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What Makes Good Cannabis Genetics?

Written by sudhir Aug 22 2023

Like most things in life, there are many factors that contribute to creating a great cannabis strain.


It all starts with the mothers.

What’s a mother plant?

As the name suggests, photoperiodic cultivars are light-sensitive, and through the manipulation of the amount of light a plant receives per day, we can control what stage of the lifecycle the plant is in. By keeping a mother plant under 18 hours of light per day, we force the plant into staying in the vegetative growth stage and never mature to the point where she starts to flower. This allows us to back breed the strain to the point where it is extremely stable, and with all the traits we looking for!

Genetically speaking, there are a few key elements that high-end breeders look for when developing and stabilizing strains. This can take years to perfect and is a true art form in itself. Breeders spend lifetimes perfecting their craft, allowing you to skip the sometimes decades of work it takes to produce a perfect strain.


Our cannabis breeding wizards are some of the best in the business, and you can be sure that when you are buying from us, you are getting the highest quality genetics on the market.


Two terms you have probably seen thrown around throughout your journey into cannabis cultivation, but what do they actually mean?

It’s actually pretty simple. Genotypes refer to the vast array of physical expressions that a single cultivar can (and will) produce. Even within the same genotype, you could end up with plants that have different growth patterns, yield sizes, or slightly different fragrances and flavors.

Phenotypes are the physical expressions of these underlying traits. The phenotypical variation we see in weed crops is prompted by changes in environmental, climatic, and cultivation conditions.

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