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What is The Duck foot Strain?

Duck foot strain

Duck foot strain is known for distinctive leaves, which are webbed between the leaflets and appear like a duck’s feet. This is rather than the fingerlike morphology of the leaves. These leaves have become one of the most recognizable symbols of cannabis, the plant is also known for its distinctive flowers.

Origin of the duckfoot strain

Duck foot strain is only available as an outdoor variety in Australia. This strain seems better at home in warmer regions where frosts do not occur too early in the season. Compared to Australia’s home environment, many outdoor grows in temperate parts of the Northern hemisphere exhibited excellent development. Still, the number and quality of the buds were disappointingly low.

Description of the ducksfoot strain

Ducksfoot strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that originated in Australia. Ducksfoot buds are medium-sized vivid neon green spade-shaped nugs with rich amber hairs and light amber undertones surrounded by a halo of pale orange. Each nug is covered in huge chunky white trichomes and a thin film of delicious sticky resin nearly indistinguishable.

Ducksfoot strain leaves

Growing Ducksfoot strain

It is a vast growing plant that likes to get its feet in the earth and extend its roots to support its branching. Wally Duck cultivates this cannabis variety amid a natural sea of green to increase productivity while also remaining undetected by predators. It is a heavy feeder and will eat up all of the fertilizer you can dish out to it – roughly double that most plants like to consume.

As the plants get older, the strange leaves spread out, with some reaching the size of dinner plates in some instances as they develop. Wally prunes to 4-6 significant branches, bending them to form a primarily flat profile with as little vertical growth as possible and then repeating the process with the other main branches. Ducksfoot has vast branching patterns when not appropriately pruned. Among the many training techniques available, pruning cannabis is vital if you want any success with the Ducksfoot. As the seeds of many plants mature, their pistils become attractively pink. Outdoor yields are abundant in good areas, averaging 200 grams per plant.

You can detect the stench of duckfoot several meters away from the plant.

Variations on the Duck foot Strain

Ducksfoot strains are descended from the original Ducksfoot variety, retaining the actual leaf shape while providing growers with additional variations in terms of the qualities of the buds themselves. Some of these strains are also available as seeds, allowing growers to obtain a version of the Ducksfoot breed. Dutch Passion is the breeder of the majority of these possibilities. Otherwise, the most common method of getting a “duck” strain is to identify someone who already has one and acquire a cut from them.

Frisian Duck

Dutch Passion’s Frisian Duck strain is one of the most popular versions of the Ducksfoot breed. This strain thrives in the outdoors and develops with the characteristic sneaky leaves of the cannabis family. Moreover, when grown in excellent enough conditions, this strain produces brilliant, stunning purple blossoms with a fresh aroma that is sometimes even fruity. Growing Frisian Duck plants in live soil that have been composted and amended with slow-release organic nutrients have proven to be a very successful endeavor.

Developed from the legendary Frisian Dew strain, which also yields purple blooms and has been designed for decades exclusively for outdoor cultivation, Frisian Duck is a hybrid of the two breeds. Frisian genes flourish in the presence of sunshine, and buds are resistant to insects and mildew!

Duck Auto

Once again, Dutch Passion has created an autoflowering variant of Frisian Duck. Dutch Passion is a superb autoflowering grower, so this comes highly recommended!

What About Other “Stealth” Strains, Are there Any?

Another strain is referred to as a “stealth” strain, and it is also available.

  • Dr. Grinspoon

Dr. Grinspoon plants’ buds do not “clump together” like the buds of most other cannabis plants. Even though the buds have a different appearance, they are just as effective! Occasionally, you may wonder what it would be like to cross a Dr. Grinspoon plant with a Ducksfoot plant to see what happens. Are you capable of creating the perfect stealth strain?

Dr. Grinspoon cultivates buds that do not stack on top of one another like those produced by a conventional cannabis plant. At all! They are not in the least bit like a cannabis plant! Nonetheless, since this growth pattern is a mutation, not all seeds will develop in this manner. This is a crucial point to remember when dealing with the current stealth strains.

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