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Cannabis Strains That Grow Small

Short cannabis strains

Short cannabis strains are the best for growers low on space. Find the best short height strains below.

Since cannabis has become and continues to become legal in a growing number of countries and states around the world, many users and consumers have turned to growing their own cannabis plants at home. However, few of these producers have the expertise, space, tools, machinery, and knowledge to undertake large-scale plant cultivation. That is why many of these growers are turning to indoor cultivation. However, the issue with growing cannabis indoors is that ideally, not everybody has the necessary space to grow any cannabis strain. Some cannabis plants grow tall and bushy, necessitating large space. Here are the best cannabis strains for cultivating:

The shortest autoflower strains

Many cannabis producers appreciate the advantages that small autoflower plants provide. Dwarf cannabis plants strains are simple to grow and result in quick harvest times.

The shortest autoflower strains
The shortest autoflower strains.

Furthermore, small autoflowers are compact enough to be grown almost anywhere with minimal effort. On top of this Here are some of the smallest autoflower and feminized strains on the market.

Critical Kush Auto

Critical Kush is the strain of preference for many producers due to its easiness to grow. These dwarf autoflower seeds are common among growers due to their short growth time and high yields. Critical Kush auto is a robust and fast-growing autoflower that is also very easy to cultivate. Critical Kush Auto has an open structure that enables natural light to penetrate the whole plant despite its small size. This contributes to higher-quality yields overall.

Wedding Cake

You’ll get a potent plant in addition to a low and compact Indica variety if you grow this cannabis strain. Wedding Cake auto is an Indica-dominant hybrid crossed between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).

NYC Diesel

This small Sativa plant is fast-growing and high-yielding for producers, making it ideal for both new and experienced cultivators. NYC Diesel Autoflower is a resilient Ruderalis hybrid that does most of the work for you. Growers only need a little patience and a lot of space to store those massive harvests.

Amnesia Haze

From a growing standpoint, Amnesia Haze auto is surprisingly easy to grow, especially considering she’s a Haze, which isn’t known for being one of the most straightforward strains to develop.

Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf is as small as a Sativa-leaning autoflower can get. This regal reefer is a cross between Easy Bud and Skunk that stays low and shows a lot of Sativa in her flowers. The average height is 60cm, whether she is grown indoors or outdoors. This strain’s hardy ruderalis genetics allow it to cross the finish line in just 8–9 weeks after germination.

Photoperiod strains that grow small

Bubble Bomb

If you want to grab the most out of a small grow space, you’ll need heavy-duty Indica genetics. Bubble Bomb is an Indica-heavy hybrid strain created by crossing the incredibly potent Bomb and Bubbly Gum strains. The Indica-dominance creates the classic squat and bushy plant structures, and the short internodal distances increase the number of bud sites, resulting in higher yields.

Super Bud

Super Bud is the crouched specificity superhero you’ve been looking for, appropriately titled, and a great little cannabis plant with monster prospects. Big Bud and Skunk are combined in a small package that is ideal for use with the Sea of Green method. You’ll reach the promised land of scale-tipping harvests after eight weeks of flowering. With a pack of these beans, you could have close to 1kg of premium herb on your table. All this strain requires is a little TLC from the grower. She consistently produces a bulbous cola with chunky side-branch buds.

Moscow Blueberry

Moscow Blueberry is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is easy to grow and visually appealing. This exotic hybrid combines original Blueberry, an unknown beast from the East, and an AK-47. Mature plants rarely grow taller than 1m. Her flowers also have purple tones late in bloom, which is a nice bonus. A flowering time of 8–9 weeks is all that is required to harvest approximately 500g/m2. Even in cooler climates, outdoor yields can be impressive.

If none of these strains are really what you’re searching for, you can always look through our entire cannabis seeds catalog to find something that will fit your requirements and grow space. It doesn’t make a difference if you want a short, tall, Indica, or Sativa; we have it.

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