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Fast Flowering Seeds

There’s no such thing as a late bloomer with our fast flowering weed seeds. Fly through the grow stages in record time with fast flowering seeds!

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  • OG Kush Autoflower Cannabis Plant

    OG Kush Autoflower Seeds

    44 Reviews
    44 Reviews
    Difficulty: Difficult
    Yield: 1 - 3 oz/ft2
    Yield Time:7 - 8 weeks
    $15 / seed $45.00$145.00
  • Critical Kush Autoflower Cannabis Plant

    Critical Kush Autoflower Seeds

    39 Reviews
    39 Reviews
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Yield: 3 - 6 oz/ft2
    Yield Time:7 - 8 weeks
    $11 / seed $35.00$125.00

What are Fast Flowering seeds?

Fast Flowering Seeds are a new hybrid cannabis strain that has swiftly gained popularity! New fast flowering strains generate the same high-quality buds with top-tier potency and yield but with the added benefit of a lightning-fast growing cycle. These current Fast Flowering hybrids are some of the fast flowering cannabis seeds available and are not to be confused with the quickest Autoflowering seeds. Fast flowering seeds are genetically modified to blossom faster, with a shorter flowering cycle currently completed roughly 7 to 8 weeks. Fast bud seeds are good for northern locations with shorter summers since they are harvested a few weeks earlier than their original counterparts when cultivated outdoors.

Why choose Fast Flower cannabis seeds?

  1. Fast seeds are produced in northern countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, or Russia since they are harvested before cold and humid weather arrives.
  2. They are Feminized seeds ready for harvest in a short period, allowing for more indoor grows in the same amount of time.
  3. Another advantage of feminized fast version seeds is their plants are larger than those grown from Autoflowering cannabis seeds, resulting in higher yields.
  4. Fast growing cannabis seeds are comparable to their Feminized counterparts, but their blooming time is shorter, and they are cultivated successfully in practically any environment.

How to grow Fast Flower seeds

Best way to germinate Fast Flower seeds

The paper towel method is one of the simplest and most successful methods for fast flower seeds germination. You are basically germinating fast growing cannabis seeds between two moist paper towels and a few plates, which are utilized to create an enclosed and dark environment for a few days. If everything is done correctly, the seeds begin to sprout during this period.

Do seeds flower faster in soil or hydro?

Hydroponically cultivated fast seeds often develop quicker than soil-grown plants. Fast version seeds growing in soil rely on the biological activity of soil life to liberate nutrients for absorption by the roots. Although synthetic fertilizers accelerate the process, the soil still functions as a buffer, and not all of these inputs remain in the rhizosphere (root zone) for long. Conversely, hydroponic nutrients are always or very often available to plant roots and are limited to a specific location, resulting in rapid development during the vegetative phase. As a result, if you want the shortest harvest possible from the fast flowering Feminized seeds, hydro are the way to go. Also, Autoflowering seeds are chosen since they blossom after only a few weeks of veg, regardless of whether you use soil or hydro.

What are the best nutrients for growing cannabis seeds faster?

Fast growing cannabis seeds require a huge amount of three nutrients. Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are the macronutrients essential for the fastest cannabis strain to grow health and well-being. As a result, these three nutrients are frequently prominently shown on fertilizer products in the form of an NPK ratio. The optimal ratio varies during your cannabis plants’ development cycle. For example, your fast version seeds require;

Vegetative phase:

  • High nitrogen level.
  • Medium phosphorus level.
  • High potassium level.

Flowering phase:

  • Low nitrogen level.
  • Medium-high phosphorus level.
  • High potassium level.

What are the best lights for cannabis seeds faster?

LED grow lights are pretty recent to the fast growing cannabis seeds growing world, but their ability to generate high yields while remaining cool and utilizing a fair amount of power has made them quite popular. Grow lights like LEDs are often more energy-efficient and throw out less heat. Most high-quality LEDs produce light suitable for both vegetative and blooming stages, and some even have a switch to adjust the light spectrum to the appropriate phase. Even for the most demanding quickest Autoflowering seeds, modern LED grow lights with COB (“chip on board”) innovation or “Quantum boards” now give consistent light intensity and penetration. Almost all LEDs now compete with other forms of grow lighting, such as HID lamps, if not outperform. You must obtain the appropriate ones. These lights tend to be among the costliest, but they also save you some real money in the long run.

What are the best training techniques for faster flowering?

Low Stress Training

This method entails tying and bending specific plant portions at particular periods to force the canopy to develop symmetrically. It also entails tying the fast growing cannabis seeds down with thread or metal cables and lowering the crown shoot’s highest point. The remainder of the growth tips responds by vying to generate the primary cola. A grower simply apply leverage to force the plant to develop into a short and robust bush with an unidentifiable main cola during the blooming season by careful calculation and planning.

The advantage of LST is it creates a circular canopy with strong side branches. Furthermore, when the fastest cannabis strain to grow develops sideways, the axillary branches having created little blooming sites in the past no longer grow upward and toward the light.

High Stress Training

High stress training (HST) entails more thorough modification. HST is done in various methods, and it’s frequently combined with LST to obtain the desired plant shape and size. When using the HST method, you often cut, bend, or shatter parts of the fast growing cannabis seeds, allowing time for healing between each treatment. The goal of HST is to disrupt the plant’s apical dominance by changing its perception of its own height. The tallest bloom on a cannabis plant focuses the plant’s energy. It performs this as a reproductive strategy because it has more light and hence a higher chance of pollen falling.

Also, the circumstances must be kept in good shape so the fast growing cannabis seeds concentrate on developing and healing themselves. If there are temperature or humidity imbalances while using training techniques, the entire process is slowed, and development is severely hindered owing to other issues. Most producers train their fast flower seeds during the vegetative and pre-flowering stages, giving them plenty of time to repair before full blossom.


The process of removing a developing sprout from the stem is known as topping. This encourages the plant to devote more energy to the following two branches. Topping is initially performed on the primary core stem, prompting the two subsidiary stems to grow bigger in response. When fast flowering cannabis seeds are topped off, they develop smaller-sized colas than central cola with supporting side branches if left untrained. This strategy is great for growers with limited space who want to avoid tall, lanky plants and those cultivating plants with extended vegetative phases, as it produces a lively plant with eight heads in around 4-5 weeks.


This technique, known as the screen of green or ScrOG, entails using a screen or net as a trellis through which your top canopy develops while cleaning away the lowest section of the fast flowering Feminized seeds below the screen, assuring a maximum production of symmetrical blooming locations. Because chosen branches must be fed through the screen throughout the growth period, this method necessitates longer vegetative durations than other plant-training procedures.

Additionally, using a screen lets the grower be completely hands-on with their fast flower seeds while allowing those with low plant counts to produce high yields in a tiny grow space. The plants are forced to devote all their development above the screen, resulting in no low-hanging “schwag” buds and enhanced air movement beneath the canopy.

Should you grow Fast Flowering cannabis seeds indoors or outdoors?

One of the most apparent advantages of cultivating fast-growing cannabis seeds indoors is they are protected from the weather and are harvested indefinitely. This is useful if you’re attempting to create the fastest cannabis strain to grow and want to eliminate as many factors as possible. When the whole growth environment is made from scratch, the grower has complete control over all elements. As a result, growers ensure their buds are consistently produced. Since you regulate the illumination, growing indoors is nearly always faster than growing outside. You also make some more changes in the name of speed.

Furthermore, indoor-grown fast bud seeds have more tightly packed blooms and higher trichome growth than outside plants. When it comes to whether cannabis cultivated inside or outdoors is of higher quality, it all downs to personal preference. Both techniques of cultivation provide wonderful results.

Growing Fast Flowering cannabis seeds indoors


  • Growing all year – Because you have total control over the atmosphere and the grow time is shorter than outside, you grow and harvest year-round, regardless of the weather.
  • Variables are under control – You adjust fast flowering Feminized seeds development as it occurs because you control the growth factors.
  • Consistency – Indoor growing has the advantage of consistency, which means you consistently produce high-quality buds.
  • Appearance – Because the flowers are kept indoors, their integrity is better preserved than when cultivated outside.
  • Access – Because indoor growth is typical in your house, you easily care for the plants regularly.
  • Secrecy – It’s also easier to keep indoor gardening quiet and private.


  • Equipment costs – Indoor cannabis cultivation incurs higher expenses due to acquiring equipment to set up and maintain the growing environment. There are numerous elements to consider while growing indoors, from lighting to soil, fertilizers, containers, and even more modern technology managing humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, pH balance, and all-important ventilation.
  • More challenging – Indoor growing offers more opportunities for newbie growers to make mistakes because all factors are under your control.
  • A lower yield –  Unless you have the space to scale up, indoor cultivation generally yields a lesser output.
  • Legality – It’s tough to show your fast flowering Feminized seeds set-up isn’t yours if someone finds it because it’s generally in your home.

Growing Fast Flowering cannabis seeds outdoors


  • Lower prices – Outdoor cannabis cultivation has a substantially cheaper initial investment. At the very least, you’ll require land and fast seeds. Of course, you need a private plot of land you own or are permitted to cultivate in a region with a long growing season. Because your plants are outside, the sun provides lighting, ventilation, and soil.
  • Yield – Outdoor cultivation provides bigger yields than indoor growing, and the fast growing cannabis seeds benefit from all of nature’s advantages, resulting in increased terpene content and CBD levels.
  • Excellent for concentrates – Outdoor growth is less expensive than indoor growing if you want to make a concentrate with your plants or just want a higher output.
  • Maintenance is reduced – You only need to water and visit your crop every two weeks, depending on the environment. To prevent carrying supplies back and forth, locate a place having a close water supply.


  • Variable control is limited – The disadvantage of growing outdoors is many elements are out of your control. Storms, cold, drought, animal or insect infestation, and even thieves destroy your crop.
  • Growing season is shorter – Because most regions only have one harvest season each year, outdoor gardening is a one-shot deal.
  • Harvesting takes longer and is more challenging – Harvesting huge harvests takes longer, and cutting the plants down requires more labor since stalks grow faster outside.
  • Appearance – When exposed to the outdoors, the fast growing cannabis seeds become weathered, and the bud becomes tougher.
  • Secrecy – Outdoor settings are also more challenging to maintain quiet or inconspicuous, and security is pricey. It is tough to locate a green spot if you live in a city.

Where to grow Fast Flowering seeds

You are recommended to cultivate fast bud seeds indoors due to a controlled environment. However, some cultivators develop their seeds outdoor. When you decide to grow outside, you need to take extra care for your plants to have high yields.

Fast Seeds grow stages

Seedling stage

The seedling period lasts anywhere from 14 to 21 days, and you notice essential elements helping you keep your cannabis seedlings happy and healthy throughout this time. Fast flower seeds are classified as seedlings until they produce new fan leaves with the full number of blades. The color of a healthy seedling is bright green. Be careful not to overwater the plant in the seedling stage because its roots are so small it doesn’t require much water to grow.

Vegetative stage

Cultivators spend a lengthy or short time in the vegetative stage, depending on their growing method. The vegetative stage marks the start of fast development and the time when your cannabis plant reveals whether it is male or female. This stage is critical for cannabis farmers since it allows them to prepare their fast flowering seeds for blooming. The length of the vegetative stage range from 3 to 18 weeks, depending on the cultivator’s overall strategy. Moreover, these quickest Autoflowering seeds are known for their rapid vegetative development during the vegetative stage. This implies your cannabis plants have a lot of leaves, nodes, height, and width. The root system expands simultaneously, requiring more water and nutrients from your fast growing cannabis seeds. Cultivators use several growth tactics at this time, including the screen of green, the sea of green, Fimming, topping cannabis, or low-stress training.

Flowering stage of Fast Flowers

A cannabis plant’s blooming stage is its ultimate stage of development. This is when the fast version seeds begin to produce resinous buds, and your hard work pays off. Most strains blossom around 8-9 weeks, but some, mainly Sativa, take longer. As summer transitions into fall, blooming happens spontaneously when the plant receives less light each day. Reduce the number of light cannabis plants receives from 18 to 12 hours each day to start the blooming cycle indoors.

Harvesting autos

Once the flowering phase begins, it’s time to start planning your cannabis harvest. Cannabis harvesting is similar to grape harvesting (or other fruits). The stronger the grape and the stronger the alcohol, the longer you wait. The longer you wait to use cannabis, the more cannabinoids you’ll get. This translates to more potent fast bud seeds. When it comes to harvesting, timing is crucial; therefore, producers need to know when to start checking for mature trichomes to figure out when the optimal time is to harvest. Understanding the differing maturation rates for trichomes in Indica vs. Sativa is crucial to understanding what each fast seed looks like as it matures.

Drying and curing

Drying cannabis refers to the process of reducing the moisture content of the plants so they are adequately consumed by smoking, vaporizing, or converting into other products like oil, edibles, and more. Curing cannabis is an optional—but highly recommended—additional process happening after drying. Curing cannabis yields a more powerful and complicated product than merely drying it. Moreover, both operations are completed with quite basic setups and low-cost equipment. Once you invest in a simple drying and curing set-up, you use it yearly. The primary purpose of cannabis drying is to lower the moisture content of your fast growing cannabis seeds to around 10-15% to burn or vape effectively.

Can you get high yields from Fast Flowering seeds?

Fast seeds take less time to develop these days, but they also provide high yields. Combining those two characteristics is a bonus for any cannabis farmer. Attempting to generate your own unique fast-growing bud is certainly not harmful. Conversely, the expert’s method is far more convenient and practical.

How to boost Fast Flower yields

  1. Start your quest with some excellent fast flowering strains. Genetics is an essential component of every farming endeavor.
  2. Maintain a clean and well-organized environment for growing your preferred cannabis fast seeds. Make it suitable and comfy for the crops as well, based on their genetics.
  3.  Increase the canopy of the crops you’re growing. This is best accomplished via the Sea of Green technique, or SCROG, which involves weaving the crops together from the top. Some gardeners said they gently pinch the crowns of their blossoming plants to allow the side branches to match the top branches.
  4. Make better use of the space set out for root growth. This enables the growth of larger plants. Bigger roots encourage the growth of large plants, which, in turn, provide a bigger yield later on. Root zones cannot be increased without enough grow space, making reaching this aim difficult.

Fast Flowering seeds grow tips

  1. Select a high-yielding fast seed: If getting a good harvest in a short length of time is your top objective, settling for a lower yield making you happier. Choose high-yielding fast bud seeds to cut down on growing time while still receiving a good harvest.
  2. Take photoperiod seeds immediately to flower: By putting photoperiod fast seeds in 12 hours of darkness every day from the time they germinate, you are needed to drive them to develop almost as quickly as Autoflowering cannabis. It works, but your plants are not growing or yielding as much as they do if you let them veg for the entire 4–6 weeks. If you wish to employ this approach, you need to start with clones or seeds, but if you want enough herb to last until your next harvest, you need to grow many plants in a sea of green (SOG) form.
  3. Modify the lighting: Growing time is no exception for lighting. During the vegetative period, give your fast version seeds more light (we’re talking 24 hours of sunshine), so they absorb as much energy as possible and develop quicker. Then, to jumpstart the blooming period (which is only feasible for non-autos), limit them to 12 hours of light and darkness every day.
  4. Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid: By its very nature, many Indica-leaning hybrids have very short blooming cycles. Conversely, Sativas take longer. It’s best to start with an Indica or an Indica-leaning hybrid if you want to harvest rapidly.
  5. Quickly respond to problems: Many rookie growers don’t seem to recognize when your fastest cannabis strain to grow is ill, its development slows down. If you don’t address each new issue with warp speed, it adds days, if not weeks, to your overall growth time. A pest infestation, nutrient burn or deficit, light burn, and heat stress are all things to watch for.
  6. Expose to more light during the vegetative stage: As long as your fast flowering seeds receive 14+ hours of light every day, they remain in the vegetative stage. Plants produced on an 18/6 cycle (18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness) are traditionally more pest and disease resistant. Plants grow quicker if exposed to 24 hours of light every day. As a result, you are able to push fast growing cannabis seeds into blossoming sooner.

Top 5 Fastest Flowering cannabis seeds

Some producers find themselves where they just want fast-growing, fast flowering cannabis seeds harvested in the shortest amount of time. We propose these top 5 fast flowering strains. Each provides a quick and big harvest.

OG Kush Auto

This pot strain is one of the most well-known on the West Coast, and its origins are as enigmatic as it is wonderful! The OG Kush strain is a hybrid between the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. OG Kush is an Indica-dominant (75%) hybrid, its Indica qualities become apparent as soon as you grow it. OG Kush Auto is very strong, hardy and subsequently fast growing.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush Auto is a low-maintenance plant growing to 2-4 feet. This low-profile plant is suitable for indoor gardening and covert outdoor cultivation. Bubba Kush is mold, pest, and insect resistant, with good side branching and a characteristic, chunky bud structure. The majority of the buds are medium in size and relatively thick. The buds are covered with frosty silver trichomes, giving them an icy look. After nine weeks of flowering, bushy plants produce thick, sticky buds.

Blueberry Auto

Blueberry cannabis is popular due to its fruity, colorful blooms, and this autoflowering strain makes growing even easier. Blueberry Auto is an easy-to-grow flower producing beautiful buds. If you are unfamiliar, this has been an underground cult favorite since 1970!  It’s an excellent starter plant thriving indoors but also be grown outdoors. This is the plant for you if you want an easy-to-grow plant reacting well inside or out, produces relatively good yields and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Growing outside means you have to harvest during summer. If you replant straight away, you get another rapid harvest if you time it perfectly.

Critical Kush Auto

Critical Kush Auto is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a potent cannabis strain not for inexperienced users! Although Critical Kush is officially a mix of OG Kush and Critical Mass, its growth patterns are mostly Indica. Although it is resilient enough to resist harsh weather, it grows best in warm and temperate climates. These quickest Autoflowering seeds also finish their blooming cycle in 50-60 days.  Furthermore, Critical Kush Auto is an aromatic strain recognized for its exceptional hardiness.

Alien Cookies Auto

Alien Cookies Auto fast flowering seeds have quickly become popular among cannabis lovers.  Alien Cookies is a well-balanced cannabis strain created by crossing  Alien Dawg with a traditional Girl Scout Cookies. Because it is an uncommon strain, you must seize the opportunity to increase your supply as soon as you find it.

Alien Cookies Auto is a medium-sized plant with beautiful thick foliage and vivid green blooms. Each nug has amber pistils protruding from it, coated with thick, crystal trichomes.  Although it is grown both inside and outdoors, we prefer growing it indoors so you are required to adequately watch your plants.

The best place to buy Fast Flowering seeds

Choose a seed being developed to mature quickly if you want to cultivate cannabis as soon as possible. It’s just natural logic a strain finishes on its own in 7 weeks is simpler to push ahead than one liking 12 weeks. Fortunately, fast flowering seeds have been developed to fulfill every requirement or choice. If you’re seeking fast flowering cannabis seeds, we have Feminized and Autoflowering seeds with quick flowering periods and excellent yields. Users buy fast flowering strains easy to grow and generate some of the quickest harvests, whether you’re an indoor or outdoor grower. All of our suggested fast flowering cannabis seeds are Feminized and have no male chromosomes, ensuring each seed you germinate produces a high-quality, pure female plant. Premium Cultivars has a large selection of fast flowering seeds. You have to choose whatever strain suits you most while knowing it blossoms quickly.

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