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Cannabis Leaves Curling Down

cannabis leaves curling down

Cannabis leaves curling down may be a cry for help from your cannabis plants!

Cannabis plants cannot cry out for help but can tell when something is wrong. Almost every gardener has encountered a situation in which their plant begins to exhibit indications of distress. The plant may droop, the leaves may become yellow, or curl down into a claw form. While various circumstances can cause this issue, cannabis plants containing more than 90% water typically experience this issue. One of the most prevalent issues gardeners face with cannabis plants is the clawing or curling of the leaves. Although cannabis leaves curling down is common, it can be difficult to correct, especially for inexperienced growers. Whether a newbie or an experienced grower, you must determine and address the cause of your cannabis leaves curling down.

An overview of cannabis leaves curling down

Overwatering or underwatering might be the cause of your cannabis leaves curling down. Because the symptoms are similar, the experience can help distinguish them. Getting this properly is critical to your future produce’s health. You’re probably drowning your crop if your foliage is drooping or withering, with cannabis leaves curling down. Examine the cannabis leaves tips curling down to check whether they are losing their green color. Lower leaves on the stem may also begin to yellow, die, and fall off.

In contrast, if your twisted leaves cannabis begins to droop and appear worn and heavy, you may be overwatering them. The entire and droops shortly after watering, yet it retains its form. If overwatering cannabis persists, development may drop dramatically, and the leaves twisting and curling may begin to yellow.

Reasons why cannabis leaves curl down

Curling or twisted cannabis leaves are often caused by either over-watering or under-watering your crop. However, don’t leap to conclusions because an old cannabis leaf twist naturally. When leaves curl down, it indicates that the plants receive more than enough components required for proper growth or are infected. Overwatering, insect and bug infestations, excessive nitrogen-rich fertilizers, overfeeding, and even extreme heat from the sun or lights are some of the causes of cannabis leaves tips curling down. If the entire plant is impacted, you must act quickly.


The initial step in identifying the source of cannabis leaves tips curling down is to ensure you are not overwatering. Cannabis overwatering exposes the plant to drowning and bud rot, creating an ideal environment for Pythium, the parasite that causes root rot. Waterlogging and root rot both cause cannabis leaf twist. Overwatering is one of the most prevalent problems beginning growers have, and it is luckily simple to fix. Before you water your plants, inspect them. Examine the soil and the leaves. It is time to water if the leaves are drooping and seem to grow gradually and the soil is dry to an inch deep.

twisted leaves cannabis
Overwatering can cause mold and subsequently twisted leaves.

However, you should probably wait. Overwatering generally does more damage to your plants than gradually underwatering. Underwatering can sometimes cause twisted leaves cannabis, so you need to water them more frequently. If the plant’s leaves perk up within 30 minutes after being watered, you know that underwatering caused the leaves to curl. If your plant has been overwatered, let it dry out for a few days before adjusting your watering regimen.


A cannabis leaf is particularly vulnerable to excess fertilizer. Overuse of nitrogen during the vegetative stage can cause issues such as cannabis leaf twist, burns, and dark green color. The same is true during the blooming period when an excess of phosphate or potassium produces leaf curl cannabis. Most frequent gardeners are familiar with nutrient burn. This is when cannabis leaves have scorched brown tips, comparable to the symptoms of heat stress. It is possible to canoe with cannabis leaves twisting and curling. If left untreated, chlorosis (abnormal leaf coloring) is likely.


Pests may harm cannabis plants in several ways. They are not always obvious, but the bad impacts they cause are highly visible. Aphids and mites, which dwell on the undersides of leaves and feed on the nutrients therein, are two of the most common cannabis plant pests. When these pests eat, the leaf curl cannabis downward at the edges and become crispy and dry to the touch. If cannabis pest infestation is not controlled, the leaves will lose all their vigor and nourishment. As a result, the leaves twisting and curling may become distorted and yellow.


Windburn is a common cause of cannabis leaves curling. Plants exposed to severe winds for a long time may curl inward to defend themselves. If cannabis windburn is causing your leaves to curl, you may notice dark, burnt spots on your leaves. You should be able to observe the airflow in your grow area. Cannabis wind burn is most likely the cause of curling in a high-flow environment. Windburn can occur when the fans in an indoor grow blow too aggressively. If this is the case in your situation, the answer is straightforward: reduce the fan’s speed. In the event that this is not feasible, consider altering the angle of the fan so that it does not directly touch your plant. If you are an outside grower who suffers from windburn, consider creating a windbreak around your plant.

Light burn

Heat stress and light burn can infrequently coexist, while light burn can occur even under ideal conditions. Light burn is more common indoors because the plants are too near to the grow lights. Curling, like heat stress, happens towards the top of the plant or wherever it is closest to the light source. As a result of the light burn, the leaves will become yellow and curl. If your plants have a light burn, relocate them away from the light source, and they should recover.

Too hot

Cannabis is a plant that grows well in various regions; however, temperatures exceeding 86⁰F are incompatible with most strains. Combining severe heat with low relative humidity is a formula for disaster, as seen by leaves curling down during flowering. When temperatures are above 86⁰F, leaves may curl, canoe, and droop. Cannabis leaves might be yellow, fall off, or become crispy and brown. High temperatures frequently cause malformed new development. Heat stress may occur both indoors and outdoors.

Too cold

The other end of the viable cannabis development range is approximately 50⁰F. Short intervals of lower temperatures are not an issue, but long durations are. The cannabis seedling leaves curling down is the first clue that your crop isn’t loving its chilly surroundings. If temperatures do not rise, your plant’s growth will be permanently stunted and may not even reach the flowering stage. If they do, yields will be minimal, with loose or leafy buds that are only half-developed. Many gardeners employ lower temps late in the bloom cycle to produce stunning purple or blue colorations. However, they are overnight (or dark phase) dips. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures leads to cannabis leaves curling down and finally killing the plants.

Bad soil

Cannabis leaves curling down can also be caused by poor soil. If your soil turns damp, runny, or muddy, you’ll know it’s terrible. Consider three aspects when evaluating the condition of your soil: texture, drainage, and water retention. Your plants will not be able to retain water, absorb nutrients, or maintain optimum oxygen levels if they do not have excellent soil. Overwatering can cause soil to deteriorate because persistently moist soil becomes murky. Good soil will be dark in color and have a loose texture. Unfortunately, once the soil becomes contaminated, there is nothing you can do. To prevent compounding the situation, let your medium drain properly. However, you can avoid the case in the future. Incorporating perlite or tiny pebbles into your soil mix will help increase aeration and texture, keeping soil light and fluffy and aiding drainage.


If you wish to breed or reproduce, you will need a healthy parent plant. Based on its DNA, you can predict whether or not your plant will produce healthy offspring. If you acquire a sick parent plant, its diseases will most likely be passed on to the children, leading them to reproduce unhealthily. This might be one of the causes of your cannabis seedling leaves curling down. To repair the plant, you must provide adequate fertilizer or nutrients to clear it of any disease. Genetics is responsible for all deformities and malformations on cannabis leaves. Some strains have twisted leaves cannabis or other odd characteristics. Many growers will phase out these plants.

Cannabis leaves curling down during the flowering phase?

When cannabis leaves curl down, it indicates that something is wrong. If you notice twisted cannabis leaves during the flowering period, you should begin reducing the nutrients. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus-rich bloom fertilizers can cause cannabis leaves curling down during flowering and sometimes burn the tips. It’s preferable to utilize nutrients sparingly to avoid leaves curling down during flowering. Cannabis seedling leaves curling down stresses the gardener as much as the plant, and making an accurate diagnosis is critical.

cannabis leaves tips curling down
Cannabis leaves curling down in flower.

Overwatering is the most likely cause; however, underwatering can cause similar symptoms. Overnutrition is common, while deficiencies can cause cannabis leaves to coil up. Consider cultivars from similar areas if your local environment is extremely hot or cold. If it’s very hot, you may try Mexican or Cambodian strains. Because of its Eastern European ruderalis influence, autoflower strains can tolerate chilly temperatures. Order from a reputable provider since unstable genetics might cause twisted cannabis leaves.

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