Your account on the Website following the Verification process (described below). If You cannot locate Your receipts at the time of submission, please contact [email protected] for assistance.  All submissions must be made within thirty (30) days of the completion of the growth cycle.

Verification: All submissions will be verified by the Team. Any fraudulent activity will result in immediate disqualification from the Program.

Tax Responsibility: Any tax liability resulting from Your receipt of the Rebate is Your sole responsibility.

Privacy: Any personal information collected during the Submission Process will be used only for the administration of the Program, in accordance with Premium Cultivars’s privacy[CS2]  policy.

Modification/Cancellation: Premium Cultivars reserves the right to modify or cancel the Program at any time without notice.

By participating in the Program, You agree to these terms and conditions. Please retain a copy of these terms and conditions, as well as Your receipt(s), for Your records.