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Welcome to Premium Cultivars

We are a cannabis seed bank specializing in feminized and autoflower cannabis seeds for sale. Our products are Premium in name and Premium in nature – these are the best cannabis seeds for sale online by quite some margin.

Premium Cultivars has a proven track-record of selling the best cannabis seeds genetics in the USA.

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Buy the best Marijuana seeds from Premium Cultivars

We pride ourselves on supplying top marijuana seeds for sale online. If you buy any marijuana seed from us you can guarantee it will be top quality. Premium Cultivars has years of combined experience working within the cannabis industry to source and produce the best seeds for our amazing customers.

We have the best cannabis cultivars in the USA as autoflower cannabis seeds USA and feminized seeds for sale. Whether you’re a veteran grower or a total novice, we have the cannabis seeds to suit your needs. Premium Cultivars is one of the most trusted suppliers of cannabis seeds in America, check out our products, place an order and start growing cannabis seeds today!

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How to germinate cannabis seeds

1. Place seeds an inch apart on a moist paper towel sat on a plate.

Cannabis Seed Germination Step 2

2. Cover the seeds with second moist paper towel.

Cannabis Seed Germination Step 3

3. Cover the towels and seeds with a second plate.

Pot Seed Germination Step 4

4. Store the seeds in a warm, dark place for 1-3 days or until they pop a taproot.

Useful guides/articles about growing seeds

Marijuana Seeds FAQ

Rest assured all your questions about marijuana seeds and cannabis seeds will be answered here!

How to start growing Marijuana seeds

Cannabis has a long history of growing wild without human intervention. There’s an explanation that it’s called a “cannabis” because it grows like one. Learning how to start growing cannabis seeds is less complicated than you might assume. All you need to grow cannabis from seeds is a pot, grow media like soil or hydroponics, seeds, water, plenty of light and a few nutrients. That’s all. Of course, you could use other supplies, including a grow tent or a high-performance LED light, but they aren’t always required.

Why should you choose to grow cannabis seeds?

Cannabis cultivation has grown in popularity recently, especially among residential growers. In fact, by following the proper methods, it is feasible to deliver high-quality strains in various varieties at home. Seeds and several other factors serve as an essential role in cultivating cannabis at home.

Is it legal to buy Marijuana seeds?

Cannabis seeds are legal to buy in most states across the USA. Furthermore, many states have now legalized the germination and cultivation of cannabis seeds, however, there are often restrictions imposed on this relating to the amount of seeds that can be germinated at one time and where the plants can be grown. We recommend you check with local authorities to ensure that your endeavours are all above board.

A recent DEA letter has now deemed that cannabis seeds testing at less than 0.3% psychoactive content are classified as hemp and are therefore entirely legal.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?

Most cannabis users and cultivators wonder, “is it legal to buy cannabis seeds.” In theory, buying marijuana seeds online or otherwise is completely legal if they are not germinated, and the prosecutor cannot prove that you plan to grow cannabis. As a result, many countries regard cannabis seeds as neither illegal nor legal. The seeds are frequently permitted, but cannabis seed germination is not always allowed. There is a lot of ambiguity.

Moreover, you can purchase marijuana seeds from an online seed bank in the USA. Many states permit the sale or possession of cannabis seeds and many allow the cultivation of them. Check with your local state authorities (online) to be sure of whether you can germinate your seeds and how many plants you can have growing at one time. Many states legalized the cultivation of cannabis seeds and the rest are likely to follow, so if you live in a state that hasn’t yet legalized cannabis cultivation just sit tight for now. We hope this answers the question, “is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online.”

Where to Buy Cannabis seeds in a legal state to grow?

Many individuals are confused by the question “where to buy cannabis seeds in a legal state to grow.” In states where cannabis and cannabis seeds have been legalized for either medicinal or recreational uses, you can purchase seeds within your state, either at a dispensary or on the website of a specific seed company.

Why are cannabis seeds legal?

Cannabis seeds are regarded as cannabis products. Why are cannabis seeds USA legal? Well, their legality is determined by the state in which you live. People in states where adult-use cannabis is legal can buy, grow, and sell seeds within their state, but seeds cannot cross state lines. People in states where cannabis is permitted can only purchase seeds if they have a medical card. US seed banks like ours are not only the best place to buy cannabis seeds online but also the best place to buy cannabis seeds in California or any other legal state.

Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds online?

Where can I get marijuana seeds? Well, there are many places but look no further than right here, Premium Cultivars, if you want the best marijuana seeds.

Many world-renowned seed banks are located in countries where cannabis laws are less restrictive, such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, and others, however, every cannabis seed from Premium Cultivars is grown in the USA, after all they’re USA cannabis seeds, and shipped across the US. Cannabis seed banks offer seeds from a variety of breeders. Before you acquire cheap cannabis seeds online, you should decide which strain you want to grow and which breeder to buy from. Since cannabis is still illegal under US federal law, finding information on seed banks and breeders can be challenging. Breeders with a lengthy history and good credibility are usually a great starting point.

Premium Cultivars allows customers to pay for their seeds marijuana with any major credit card, this means American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard are all valid forms of payment. So, when someone asks ‘where can you buy marijuana seeds online?’ then Premium Cultivars should be the primary option as it is also the premium option.

Premium Cultivars – The best place to buy Marijuana seeds online USA

Premium cultivars is the best place to buy marijuana seeds, even among the best seed banks we believe we are the best seed bank in the USA. If you’re looking to order marijuana seeds for sale online then PC is the best place to buy marijuana seeds online as we offer the best genetics that we can vouch for as we watch them grow and know how they’re bred. Hint – they’re bred perfectly. We have the best of everything, whether you want the best Indica strains, the best autoflowers or anything else, among all the American seed banks we are the best seedbank. If you’re wondering where to buy marijuana seeds online, Premium is the way to go for sure! Buying marijuana seeds in USA has never been easier with amazing cannabis seed banks like ours making it easier for customers to start buying cannabis seeds USA today!

How do I know I’m getting good quality Marijuana Seed genetics?

Breeders refer to “unstable genetics,” which means that the origin of a seed is unknown. When you purchase a packet of seeds, ensure that it or the breeder who developed it can tell you where the seeds came from and how they were crossed or backcrossed to get the seed you’re holding in your hand. If you can’t find out the history of a seed, it could be anything and the outcome of poor breeding techniques.

Why Premium Cultivars has the best cannabis genetics

An unskilled breeder may cross a male and a female once and sell the subsequent seeds as a new hybrid strain, but Premium Cultivars generally backcross their strains several times to stabilize the genetics and guarantee steady plants that portray those genetics. We have the best marijuana seeds in 2022 that you’ll find for sale online.

Where to Buy Marijuana seeds online – The Best Quality Cannabis Seeds

Premium Cultivars is one of the finest places to purchase marijuana seeds for sale online due to its seeds’ high quality and worldwide availability. The company provides 24/7 online chat support and instant customer support, which assists buyers in times of need.

What do you need to grow pot seeds?

Grow medium

There are numerous media options available, such as good old-fashioned soil-filled pots, Rockwool cubes, a hydroponic tray, etc.

Cannabis nutrients

Like all growing things, growing marijuana from seeds requires nutrients. While your lighting will provide them with energy, they will require high-quality nutrients to attain their vast potential. You’ll need one collection of nutrients for the vegetative phase, and for the flowering phase, you’ll need a separate collection. A good health population of mycorrhizae and soil bacteria is required for better cannabis soil to enable the transformation of organic matter into nutrients that a plant can use. You can also use regular soil and supplement your plants with fluid nutrients.

What do you need to grow cannabis seeds indoors?

Grow space

You’ll need a separate area for your cannabis plants because you won’t be able to move them. Ideally, the space should be near a window so that air from the grow space can be vented outside.

Grow tent

Grow tents are intended to keep matters simple for inexperienced cannabis growers. As convenient as they are, grow tents are not designed for large-scale cannabis cultivation! Conversely, a grow tent may be the best option for someone looking for 1-5 ounces per month! You have several options to set up an indoor grow room. The simplest option is to purchase a ready-made tent from a produce store, whether local or online. A variety of tent sizes and prices are available.


Adequate air circulation will aid in the maintenance of humidity and temperature and the reduction of odor. Air should circulate through a garden every few minutes, and a vent to the outside should be installed. Oscillating fans and exhaust fans can quickly move air through your garden, carrying odors. Moreover, when growing cannabis seeds for sale indoors, you will almost certainly need some grow tent ventilation or a way to vent your grow room.

Air circulation

A consistent flow of air through your grow room will enable you to move hot air out of the room and bring cool air in. This is easily accomplished by installing an exhaust fan near the top of the space to suck out warm air (warm air rises) and a port fan on the opposite side of the room near the floor to allow in cool air. Every minute or so, a complete air exchange should occur throughout the whole grow space.

Grow lights

Light is the source of life for your plants. Cannabis plants require proper lighting to grow. Nowadays, LED lighting alternative is the way to go. There are numerous options available, and it can be challenging to select the best one for your needs. Pick the best LED grow lights for cannabis for your home grow – consider the size of your grow, power consumption, and light spectrum.

What do you need to grow Marijuana seeds outdoors?

You undoubtedly can’t regulate the quality of lighting your plants receive when growing cannabis outdoors, or do much about humidity or temperature. That doesn’t mean you can’t get excellent outcomes growing cannabis outside; there’s a lot of high-quality outdoor cannabis on the market right now. In fact, “sun-grown” is rapidly becoming a fashionable quality for top-quality cannabis. When it comes to growing marijuana from seeds outdoors, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all schedule. An outdoor grow calendar can be helpful.


It’s essential to understand the climate in the area where you’ll be growing. Cannabis is highly adaptable to various conditions, but it is vulnerable to extreme weather. 

Outdoor grow space

Choosing the best location for your outdoor garden is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, as it will affect every stage of your growth, from germination to harvest. It is critical to plant your crop in a location where it will receive as much direct sunlight as possible, especially during the midday hours. A constant breeze is also essential in the development of a healthy plant.

Protecting your plants

Your outdoor garden may be much more visible than your indoor one. Thus, it is ideal to learn how to protect your outdoor grow. Guerrilla gardening is a great way to avoid the law and grow cannabis outside urban centers.

Surveillance systems

It’s critical to think about the privacy and security of the grow site you’ve chosen. Installing surveillance systems can protect your crop from potential thieves and judgmental neighbors. The cameras record everything and send the images to a monitor set up in a different location. Surveillance systems allow you to monitor your crops and growing process, ensure that each cannabis plant is harvested efficiently, meets the highest quality standards, and reduces security threats.

Weather protection

If you stay in a windy location, consider planting near a windbreak, such as a wall, fence, or large shrubs.

Is it better to grow Marijuana seeds indoors or outdoors?

You’re trying to figure out whether it’s better to grow your cannabis indoors or outdoors, which is a big decision. However, there is no such as a correct or incorrect answer. Where you cultivate your bud will entirely depend on your conditions and which circumstance perfectly suits you.

Pros of growing cannabis seeds indoors

  • Growing cannabis indoors enables you to hide your plants behind a closed door.
  • You can grow at any time of year, even straight through the winter or summer, and you’ll get constant yields every time.
  • You have complete control over your grow environment and what goes into your plant, allowing you to fine-tune your setup to produce some top-tier cannabis.

Cons of growing pot seeds indoors

  • It is costly because you will most likely have to spend more money on utilities to power the devices. You must continue to pay your electricity bills.
  • Growing indoors typically has high start-up costs because you must purchase all necessary equipment.
  • Indoor grow necessitates far more attention and upkeep than outdoor grows.
  • To guarantee discretion, ventilation and filtering must be sustained.

Pros of growing cannabis seeds outdoors

  • Cultivating elements are free as they are provided by “Mother Nature.” The factors include sunlight, wind, air, humidity, and rain. 
  • Growing cannabis seeds for sale outdoors is cheap compared to indoor cultivation. Almost all growing elements are accessible.
  • Plants grown outside tend to be much larger, resulting in larger yields.

Cons of growing cannabis seeds outdoors

  • Your cannabis is vulnerable to the natural components, and a storm, heavy winds, or heavy rain could destroy it.
  •  If the grow site is not adequately planned, it may be discovered by passers-by or, worse, thieves.
  • Aside from the elements and thieves, cannabis grown outdoors is more vulnerable to disease, pests, and animals.

How to choose the best Marijuana seeds

When selecting the seeds themselves, there’s no way to tell if they’ll germinate seeds into a plant with a complete success rate just by looking at them, but there are some signs you can use.

Color: The color of a good, healthy cannabis seed would be darker.

Firmness: A seed with a harder shell is usually favored over one with a soft and pulpy shell.

Shape and sheen: Cannabis seeds for sale in USA are also supposed to be plump. It’s not going to work to get flat seeds. Additionally, check to see if your seeds are waxy on the outside. It’s crucial to have that waxy, protective sheen for healthy results.

Should I grow Feminized or Autoflowering seeds?

Feminized Cannabis seeds

Seeds can be feminized cannabis seeds, which means they can be planted in soil and grown for buds. The best Feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce bud-producing females, and growing them eliminates the need to sex out plants and discard the males.

Autoflower seeds

Autoflower seeds USA transition from the vegetative to flowering state as they age, not as their light cycle changes. They have a short grow-to-harvest time and can be harvested in as little as 2 to 3 months from when the seeds are planted. Additionally, cultivators created these seeds by cross-breeding regular high-yielding cannabis Sativa with its close relative cannabis Ruderalis. The drawback is that auto flower seeds are generally less potent, but they are perfect for people who want to develop cannabis but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing so. Also, all autoflower seeds are feminized. Check out some amazing auto seeds today!

Should I grow Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid seeds?

Even one cannabis plant can produce many buds when harvested, so choose a strain that you enjoy. When you go to the dispensary or smoke with friends, please note the strains you like and look for seeds of them when you want to start growing. Luckily we have a great selection of sativa seeds as well as tons of hybrids and varied breeds of indica seeds.

What are the Strongest Marijuana seeds?

Cannabis strains with a high concentration of the strong cannabinoids. Buy cannabis seeds online in USA that are high in cannabinoids and flower exquisitely potent buds. PC is the best place to buy cannabis seeds with high cannabinoid content. A great cannabis seeds company or cannabis seed bank like us always has a great stock of High cannabinoid cannabis seeds in USA ready to be shipped out across the country. The best option is to buy from American seed banks like us and grow cannabis from seeds; the first step is germinating cannabis seeds but once you’ve figured out how to germinate the cannabis seeds then the real fun begins.

Check out the most potent auto seeds and feminized seeds USA available from our seed store below..

Khalifa Kush

As the names imply, Khalifa Kush was created by the world-famous rapper Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa Kush is an Indica-heavy hybrid strain 

Bruce Banner

The Bruce Banner strain isn’t known as a gentle giant. It is well-known for its strong cannabinoids. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics.

Larry Bird

The Larry Bird strain is a well-known and award-winning cannabis strain. These seeds were created by combining Sativa and Indica genes in a 50/50 ratio.

What are the best Marijuana seeds for beginners?

Beginners can grow cannabis seeds relatively quickly, but some strains are more difficult to grow than others. Some of the easiest cannabis seeds to grow are delicate and require much attention or are vulnerable to disease or mold, whereas others are resilient and can survive without water for a day or two.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant strain.


AK-47 has a lineage that you can trace back to four top-quality landraces. Also, it cannot be overlooked by cannabis growers.

Critical Mass

Critical Mass cannabis is ideal for novice cultivators. It has strong cannabinoids, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. 

What are the highest yielding marijuana seeds for sale?

High yield seeds produce massive yields in a short period. These cannabis seeds for sale require special care and maintenance to reach their full potential.

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds

Amnesia Haze is simple to grow for both novice and experienced growers. These seeds are Sativa-dominant. While the cannabis seeds online benefit from being fed well, you must be careful not to overfeed them because Haze seeds are nutrient-sensitive.

Banana Kush Strain Seeds

Banana Kush is a cross between Skunk Haze and Ghost OG that combines the best qualities of both parents to create one of the best cultivars available. Gardeners, of course, gain from cannabis seeds as well. It thrives in any environment that is not too harsh on the flowers.

Blueberry Marijuana Seeds

Blueberry is Indica-dominant cannabis containing 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. The seeds were first planted in the 1970s but gained popularity in the 1990s.

Are there any misspellings of cannabis or Marijuana seeds?

You may sometimes see the phrase cannabis seeds spelled as cannibis seeds, cannibus seeds, canibus seeds, canabis seeds, seeds cannabis or even just canabis seeds; the latter only misses the extra letter, however, the former two spellings are incorrect. Likewise for cannabis seeds USA, you may find cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds, cannabis, cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds or even cannabis seeds – bear in mind that the last one is technically correct and is just an alternative spelling to the Spanish-originated cannabis seeds. Sometimes, cannabis seeds in USA will have different names like Kyle Kushman seeds after the growing legend or USA cannabis seeds because of where they come from. Furthermore, names like kush seeds are used to describe seeds from the kush family of strains.

That then brings us to marijuana seeds, which are often spelled as marihuana seeds in some circles due to the historical pronunctiation of marijuana stemming from Spanish. You will also see common errors like marajuana seeds, marijuanas seeds, marijuanna seeds, marijauna seeds or even marijuana seeda.


How many Marijuana seeds USA should I buy?

When it comes time to buy cannabis seeds, working out how many cannabis seeds to buy raises a minor problem. Germinating cannabis seeds is the second step in the journey after purchase. Even if you grow many seeds from a credible breeder, a percentage of them may not germinate. Always plan on a few seeds not germinating cannabis seeds or dying off, this can be due to environmental factors or improper germination, make sure you stick to our USA cannabis seeds germination guide for best results.

Where do Premium Cultivars ship Marijuana seeds?

Premium Cultivars is America’s most credible marijuana seed suppliers; browse our products, place an order, and begin growing cannabis seeds USA today! We ship all through the United States, where cannabis seeds are legal. We ship in discreet and secure packages to ensure that all orders arrive securely at the customers’ doors.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Premium Cultivars accepts all major credit cards as payment for our premium marijuana seeds. So, select the marijuana seeds you want to buy and pay with either Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover and place an order. We offer a variety of deals as well as free shipping on all orders over $100.,

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Win 24 YELLOW ZUSHI Feminized Seeds

Enter your email to sign up to our competition and newsletter

Winner will be announced November 1st 2022

Make sure to follow our account on Instagram @premium_cultivars for discounts on the hottest new strains!
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