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Growing Cannabis with Quantum Board Grow Lights

Quantum Board Grow lights

Quantum board-led grow lights are a new type of LED light that is more efficient and lasts longer than conventional HPS fixtures. The most pressing question on producers’ minds is whether they are as efficient and dependable as other LED grow lights. We will analyze what they are, why you should get one for your grow tent, and how they work.

Cannabis light growing under quantum board light

HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) first used the term “Quantum Board” to describe an LED grow light with diodes spread out over a large area (on a board). They have also altered the light spectrum from the traditional “blurple” to a more full-spectrum, with more red or yellow to enhance flowering. These upgraded “board-style” LED grow lights were launched and quickly gained popularity. Growers are reporting yields that frequently outperform other types of LED grow lights.

Understanding Quantum Board-LED grow lights

LEDs are the latest introduction to the cannabis grow light lineup (although they’ve been around for years). LEDs appear to be the general direction of grow lighting. However, apart from the appeal of their latest innovation, they are excellent at cannabis cultivation and last much longer than other grow lights. In reality, the ones recommended have a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which equates to more than 14 years if harvested every three months! Moreover, skilled growers employ various LED lights, but quantum board-led grow light fixtures are becoming more popular in commercial setups.


  • Quantum boards, with their distinctive new spectrums, outperform many conventional panel LEDs in terms of yield.
  • They’re long-lasting (no replacing expensive bulbs).
  • They’re just really cool to work with.


  • They are costly.

Simple to burn plants if kept too close (keep at least 18′′ away from plant tops).

The operation of Quantum Board-LED grow lights

They are more efficient due to the dual-spectrum design, but also since each diode has its driver, allowing them to work independently rather than sharing a single power source. This is comparable to how LEDs used in home lighting or automotive applications work – multiple diodes are driven by individual drivers that can dim or brighten specific colors based on what you’re growing (or when). There aren’t many drawbacks to using quantum board-led grow light fixtures. Some have noted that the price is a little higher than conventional HPS or MH lighting alternatives. Still, you can anticipate it to save money on your electric bill due to its effectiveness, which is why it pays for itself over time!


One of the first things to look for is the number of wattage chips on the board. When the wattage is higher, the more light it emits and the greater the yield.

Quality of light

You should also ensure that your quantum boards are equipped with diodes or high-quality LEDs. This ensures that they last longer without breaking down, reducing energy production by up to 50%. If you choose LED lights with low diode ratings (less than 20), you may experience shorter life spans and breakdowns.


Furthermore, if your quantum board-led grow lights do not come with designed cooling fans, the possibilities are they will become very hot when in use and may even pose a fire risk. Consider making sure to investigate the cooling system of any quantum board you intend to purchase and determine whether or not it has built-in fans.

How to set up Quantum Board-LED grow lights

This cannabis grow room supply list includes everything you’ll need to start. Here is what you require:

Quantum Board-LED grow lights (285 watts)

  1. Quantum Board HLG 300 (R-spec version suggested for optimal performance in the flowering phase and vegetative stage of cannabis plants)
  2. ES300 Electric Sky (created to be used from seed to harvest)

Grow space or room

  1. Sizes of grow tents recommended.
    • 2’x4’x6′ tent (recommended size)
    • 3’x3’x6′ tent (this is an excellent tent if you need a square space)
  2. Exhaust fan – Even though this fan will assist in keeping the temperature in your tent low, it is also essential to remove the cannabis smell from the air.
  3. Carbon scrubber – An exhaust fan without a carbon scrubber will not remove the odor, so ensure that all air from your tent exits through the fan and scrubber.

Plant pots

  1. Growing medium – Coco coir or soil (hydroponics is recommended for advanced growers)
  2. Containers – Smart pots or air pots between 2-7 gallons are recommended.


  1. For the first part of your cannabis plant’s life, you’ll need a “vegetative” or all-purpose plant nutrient.
  2. You’ll need a “flower” or low-nitrogen nutrient for the flowering stage.
  3. Many nutrient processes include a nutrient schedule to ensure that your plants receive the proper ratios at each development stage.
  4. With a new base nutrient system, always start at half capacity since the preferred strength is generally too high for cannabis.

Other additional materials

  1. Cannabis seeds.
  2. 24-hour time – set your grow lights on a timer so that the plants regularly get a day and night cycle.
  3. Water container – to combine nutrients.
  4. Thermometer or humidity monitor – to keep track of the temperature inside the tent.
  5. pH test kit – avoids possible cannabis deficiencies by checking on the water.
  6. Spoons – are used to measure the nutrients.
  7. Ropes ratchets used to hang your grow light or carbon filter from inside the tent while still being able to move it up and down with ease.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Quantum Board-LED grow lights

Most boards are suitable for any type of plant. However, some are better suited to cannabis growth than others.

Area of coverage

There are various sizes of lights, and selecting the right one for your space is critical. Some people have a small growing space, while others have a large growing room. Choose a quantum board LED light that is large enough to cover your growing area. You wouldn’t put a small grow light in a large space or a large grow light in a small room.


Consider purchasing a quantum board LED grow light with a warranty, as some units contain defective parts.

Types of plant

Choose the most appropriate quantum board LED grow light for your plants. Different grow lights are suitable for various plants. Make sure you choose a quantum board LED grow light right for your plant’s growth stage.


The features of various quantum board LED lights vary. The more progressed the grow light, the higher the price. Make a budget and compare alternative quantum board LED grow lights in your price range.

Quantum Board LED Seedling
Quantum Board Grow Lights can have high startup costs.

Selecting the perfect quantum board LED grow light is critical if you want to boost your yields. An effective grow light will offer even coverage and permeability for optimal growth. We conducted extensive research and included all of the necessary information in this review to help you choose the best quantum board LED grow light for your plants. If you’re a small grower, choose a nice quantum board LED light with a full spectrum and plenty of coverage for your plants. Choose the best LED grow light with high power for competent growers.

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